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newbie searching for mentor

  1. Crystal_303

    Hello, Fellow Affiliates!

    My name is Crystal and I am a Colorado Native who, prior to CO-VID19, had been working in the Cannabis industry for the past 8 years, but I have been unemployed for about a year now and am trying to expand my skills by stepping into affiliate marketing! I am a total and complete newbie at this...
  2. B

    Thank you for Accepting my Request

    Dear All, I’m a newbie in Affiliate Marketing, I have good knowledge in programming and I’m certified from WordPress, Google etc... I would like to have some advice and guidance from you guys! And helping make my first $ online, I’m not a young person, due to corona I lost my job so I’m home...
  3. A

    A Newbie starting up its journey

    Hi guys, Andrea here from Italy. This forum is amazing! I'm a full-time Wordpress developer & Graphic designer who recently has focused on affiliate marketing. After months of surfing around the internet seeking information, I finally feel ready to start my first campaign. My last doubt is...
  4. Amaka N

    Hello Everyone! I’m new to CPA and I need help.

    Hi everyone, I’m Amaka. I’m very very new to CPA marketing and have a lot of questions like what is the best user friendly affiliate network for beginners? how does one start up a landing page and what Is It supposed to look like? What are the best free medium for promoting offers n how do I use...
  5. D

    Hi I'm Daniel

    I'm new to this world of Affiliate Marketing, I have a product and I'm a bit of confused on so many information I need to know to get started (I read the guides, to get accepted to the Networks, I have the Software to get Conversions tracked, but I don't know how all this blends...
  6. blackdijoe

    Not new to Affiliate Marketing but barely ever had success

    I have been interested in affiliate marketing for more than 10 years now and have made a few dollars but actually never enough to cash out on any site. I want to give affiliate marketing a new try. I'm unemployed so will be working on this goal full time. Not sure where to start, so first thing...
  7. Edward the video animator

    Hi! Guys video animator here and also new to Affiliate marketing

    Hi there guys! I am new here and want to help others as much as i can, also willing to learn affiliate marketing so, i can live my dream life. THanks
  8. MaxMark

    Suggestions/Recommendation for Newbie in Affiliate Marketing

    Hello AffiliateFix, First of all, thank you for such wonderful platform. Literally, thousands of valuable contents can be found here and I am feeling information overload! So, is there any expert in this field would suggest several traffic sources and types of offers that I can begin my...
  9. D

    The new german in the forum want to learn as much as possible. Suggestion where to start?

    Hey guys, first of all thanks for reading, I am Daniel a young guy 21 years old and from germany. A newbie you could say and as you can imagine I have no specific clue right now where to start. I want to know evrything about online marketing and after the first few hours I seem to be at right...
  10. B

    Newbie-Best vertical to start with

    Hello, I have $40 revenue, I will like to know the best offers to go for I heard VAS is bring the money right now What are your advise
  11. AffiliateJunkie

    I have arrived

    What an amazing time to be alive. I'm happy to be able to participate and enjoy the awesome tools available to me. I hope to learn and share what I've learned. Up to this point, I've made under $600 with one product in 6 months. My next goal is to get to $100 a day.
  12. Annesoren

    Setup help

    Hi everybody, I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on where I can get some one-on-one help with set up? I need to connect my traffic sources and affiliate networks to my tracking tool, and launch a campaign so I get an understanding of the prossess. My preferred traffic source is not...
  13. T

    Hello AffiliateFix world

    Hi everyone, I'm excited to be a part of this forum and thrilled to start building new relationships as well as successful affiliate campaigns. Hopefully I can get to network/mastermind with some of you guys. For now, time to expand my learning curve and continue to take action. Please follow...
  14. IsaiahTJ

    Why Affiliate links Are Not Going To Correct Offer?

    I have a question about the affiliate links, when I went to visit the affiliate link, it showed a different offer from the offer I planned to promote. I wanted to know why this is? I just wanted to make sure the affiliate link goes to the correct offer. Even non dynamic links do this. I...
  15. M

    Glad to Help you if you have any queries.

    Hi, I am Madhu Padala from India. I am a professional HR - Manager in a PEB industry and am passionate about working online and earning a good second income by doing part time online business. I have been in this online industry since 6+ years and had seen a lots of ups and downs in online...
  16. A

    I'm a pharmacist who just starting Affiliate marketing

    hi my name is abdallah i'm a pharmacist from Egypt i have been reading about cpa and affiliate marketing for 2 years. and yesterday i just started in affiliate marketing. so kindly if you have any advice,method or guide to push me forward i will be pleased. thanks
  17. Gutomb

    Hi everyone, I like knitting by day but CPA by night!

    Hi to everyone here on Affiliate Fix, nice to be part of a community of like minded people, money getters. Im here to learn and implement new and fresh strategies on CPA marketing, I have done some in the past but really sloppy as it was all instructions that today no longer convert. So thank...
  18. Waheed Afolabi

    I am New here...what are things required of me?

    Hello, friends! I am Waheed and a new member of AffiliateFix! I hope to make a living from affiliate and network marketing. I am certain there are capable hands to guide me through earning through affiliate marketing and I will be glad if anyone will be a guide for me! Thank you for accepting...
  19. geekraider

    A Newbie With a Soft Spot for Gaming

    Hi guys. I finally decided to 'grow up' and quit playing video games for fun. I set up two blogs to help me venture into gaming related affiliate marketing. They mostly talk about game cheats, hacks and other tips to help gamers crack hard levels or push their games to the limit by modding...
  20. 2

    Need some help

    Hey, I am attempting the IG+OG ads (CPI) method, this is my first ever campaign. I see many saturated Niches like " Free IG followers " " Free Musically Followers" they all have landing pages what redirect you to a page with a content locker or something like that. I want to run two niches a...