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  1. cgonel

    Follow Along My journey to 200$ per day

    My goal is to replace my full-time job with affiliate marketing. Milestones I've broken it down into different milestones. Get my first conversion - September 50$/day 100$/day - October 200$/day - November My Plan: Advertise affiliate offers on native platforms. Tools: VPS: Linode Spy...
  2. Honeybadger

    Q4 Journey Thread - $400 per day by Christmas

    Target: 40 niche affiliate sites making $10 per day = $400 per day by Christmas Been 13 months since I started Made $13k so far Spent all of it, dumbass, nearly broke Not a problem, life is short Now I'm starting again Launching 40 affiliate websites at once Different niches, target audience...
  3. noobguy

    [Follow My Journey] Complete Noob Starts CPA Marketing

    Hey Guys! I have started my CPA marketing journey - don't know how long it will last though. I've previously tried out a few different ways to make some money online but CPA seems very attractive to me atm. Like many people, i too suffer from severe Shiny Object Syndrome. I'm making this...
  4. SEOBlogPosts

    My First Affiliate Marketing Journey in Fashion.

    "A community of minds will always prevail over a single mind." I really liked that quote above and it became the single reason why I decided to give this a shot. The farthest I have ever delved into affiliate marketing has been placing a banner on a page. Although, in 2019 I promoted a couple...
  5. T J Tutor

    Official April 1st Follow Along Drawing - $500

    IT'S OFFICIAL!CONTEST TIME IT'S GAME ON! APRIL 1ST DRAWING $500 FOR OUR FOLLOW ALONGS RULES: Content must be your own You must update at least 4 times a week with relevant information regarding your efforts, your progress, etc. You must respond to members questions in a timely manner You must...
  6. I

    Follow along - Facebook ads with clickbank

    Hi guys! This is my first month as an affiliator, didn't make any money yet but I'm not giving up and improving every day. So, I currently have 2 campaigns running, one in astrology niche with $5/day budget and the other in woodworking niche with a $12/day budget. Both are running under the...
  7. ManionOverboard


    Hi Y'all! A bit of background on me - I started my first affiliate website way back around 1999 when I was a wee little 14 year old. I got insanely lucky in the sense that my first affiliate website made a sale and I made in total something like $150 from my commission sales of Geox shoes...
  8. mindxaker

    Follow me in my Journey

    Hello everyone ;) I've spent last month in learning of Aff. marketing basis. Before today I've complete 2-3 little campaings, they were break-even, so I think it's not bad result for first time. After that, I've decided to do it "serious". My budget is about 1k$. So I've launched my first...
  9. I


    Hi, everyone here! am a bit new not too new (like new know what I mean) with affiliate/CPA marketing, set up few campaigns (ran into a loss...-$3600) not profitable now left with $1000 to do it better. I wish to go far but right now am scared of losing this $1k but not afraid of...
  10. Matte

    Road to $500 a Day - CPA Marketing

    Hi everyone! Short introduction. I been doing a lot of Shopify in the past but with no real success, just some minor ones. Started doing CPA marketing about a month ago, never really committed fully. During this time with CPA marketing I have tested several campaigns and offers with around...
  11. AffiliateDude

    Display & Search Campaign - Follow Along

    Happy holidays everyone! I will be running a test using display traffic to a CPL offer. Can't reveal much but i will be sharing my lessons learned along the journey and might show more down the line. Network: Undisclosed Offer: Undisclosed Traffic source: Undisclosed (CPC Bidding) Bid: $0.10...
  12. lafredet

    One Last Attempt At Affiliate Marketing

    Just one week ago I was looking for a place, exactly like this, to chronicle my step-by-step progress as a make one last attempt at affiliate marketing. My name is Lyle. I'm a computer programmer living in Canada. I've actually got it pretty good already because I currently work full time...
  13. AffiliateDude

    Search PPC Follow Along - Lead Gen Offer

    My first follow along! Offer: Not Disclosed Network: MaxBounty Traffic: Search (specific source not disclosed) Budget: $10/day Day 1 Spent: $0.65 Revenue: $6 ROI: 823% Very happy that this campaign is profitable right out the gate this is rare.
  14. dontbejello

    Newbie just got behind the wheel.

    Hello Everyone, follow me on my journey, please! I swear with all the research I have done to get back into marketing. I still feel dumb as hell... So this is what I know as a whole ✔Offers. ✔ Niches, ✔Keyword search. Longtails ✔Seo one week of research on that. Talk about a waste of time on...
  15. webDOMinator

    $100 a day with Adult CPM, am I crazy?

    That's what I'm trying to figure out. So first off, it must be known that this should be tons more difficult with CPM than with CPA. Since I'm getting paid per visitor to a site however, it will be easier to calculate how much traffic I need to generate in order to reach this goal. With my...
  16. wairdus

    Big Russian Journey into FB & Adwords

    Hi. Decided to start this follow along to make more disipline to my affiliate-work. First about me: I'm from Russia, 27yo, about 4 years in affiliate marketing, but my experience with Facebook just about 7000-8000$ total, principally Instagram ads (i dont know why, just think it's more easier...
  17. Mr.Z

    From ZERO to 5 FIGURES from scratch with mobile cpa

    Hey guys, Click here to read little bit about me in 'information' tab. I’ll try to keep it short and simple. I have some experience in affiliate marketing, but as product creator, not as an affiliate. As an affiliate I start literally from scratch. My plan's below, including how much time and...
  18. P

    PPCNOOB's First Journey into Mobile CPA.

    Hi Everyone, Delighted to be part of such a great forum and your success has also motivated me to start my first mobile cpa journey. AIM: To be able to weed out bad traffic and find profitable placements after testing for 100$ Offer : Sweepstake , payout is $2 (currently using only one network...
  19. Ashwin Satyanarayana

    Digital Marketer|CPA Beginner | First CPA Results

    Even if you knew everything about PPC, Social Media, SEO, blogging, A/B testing, Analytics, and tracking, when it comes to CPA, I consider myself a complete beginner. I've made some affiliate sales in the past (CPS, on pure commissions) as a part of my consulting and because of persistent...
  20. Nzhdeh

    My Journey to 1000 $/day from Facebook

    Hey there, i have a goal to archieve 1k $ per day from Facebook. Goal: 1k$ of profit/day Vertical: Nutra GEO: Europe Source: Facebook Tracking: Pixelk I will probably work with adcombo, oasis ads After i archieve this goal, i will set a goal to 5k per day from Facebook. Actually i will often...