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How to track a funnel (2 landers + 1 offer)


How to track this?
I have 2 landing pages + 1 offer in my campaign, like this:
LP1 >> LP2 >> Offer

How can you track the CTR of LP1 (Clicks to LP2) / The CTR of LP2 (Clicks to Offer) ??

With one landing page + offer it's easy, but i don't know how to do it with two landing pages.

You can use any traker to explain the method (Voluum, adsbridge,...)


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hello @Kc-Tan :):)
if you find your self you can't Do it , you can create 2 campaigns like this.
campaign 1
lp1 => lp2 (here is easy to know CTR and every thing)
campaign 2
lp2 => Offer (here is easy to know CTR and every thing).
sorry i never Did Did that , that's just an idea you can keep in mind if you didn't find the Solution .
let me tag @Zach AdsBridge to answer this :) , may be he can give you some idea :) .
Good luck .
let us know how it goes .


Thanks @tyoussef ,

I tried this method before, but 1-what if i have a lot of campaigns? / 2- I have to calculate the CTR of the first Landing Page manually each time (LP2 Visits devided by LP1 Visits).
So, i need to do it in one campaign.

@Zach AdsBridge

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I sent this message in a thread for Zach, but he hasn't replied yet. I'm new in this forum and you guys mentioned tagging. So, I'd better tag him too;

@Zach AdsBridge

Here's my major concern below:

Hello Zach, please I need your help urgently...

Q1: I created a multi-funnel lander with 9 CPA offers and another one with 3 CPA offers right! Now, the 1st lander I created (with 3 CPA offers) gave me a
Multi-offer click URL which is

And the 2nd lander (with 9 CPA offers) will now have
Multi-offer click URL which is right? They are both in the samw niche and the same group in the Adsbridge platform...and one thing I'm confused about is:

Won't there be a conflict in reporting between,, and What is the solution to this?

Q2: I have a self hosted lander on your platform set to collect names and emails with a thank you page onto which I have to place a tracking pixel so I can discover the keywords that will lead to a conversion from my lander. I got this tracking link from your platform to place on my thank you page:

Tracking script: <script src=""></script>

I'm promoting from two networks (peerfly and maxbounty). So, how do I go about this? Thanks in advance!

I can send you the links to my multi-funnel landers if you wish...