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A Bad Day With StartApp.. What Are Your Views?

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by damngoodiam, Mar 28, 2017.

Do You Think I should Continue With StartApp?

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  1. damngoodiam

    damngoodiam Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Guys I am currently working with Maxbounty and today started promoting a CPI campaign on StartApp with daily budget of $20 and the target is Canada.

    First of all they don't reply to mails daily and reply every 2-3 days and that is why I don't get much of my answers.

    I setup tracking with Adsbridge and their representative told me that everything I setup was working fine. It's been 20 hours since the campaign started and these are the results.


    This is the result after 15 hours. You can see the impressions and the number of clicks.. I didn't stopped the campaign because of the low no. of clicks I stopped it because the number of clicks are showing in StartApp and Adsbridge but not on Maxbounty.

    Then I resumed the Campaign thinking it was just low click count.. Now I opened it and in 1 hour see what are the results. (Btw I changed the tweaked the desc of campaign a little to get higher CTR%)

    Now here is the after picture.


    I have stopped the campaign for now because how can CTR be this high? I checked Adsbridge and everything looks fine but still Maxbounty reports are showing 0 clicks.. I mean what is happening?

    How can in 1 hour I can have this much clicks? What is happening? Is AppStart scamming people? and why are my clicks not showing in Maxbounty.

    As I told earlier StartApp never replies so I have no idea what should i do. Just to check the clicks theory I have removed the tracking link from creative and just directly put my Affiliate link to see if Maxbounty tracks.. Hope the creative gets approved and I will keep you guys updated.

    If you guys know any way to contact StartApp let me know and sorry for my Grammar and English.
  2. Voluum
  3. damngoodiam

    damngoodiam Affiliate affiliate

    Update: It's been 5 minutes since I posted the above thread .. Now see this.. (Campaign was in stopped mode)


    See the no. of impressions and no. of clicks increasing in stop mode.

    The Thing is I am a newbie and it hurts to see my money going like that. If only they had good support I would have never posted here but I know that I will not be getting any response from them in next 2-3 days... They just respond when they feel like it.

    Some help me contact them.
  4. Ryna Lagger

    Ryna Lagger Affiliate affiliate

    I think you should check your content, maybe the content have problems.
  5. Certified

    abdellahi Well-Known Member Certified Vendor Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Try different banners with different color and size try 320*50 banner
  6. cashmoneyaffiliate

    cashmoneyaffiliate Affiliate Coach Marketplace Seller affiliate

    Looks like stats reporting is delayed, regardless that level of CTR does not seem normal on a traditional display ad, what kind of ad are you running? Also, you want to find out if you can get a rep or someone Skype if there now this bad at answering emails.