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Hey guys,

Click here to read little bit about me in 'information' tab. I’ll try to keep it short and simple. I have some experience in affiliate marketing, but as product creator, not as an affiliate. As an affiliate I start literally from scratch. My plan's below, including how much time and money I want to invest, what tools I've chosen etc.

$10.000 monthly revenue with mobile cpa marketing.
30-50% ROI, which would make me $3.000-$5.000 monthly profit.

3 hours per day consistently, day in day out, no matter what.
I’ve got full time job and other duties like everybody else, so my time is very limited unfortunately.

$250 for testing offers and another $250 for tools approximately, but here's exact numbers:
$250 on campaigns + $234 on tools = $484 in total, that’s monthly
Note: with topup of $250 to ZeroPark, I get $200 left for tests after taxes and PayPal fees. Also, when found converting offer, I'll be able to topup about $1000.

LEARN: MobileImmersion (annual subscription) + IP targeting (advanced, I don't use it yet)
SHARE/ASK: This forum + Mobile Immersion Facebook and Skype groups
TRACK: Voluum
VPS (Virtual Private Server): GoDaddy Economy plan
OFFERS: ClickDealer
CDN (Content Delivery Network): Cloudflare
SPY ON COMPETITION: Opera Mobile Classic Emulator together with HideMyAss
TRANSLATE: OneHourTranslation
OTHER: List of mobile network operators, Tracking tokens, AdPlexity (1 month subscription)
MORE: Other tools that I use on daily basis and strongly recommend, not directly related to the mobile CPA:
PROTECT YOUR DATA: DropMySite (Server), Dropbox (PC)
PRODUCTIVITY: RescueTime, SelfControlApp (Mac)

Sweepstakes and voucher offers in 2-tier and 3-tier countries with $1-$5 payout.

That's 3 points I want to accomplish ASAP, then go from there and start generating positive ROI.
1. Learn basics, go through whole Mobile Immersion course, get and setup all necessary tools, got approved by networks, and run first campaigns.
2. Have first profitable campaign and scale it.
3. Start profiting regularily (profit 7 days in row).

My learning process (boring ;)): Update #1 to Update #4
Running campaigns: (less boring) Update #5 onwards
Starting earning $50+ per day: (where fun starts!) Update #15 onwards

I’m gonna be super busy this year, but I’ve worked like this before when creating my affiliate marketing products, so I’ve got experience in being busy ;)
I just wish I had more time for this, that's my only serious obstacle/limitation.
I know it may take time to start earning anything and I'm aware of that. I read somewhere that you should be ready to invest $2000 for testing campaigns before you start making money. But again, I’m determined and ready to ROCK, let’s do this! :)

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This is a wallpaper I created and set on my Mac and BB phone :)
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Well, this is exciting! Sort of an introduction and journey combo. :D Love it!

You have a great detailed plan, which is a particularly great thing to have. I think your own experience thus far and learning from @cashmoneyaffiliate will be an asset, cut down on the learning curve a bit. He is our mobile master. :) Actually, you can read some of his helpful posts here:

Your goal is an ambitious one. I don't think it's impossible but I think it could be challenging, at least until everything clicks. But when it does, we'll all do a happy dance for you. :D Just a thought that occurs to me...I'm not sure how much budget you need to get a positive ROI of that size.

Anyway, you have some great stuff going for you right out of the starting gate - a budget, a plan, a schedule, an awesome mentor (@cashmoneyaffiliate ), a target goal and some great tools. You know where you're going and how you're getting there. That's a distinct advantage that will keep you focused and give you a great chance of success. In other words, seems like you're doing everything right.

I will be watching your journey with great interest! And if you need help, just holler. :)
(...) Your goal is an ambitious one. I don't think it's impossible but I think it could be challenging, at least until everything clicks. But when it does, we'll all do a happy dance for you. :D Just a thought that occurs to me...I'm not sure how much budget you need to get a positive ROI of that size. (...)

Thank you @azgold for your great post, I appreciate it. Yeah, I know it is very ambitious goal. Earning $10.000 per month would be dream come true to me! I realise that I'd need quite a bit of budget to make it happen. $5.000 would be ok I think, and here's why: weekly payments from network(s) + 50% ROI (I'd be super happy with that ROI, anything more that that would be just amazing), so: invest $5.000 weekly, have 50% ROI, get $7.500 from that, keep $2.500 and reinvest that $5.000 again, and that's multiplied by 4 weeks in a month. That would work if we lived in perfect world of course. I know it won't be that consistent probably, so I'd need bit more than $5.000.
I'll be building that budget gradually over time this year. I have full time job and earn just enough money to cover my bills (including mortgage that I started paying this year) and invest close to $700 monthly to this adventure from my own pocket. Anything I earn later with the cpa mobile marketing, I don't spend, I use it to topup my traffic sources and make more money thanks to that I hope. Then after I start earning serious money, I'll start paying off my debt (yeah, I've got mortgage and loans that consume almost all my salary).
P.S. Your link to CMA tips doesn't work.

To be totally honest here, I have another, little bit less ambitious goal, an alternative one and that is $10.000 monthly revenue instead of pure profit. With 50% ROI, that would make me $5.000 and I think this one is very possible, but that is absolute minimum I want to accomplish this year. But hey, I'm gonna have that 10K in pure profit sooner or later! ;) And now seriously, I hope so, I have no idea what to expect, I'll stick to my plan and see what happens :)

I may reply to posts after couple of days sometimes, just to save some time and focus on my goals, so I apologise for that in advance, but really, my time is very limited unfortunately. I work as a programmer for one client for years now and I have to do 8h of pure work per day (measured by RescueTime), which really makes more than 8h of work per day, plus 3h marketing + gym on Mon,Wed,Fri (my New Year's resolution) + still finishing bits and pieces in my flat, from time to time, that I bought in mortgage this year. All that makes me busy as hell, but I manage to handle all that, it's not easy, but doable.

Thank you @traged and @game333.
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Wow @Mr.Z That sounds like a good plan. You really got a great mentor like @azgold said. He has inspired many happy affiliates including me :D. Good luck with your journal and keep us updated. Subscribing to this journal.:)

Thank you @internalsoul.
I know @cashmoneyaffiliate is amazing, I read his inspiring follow alongs in this forum :)
I forgot to mention 1 thing: I'm going to update this thread with my results once a week, Sunday or Monday probably.
really cool @Mr.Z i just want to say for testing , don't stay in one GEO.
test a lot of GEOS :)
good luck , your plan is good .
if any campaign didn't succeed Don't worry learn from it and move on to the next one , that's how you will have a big chance to find a winning campaign quickly .
Well planned @Mr.Z and thanks @azgold for sharing valuable links, but it's not working.

You've got all the tools ready, I have my popcorn prepare for the next 10 months.

Good luck and nice wallpaper.

They're working for me, which one is causing the problem, I'll see what I can do.
Your link to CMA tips don't work

Well, pooh! It opens to search results perfectly for me. Hmmm, not sure what's up with that.

Here's what I did, in case you want to do it, too. I used the magnifying glass on the upper right of the homepage, typed cashmoneyaffiliate into the search bar down where you can insert show only posts by a certain member. And boom! there they are in a list of posts.
I have another, little bit less ambitious goal, an alternative one and that is $10.000 monthly turnover instead of pure profit.

So, maybe this is where you start as you learn what works and what doesn't. A stepping stone to the bigger goal.

I apologise for that in advance, but really, my time is very limited unfortunately

No apology necessary! :) We understand that you need to focus and work but hope you can fit in updates whenever possible.
So, maybe this is where you start as you learn what works and what doesn't. A stepping stone to the bigger goal.
Absolutely :) Again, I stick to the plan and see what happens.

No apology necessary! :) We understand that you need to focus and work but hope you can fit in updates whenever possible.
Sure thing! I want to post an update here every single Sunday/Monday, regardless of results. I plan to share what I learned, what I accomplished, what did and what didn't work for me etc. etc.

Regarding your link: I see this info between 'Forums >' bars when trying to open your link (redirects ok, but no results on the search page, just this error info):

Affiliate Marketing Forum | AffiliateFix - Error
The requested search could not be found.

But I've done what you did and it works fine, so thanks for the explanation. My link to that result is
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Sooo weird! This is what I get using your link, this is kind of a crazy way. :D

View attachment 8448
This is exactly what I see when open your link :D So it looks like your search results are just visible for you, you can't share it, or you can, but nobody else will see it except you. I mean, the only way I could see your search results is to login as you to the forum (I think).

Maybe that kind of protection is not necessary and affiliatefix developer can fix that? :)
UPDATE #1 [16 February - 19 February / half a week]

Alright, first update :) It's been half a week since I posted this thread and since then I collected all the tools needed for this journey. I purchased or subscribed to these services/tools earlier:
- Mobile Immersion - annual subscription
- Mobile Immersion Facebook and Skype groups
- This forum - annual subscription
- GoDaddy VPS - Economy plan

And in last couple of days I've added these ones to my arsenal:
1. PRO plan. I've chosen the best tracker out there, no compromises;
2. Image compressor. I've tried two: and Caesium and both work like a charm, sometimes one is better than another, it depends, so I'll use both. I experimented little bit with them and had up to 70% image compression almost without quality loss. You can improve load speed of your LP (landing page) significantly just by using these two services;
3. CDN (Content Delivery Network). After many tests I've done with this one, I was impressed that it can load your page in almost half of original load time in some cases, it's a must-have! I use free version of, but may switch to paid one for $20/mth as it offers image compression (so you don't need to play with the compression manually, ignore point 2 above then, because Cloudflare does it for you) and "improves load time for pages that include images on mobile devices with slow network connections" (Mirage tool). Free version compresses optionally js scripts, css stylesheets and html files. CDN is awesome! Your pages are more secure, use less bandwidth, performance is boosted and you save money on the long run. I also tried, but I think cloudflare is way better and easier to use;
4. VPN (HideMyAss) + Opera Mobile Emulator. I may use them for DIY mobile spying, a cheap competition intelligence method described in @cashmoneyaffiliate free ebook, however, VPN is useful for other things too;
5. Test website performance. I use WebPageTest and Pingdom. Both are great and give you detailed insights, so you can improve your page performance if you know basics of html;
6. Another fantastic tool that you should use to make sure that your landing pages display as they should on various different devices, operating systems, browsers and more.
7. for fast translation services if you target non-english countries and want to translate and optionally proofread your banners or landing pages;
8. List of mobile networks operators. The URL address says for itself. Recommended by @cashmoneyaffiliate

I spent quite a bit of time choosing these tools from other similar ones, testing them, playing with them and making sure I understand what they do and how they work. I purchased them, subscribed to them and setup everything that had to be setup. I didn't get any intelligence tools as they too expensive for me at the moment, maybe in near future I'll try

I ran lots of tests (I'm a technical guy ;)) and here's few tips for you. Some of them are obvious and related to the tools above and some of them are a bit technical. If you're not experienced with html language, steps 3 and 4 may take you a while. Also, if you have lots of LPs to test, you don't want to spend time on optimizing each one, then just do steps 1 and 2 and performance of your page will increase by 25% or more. Do steps 3 and 4 and you will get another 25% increase. Results may vary of course, it depends on many factors. Ok, here's the list:
1. Use CDN (Content Delivery Network). It's first thing you should do, it really makes massive difference in page load speed! Once setup, it's there and you just upload your files via ftp client as you usually do;
2. Use image compressors. You HAVE TO use these ones as well. Images are usually the heaviest parts in your page and use most bandwidth. Even if you think they are already optimized, use the compressor and you may be surprised. I played with images from landing pages provided by @cashmoneyaffiliate and managed to compress them additionally by up to 74% with almost no quality loss, see screenshot:

3. Move all the js scripts to before </body> tag. This one's technical and you have to know basics of html in order to do it. It doesn't speed up your page load overall, but because of this little trick, a browser will display page content first and then after that will load all the scripts, so in effect, landing page will display on user's screen much sooner;
4. Advanced. Analyze 'waterfall' diagram results on Pingdom and/or WebPageTest services and change your html source code bits/scripts/styles that show as long falls on the diagram. It can be external links, custom fonts that can be replaced by default system fonts, old scripts like jquery library (use latest 'slim' version of jquery if possible) etc.
Here's a screenshot of waterfall diagram from Pingdom. I've added comments how I improved the landing page based on the info from the diagram (I used one of the landing pages provided by @cashmoneyaffiliate, pages that were already optimized!):

And here's the result in page load speed in Pingdom: BEFORE


And results from WebPageTest


I know experienced affiliates know probably all of this or almost all, but I hope it will help beginners like myself and show some people how effective CDN and image optimization is. I think this can be game-changer for some of your campaigns. If I helped even 1 person with this, I'm happy :) And I enjoy technical stuff, so here you go ;)

P.S. I ran few more tests and I have 344ms load time for NYC and 210ms(!!!) for Dallas,Texas. Pretty damn amazing how you can optimize load speed of your landing page. And LP tested here is fully functional: uses jquery scripts, animations, countdown timer, decreasing stock number, image etc.
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That's a simulated cable connection. You need to drop it down to one of the ones in the red to get a more accurate assessment of page loading speed. Besides, the big speedup bang per buck to page loading speed is not optimizing the html/css or the server your pages reside on but actually having your pages as close as you can to your targeted audience. The speed of light . . . it sometimes sucks.