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PPV marketer needing help with switching my domains to HTTPS


Hi everyone. So i've been putting off switching my sites over to HTTPS, but i think it's finally time. ZeroPark won't even let you run campaigns anymore if your entire redirect path isn't HTTPS.. I just need some help with figuring out the best way to do this, so hopefully fellow PPV marketers or anyone else can help me out.

I'm with BeyondHosting, where I have a VPS. I have like 7 domains, 1 one which hosts my tracker (CPVLab) and the rest of them are for my landers. The redirect path is tracker->lander->offer. All of it needs to be HTTPS now. BeyondHosting offers standard SSL certificates for $59 per domain. Buying them from my hosting provider seems to be the quickest and simplest way to do this, but also a pretty expensive one.. So I wanted to see what other possible ways of doing this would be. I've seen some multi-domain SSL's being sold (like Comodo Positive Multi Domain) - are those an option? I'm honestly pretty illiterate when it comes to this stuff, so i don't have a clue what the benefits/drawbacks of buying a bunch of single domain SSL's from my host versus buying multi-domain SSL's from somewhere else would be. Hopefully someone who has gone through this already or anyone who understands this stuff can shed some light on the best way to make this switch for a PPV marketer.



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That doesn't sound like a self managed -- it isn't
You can get
1 CPU Core
50 GB SSD Storage
2 TB Transfer
40 Gbps Network In
2000 Mbps Network Out

that's $50/mo at your 'store'
no control panel and no system or software support -- hardware support only like: SSD fail or network switch issues.

Oh well, I started with a virtual server account in 2001 -- it sucked! Like living in a singles apartment complex zoo one step above a public housing project apartment. If you are going to stay in this business you need to learn how to run a server in ssh or in terminal.

The best way to start learning this is to set up a LINUX server on and old computer you have and run it locally http://localhost for the webserver.
Then graduate to a $5.00/mo 1 GB Unmanaged Cloud VPS and set up a domain and the certs and the applications that you need.

Or, just pay the price to let others do your work. If you get big you just hire your own people -- IT manager and his staff ... The is a cost to every thing. Took me 10 minuted to set up a new HTTPS domain from scratch on one of my webserver's today. The sever end was fine. The DNS propagation issues were the problem -- I had to update the 'A' entries to a new server ugggg... the issues were beyond my control ...

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