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  1. Yasser Feddad

    How to convert Download offers on mobile

    Hey guys, This question is for the OGs of affiliate marketing. Any help here is highly appreciated :) I've been looking around for ways to convert Download offers for mobile. The kind I'm specifically interested in is CPA offers for mobile subscription. I know for a fact that POP traffic used...
  2. moniking25

    Some Questions about sitescout

    Hi Everyone Hi have some Questions about sitescout rtb (real time bidding) platform I know they require minimum $500 to start with but the main question is how i can use this platform for cpi or cpa offers i know i know landing page is the most important thing to consider but can i test...
  3. Andrea Rossi

    Set upTracking link Startapp

    Hello everyone I need some help setting up my campaign with startapp. I am very confused at this point so why I am asking here. I am promoting app install offer. 1 step: Here I don't understand which URL (tracking link I have to put)... 2 step: Here are my campaign links. I have...
  4. SmartEnough

    CPALEAD and Startapp

    hi i want to promote cpalead/cpagrip offers in startapp CPI offers question 1 : where i can find offer creatives "banners...etc" ? question 2 : how to setup voluum with cpalead ? question 3 : which affiliate network is good at cpi offers , not "clickdealer,maxbounty,yeahmobi" i already signed...
  5. R

    Get rejected from startapp 4 times

    I i choose startapp to promote my cpi offer. Startapp has some deep problems. My tracking link is working absolutely fine when I try it on my android phone in qatar. But Startapp guys are using some shit vpn or so , they are telling me that the tracking is directing to some shit places and not...
  6. R

    Campaign Denial Notification from startapp

    Hi i am newbie, recently i found some app install offer from adplexity, so i was trying to promote on startapp, but my Campaign was Denial, it's says "The destination URL of your campaign is incorrect. Your campaign leads to a Google Play page, while the destination URL you inserted relates to...
  7. damngoodiam

    A Bad Day With StartApp.. What Are Your Views?

    Hi Guys I am currently working with Maxbounty and today started promoting a CPI campaign on StartApp with daily budget of $20 and the target is Canada. First of all they don't reply to mails daily and reply every 2-3 days and that is why I don't get much of my answers. I setup tracking with...
  8. damngoodiam

    Total Budget Increases With Increase in Bid

    I am trying to create a Campaign in StartApp and I choose the Minimum Total Budget Of $25 and daily minimum budget of $10 and choose their Suggested bid which is $0.025 Now StartApp is saying "For this bid price and targeting the daily budget has to be at least $25" This is the Image >>---...
  9. FrankZ

    Selling HOT DEAL!! I SELL STARTAPP ACCOUNT WITH $45USD of balance!!!!!

    Hello everyone :affiliatefix:: So today I am selling my startapp account, as the title says it has balance on it, here´s a screenshot so that you guys can check it out: For those who don´t know what startapp is you can see the info on their page, here´s the link Home - StartApp But...
  10. A

    Newbie, need help .

    Hello Everyone, I use cpalead ( as aff. network), adsbidge ( as tracker ) and starapp ( as traffic source ) . Questions : 1-For example, my offer url is, what is the red colour displacement ? 2- In startapp, if I used 3 (320*50) banners for example to promote...