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Some Questions about sitescout

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by moniking25, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. moniking25

    moniking25 Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Everyone

    Hi have some Questions about sitescout rtb (real time bidding) platform
    I know they require minimum $500 to start with

    but the main question is how i can use this platform for cpi or cpa offers

    i know i know landing page is the most important thing to consider

    but can i test the offer before with direct linking do they approve direct linking cpi or cpa offers?

    when i understand how well the cpi or cpa offer is converted than i will creat a landing page to test diffrent thing landings pages or banners with the network

    is my thoughts is useless? or not?

    please provide your best feedback as i tested before startapp, leadbolt, adperium
    they don't approve campaigns too quickly and they will denied my campaign, the reason for not approving campaigns is they are not able to access the link i provided as offer link because the offer is only available for specific country and only supports mobile devices i am stuck here please help me to come out of this problem
  2. Voluum