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  1. CPV Lab Pro

    Official Win a FREE license for CPV Lab Pro 7!

    #GIVEAWAY Time! Do you want to win a FREE CPV Lab PRO brand-new Version 7 license for 1 year and skyrocket all of your online marketing campaigns? Currently we have a giveaway running on our Facebook page... so if you are interested visit it and don't lose this opportunity to win a FREE...
  2. qtobrooklyn

    PPV marketer needing help with switching my domains to HTTPS

    Hi everyone. So i've been putting off switching my sites over to HTTPS, but i think it's finally time. ZeroPark won't even let you run campaigns anymore if your entire redirect path isn't HTTPS.. I just need some help with figuring out the best way to do this, so hopefully fellow PPV marketers...
  3. O

    CPVLab - gone dead?

    Anyone know what happened to CPVLAB? I asked for refund via their support email and helpdesk ticketing system - nothing happened...later when i contacted my credit card company and kept pressing them for answers, finally another company who is doing the PAID support for them...
  4. hamza

    Ask Me Anything problem in cpvlab with backbutton

    Good evening everyone, I have a question concerning the CPA, I work on an offer CPI And I added a backbutton script in my landing page but my problem is how to add the same parameters as in the link of my campaign in the backbouton which redirects to the offer directly
  5. Kc-Tan

    How to track a funnel (2 landers + 1 offer)

    Hi, How to track this? I have 2 landing pages + 1 offer in my campaign, like this: LP1 >> LP2 >> Offer How can you track the CTR of LP1 (Clicks to LP2) / The CTR of LP2 (Clicks to Offer) ?? With one landing page + offer it's easy, but i don't know how to do it with two landing pages. Thanks...
  6. M

    Looking For Mobile Landing Page Designer For Mobile Affiliate Marketing (CPA/CPI) Offers

    Looking for an experienced mobile web designer to create Mobile landing pages for CPA (Cost Per Action) and CPI (Cost Per Install) mobile offers like sweepstakes, voucher and gambling. I also need you to setup and implement some of the following scripts with these landing pages: 1...
  7. Zakkorta

    cpvlab error

    hello everyone ive been trying to install cpvlab fopen(/home/affzakan/public_html//license/license.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/affzakan/public_html/Cvtracker/install.php on line 0 No access to file license.php i keep getting this message i chhanged all the...
  8. osmansafdar

    Need help with setting up my first cpvlab campaign

    Hey guys, So i have purchased and installed cpvlab on a vps hosting... Created my landing page.. Selected an offer from Maxbounty... Got Bingads coupon so have $100 in my Bingads account... But i am having trouble with setting up the Cpvlab campaign! Just dont know where to start. = So i...
  9. mirofox

    please help

    hey i have problem with cpvlab i can't get keyword/url target i use mediatraffic network please help
  10. Yassine Boui

    How Can I install cpvlab in DigitalOcean/vps ??

    anyone help me to install cpvlab on digitalocean vps
  11. Micheal

    How To install cpvlab in DigitalOcean/vps

    Has anyone installed CPVLab on DigitalOcean please help me ..
  12. KeoRid

    Selling Self-Hosted Tracker installation and sysadmin service - free for forum members

    HI for everyone! Our team has years of experience in installation and optimization on linux web servers. We will deploy ThriveTracker, AdsBridge, iMobiTrax, Prosper202, CPVLab or other self-hosted tracking solution for you. We use high-load web-server configuration nginx/php-fpm/Percona Mysql...
  13. S

    Display device brand and city on LP using CPVlab?

    Hello guys, I have been running mobile campaigns lately but I would like to make my LP dynamic to increase CTR, I'm using CPVlab and I don't know exactly how to display device brand and city on the LP, I need your help on this matter. I will appreciate any contribution guys, thank you in advance.
  14. N


    I would like today to talk about CPVLab Tracking software and DigitalOcean SSD hosting company. First lets define CPVLab : The Ultimate Tracking Platform. #1 For Tracking & Testing Campaigns Self hosted · Easy to use. CPA marketers are using CPVLab and voluum tracking softwares to tracking...