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  1. P

    mobile marketing and why it is important?

    Mobile marketing refers to promotional activities designed and optimized for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. It is a crucial aspect of modern marketing strategies due to the widespread use of mobile devices. Here are several reasons why mobile marketing is important: Mobile...
  2. H

    need help accessing mobile seminar

    Hello everyone! I just enrolled in William Souza's mobile marketing seminar by submitting my real email address. As I type this, it should have started 9 minutes ago. Please help me access the seminar, anyone. Thanks and have a great day!
  3. Brijesh Soni

    Looking Quality Traffic - CPI, CPA, CPL

    Hello Members, We are Looking quality traffic for CPI, CPA and CPL Campaigns. We have direct max 2 hope campaigns. Geos: Tier1 & Tier2 US, UK, IN, JP Payment terms: NET7 - For very high volume or premium NET15- For average NET30- Standard terms If you have quality traffic lets connect...
  4. RealFire Delivered almost 80% False Traffic!!

    Hi Guys, Got an issue with my campaign on megapush. I created a campaign, targeting mobile users from United States. After maybe 2-3 days, I checked the campaign on my tracker. I'm shocked!! most of traffics and leads came from outside US !!!! Crazy!! So, I paid $$$ for false...
  5. Enno

    SMS Marketing Issues

    Please I need someone to explain this for me..while applying as a publisher to some CPA NETWORK..I read the TOS and saw Affiliate must not use SMS/text to deliver ad..does that include Sms Marketing using Short codes also
  6. Nastia

    Mobile Traffic. Looking for traffic CPI / CPL / CPA

    Hello! My name is Nastia, I am looking for direct publishers who can provide high quality, worldwide traffic for our campaigns on CPA / CPL /CPI /CPR /CPE basis. NET30
  7. Nongmaithem Archna

    Ask Me Anything Looking for mobile affiliates/traffic

    Hi Guys, I am looking for mobile traffic/affiliates who can deliver app installs - all geos but mostly US. I would like to discuss more with you if you are interested. Skype: nong.devi
  8. Lucian BitterStrawberry

    Ask Me Anything Find a profitable niche where you know you can shine

    If you are new to affiliate marketing or have been around for a while but are stuck in the internet wasteland unable to progress, then this article is for you. You’ve probably heard the phrase “the riches are in the niches”, but you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of niches out there and...
  9. Lucian BitterStrawberry

    Affiliates Wanted Top CPA Payouts for Top CPA Affiliates

    Hi guys, We're having a great time at Bitterstrawberry, making money and pushing traffic where it matters. Maybe you know, maybe you don't, but we were just chosen the Best International CPA Network and we're trying to stay at the top with TOP CONVERTING CPA offers. Our publishers do great in...
  10. M

    Mobile marketing via own device

    Hello, we are a programmer and webmaster with a passion for innovation, smart solutions and everything that does not exist but should exist. We believe that in 2017, where phone companies offer unlimited SMS packages, somehow we need to redesign what is the use of cell phone, especially in the...
  11. M

    make mobile banners

    hey , i'd like to know how to make video banners like you see in adult offers . and does they convert more than animated one ? what software you use to make these video or animated banners (aside from photoshop)
  12. MarinaKimia

    Meet Up 5pm is the happiest hour @ Dmexco!

    Meet @Kazza Kimia in Dmexco at our Happy Hour drinks booth 030A Its been quite a morning, but dont stop just yet! These days will fly by! Take the opportunity to chat with our TOP business colleagues on CPA, CPI, CPL ... market trends... new up and coming tech... all things related to online...
  13. comegetbravo

    Ask Me Anything Campaign Giveaway - Mobile PIN [Antivirus PIN] - Offer + Lander Reveal

    Hello People of AffiliateFix. I'm here to help the ones of you currently struggling with making mobile pops/banners work. I've been doing mobile pops myself for well over 2 years now. I've done exclusively PIN submit offers and app installs (antivirus/browser/launcher apps). I'm going to give...
  14. comegetbravo

    What do you want to know about mobile marketing with pop traffic?

    Hey folks, long time no see. I'm going to write a guide for all of you as compensation for the long time away from this forum, I've been busy. So, if you want to know something about pop traffic and mobile marketing, please write your question below and I shall start working on a guide, and...
  15. Farazdaq


    Hello I am here to know that how and from whom we can get good quality traffic to promote our direct campaigns if any one have suggestions please do tell me Thanks
  16. Laeti Tia

    I help you find traffic and offers/ Mobile marketing

    Hello, I am Laetitia. I used to work for various networks. I work now on my own as a consultant and different types of clients that i help with their marketing and sales. If you have offers you want to promote i may help, if you have traffic and you are looking for good offers, i may help as...
  17. damngoodiam

    A Bad Day With StartApp.. What Are Your Views?

    Hi Guys I am currently working with Maxbounty and today started promoting a CPI campaign on StartApp with daily budget of $20 and the target is Canada. First of all they don't reply to mails daily and reply every 2-3 days and that is why I don't get much of my answers. I setup tracking with...
  18. Nick Octolead

    App developers, advertisers and publishers trust us with their revenue growth!

    Hey everyone from Octolead! BETTER TRAFFIC We provide the best traffic sources for your needs and goals. Our publisher platform provides mobile traffic via various & innovative business models. Every traffic is unique. BETTER OFFERS We provide handly picked and selected offers which will allow...
  19. ReachEffect- Harry


    we are an expert in Adult Content and Gaming digital advertising. The only platform that gives bonuses based on advertising investment. Top converting traffic for webcams , mobile content and Dating offers Impressive client support 24/7 For more information check our website: ReachEffect
  20. Mobidea

    Check these 5 advantages of using DSP right now!

    Hello everyone! So this time lets check what are these DSPs all about! Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) provide advertisers both the necessary tools and info to make a more targeted campaign that’s more efficient and, ultimately, more productive in the long run. And here is why you should use it...