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  1. MrGrowth

    Q? re: Competitor Site Targeting...

    Which other sites with mass traffic allow you to target competitor domains and sites the way propel media does CPV / PPV ? And how much is needed to deposit to get started? Sites that work in conjunction with a tool like Skrayp... I thought Zeropark had this functionality but does not...
  2. 50onredmike

    RTXplatform - Push and Pops | Retargeting is Live

    I wanted to let the Forum know that we now have retargeting available for our Push CPC and NewTab PPV traffic. Here is a link that reviews the functionality and how to set it up in your account Retarget audiences who have previously visited your site if you do not have an account yet, Get...
  3. clalit

    Struggle between bemob - redtrack or other trackers options. Need your help on what to chose

    HI, Struggle between bemob - redtrack or other trackers options. Need your help on what to chose Thanks Yos
  4. qtobrooklyn

    PPV marketer needing help with switching my domains to HTTPS

    Hi everyone. So i've been putting off switching my sites over to HTTPS, but i think it's finally time. ZeroPark won't even let you run campaigns anymore if your entire redirect path isn't HTTPS.. I just need some help with figuring out the best way to do this, so hopefully fellow PPV marketers...
  5. Romio

    How much traffic do I need for testing on PPV

    Hi, I have finally setup a tracker on my website and now I can know the source of traffic when advertising with PPV. I am new with PPV and I would like to ask the experts and people who have experience in the area. After I setup a traffic campaign. how many visits with no conversions I need...
  6. G Chandra Shekhar Rao

    How to create a dating campaign on Plugrush

    Looking after someone who can help me create a campaign on plugrush for a dating cpa offer..
  7. Linoy- SelfAdvertiser

    Ask Me Anything Self Advertiser - PPV Traffic source is a powerful self-service platform for advertisers, a leading traffic source, developed, owned and operated by Intango. The platform allows online advertisers to create their campaigns in minutes and start acquiring WW traffic from quality sources while maintaining full...
  8. V

    To introduce myself

    Dear sir: I have done cpa for about two years ,and I did financial ,dating and gaming offers . My most successful type of offers are dating and gaming. I mainly send traffic by ppv and ggadwords.Your network's reputation is very good ,so i want to be your promoter sincerely and I just apply for...
  9. Cpa Expert

    PPV/Clickunder/Popunder traffic with demographic targeting

    Hello, Do you know any PPV/Clickunder/Popunder traffic sources with targeting by age and gender?
  10. moniking25

    Some Questions about sitescout

    Hi Everyone Hi have some Questions about sitescout rtb (real time bidding) platform I know they require minimum $500 to start with but the main question is how i can use this platform for cpi or cpa offers i know i know landing page is the most important thing to consider but can i test...
  11. TheInnovator

    Plenty of boxing on tonight - Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo & Billy Joe Saunders vs Willie Monroe Jr

    Relax,chill, sit down and watch all the boxing today - order your pizzas from Dominos + diet coke + ice cream. Callum Smith vs Erik Skoglund - United Kingdom ITV 4, Canada Super Channel - World Boxing Super Series Quarter Final. Billy Joe Saunders vs Willie Monroe Jr - Panama Cable Onda...
  12. business3d

    Best PPV for CPL offer

    Hello , share your experience here CPL (cost per lead ) 1- conversion offer is: sign up by mail : SOI (sign up without email verification) DOI (sign up + email verification) 2- conversion offer is : install app windows + launch it
  13. Fapohunda Olufemi John


    I just got into PPV/CPV and i''d like to try it out as a publisher. Any PPV network like to give me a trial?. Please, message me. thanks.
  14. T

    PPV traffic and Popup ad Networks

    Hi guys, There is a confusion about PPV traffic which I wanna ask you. As I know PPV traffic shows ads in type of popup or popup-under that's exaclty same what Popup ad networks will show. So can we say Popup ad networks are also PPV network? If isn't, what is most different between PPV and...
  15. apsads

    Propel Média - Wich means - " direct advertiser "?

    Hi, I saw a warning in PropelMedia that just "Direct Advertiser" can be accepted now, so i opened my new account as "Direct Advertiser". My account is done, i made my first deposit and i am ready to start now. My question is. What really does it means : "Direct Advertiser" ? If i use my...
  16. pradep

    I need Help Regarding PPV Traffic

    Hi i am running CPA offer using PPV traffic but its getting harder to convert this traffic some time bid become to high like CPC. Some time targets dont have much traffic. I need help Direct link or landing page ? If i create landing page it become hard to get CTR. How to increase CTR should...
  17. M

    How optimization campaign ppv

    How can I improve the work of campaigns in the PPV and the points that I'm working on What are the best companies in this traffic
  18. F

    PPV Optimisation Tips

    As a PPV noob I'm wondering if anyone can help with a few things? Before optimising, how long/how many impressions should I accrue? Probably a stupid question but is there an ideal conversion rate to aim for? ...or how do PPV conversion rates compare to other traffic sources? With full page pop...
  19. sfsfco

    using ppv as a traffic source

    hi did anyone tested the PPV traffic in the PPcall offers it's a lot cheaper but I need to know if it's converting well ... and which verticals working better is PPV ?
  20. M

    Vdopia is a Scam!

    Hi, Does any of you use Vdopia's Ad Network? Vdopia has yet fulfilled their payment since May of 2016 and today is January 2017. In accordance to their promise they should be paying every 90 days prior to the published ads date, thus they should have payed up to September 2016. Has any of you...