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  1. Phill AdsBridge

    How to run campaigns in quarantine time?

    Hi everyone✋ The last months have been especially hard for almost the entire world. Nonetheless, AdsBridge team would like to cheer you up and tell you a bit more how work from home in the current situation can bring you maximum profit. Half the world is staying home, but is it really so bad...
  2. trackwill

    Ask Me Anything Trackwill discounts on quarantine time

    Hi, mediabuyer! We have great news for you! Today we are announcing a beta version of our Trackwill tracker with a built-in adserver. Here are some of the bonuses we brought: 100% uptime since 2015 on volumes of over 20 billion impressions per day. Smart Rotations by weight / queue listed...
  3. Adam80Johnson

    NoIPFraud&AdsBridge Settings

    Hi there! In my time I had scoured the web to find cloaking setting with a cloud tracker. So I had to do all the settings on my own. I’ve spent several days on it. As a result, I’ve figured out everything by myself. The manual is described here in all the details. It will be understandable even...
  4. Phill AdsBridge

    Let's handle Adult traffic together

    Hi, Lockdown has boosted Dating and Adult verticals. So many affilaite networks have announced new offers. Well, you definitely need a reliable tracking software to cope with millions of your adult traffic;) AdsBridge is here for you. We are always flexible for discounts, but there is a secret...
  5. Phill AdsBridge

    AdsBridge + IKON = maximum profit

    Hi! Hope you are having a great time. We have recently set up a partnership with IKON which is a direct advertiser of Nutra products in Vietnam, Indonesia, India with own call center on the language of GEO and a list of unique offers. They give VIP conditions for all our clients. Just...
  6. Phill AdsBridge

    AdsBridge and AdsPlexity webinar

    Hi AffiliateFix Community! We are happy to announce, that our first webinar this year will be this Thursday, 16th of January, at 3 pm (GMT +1). We are going to discuss the most necessary tools the modern affiliate needs to launch a really profitable campaign. Sign up, it’s going to be...
  7. Phill AdsBridge

    One more place to get offers

    Hi Guys! Hope everyone had a perfect Thanksgiving holiday and survived Black Friday with Cyber Monday ;) We have some news to share. You know about our 8 smart links and they have become quite popular, to be honest. That’s why we decided to expand this direction and added a lot of new offers...
  8. Phill AdsBridge

    Announcement TOP converting verticals for our Smartlinks

    Let me represent you our TOP verticals with the highest conversions for the last week. Welcome verticals with their eCPM: 1) Dating - $173 2) Mobile Content Adult - $148 3) Adult Pills - $134 4) Diet & Weight Loss - $132 5) Cams - $75 Smartlinks in 8 the most popular and the most actual...
  9. Phill AdsBridge

    Only two tips to increase your profit

    I propose you only two tips for increasing your profit. Why exactly these tips? Because about 92% of our users find it profitable and we want you to join them. However, let’s begin with some terminology, that could be unfamiliar for newbies. Campaign - is a set of elements, such as traffic...
  10. Phill AdsBridge

    Push notifications at AdsBridge

    Hi everyone! :) We are eager to share the latest news with you! Our awesome tech team has developed a NEW FEATURE and now you can monetize your traffic using push-notifications at AdsBridge. Just place a code on your landing page and collect the base of subscriptions for further...
  11. Phill AdsBridge

    New HOT feature from AdsBridge: Traffic Monetization

    Track and monetize the traffic usually looks like work with several tools. AdsBridge Team has been working extremely hard to effectively give users a new functionality - “Traffic Monetization” We know that this may sound strange, but now the system distributes automatically all your incoming...
  12. René Wagner

    AdsBridge Guide

    Hi Guys, does anyone knows a good guide for tracking with Adsbridge? Thanks alot!
  13. John Wellow

    BeMob or AdsBridge ?

    Okay, guys, I’ve been using Voluum for a couple of months but since they jacked up their prices, I am looking for a good alternative now. I’ve already checked up BeMob but I didn’t like that I can’t buy custom domains from my own account. That really disappointed me although it totally looks...
  14. Loyalty Kevin

    Tech Support conversion tracking

    I ran into a serious problem and I do not know how to solve it. How to track conversion calls for technical calls with certain pabID? Let's say my number in the Landing + 1815xxxxxxxx, how do I know from which {zonaid} I received the call. This is a very serious problem and I generally do not...
  15. JonathanB

    Tracking Software Confusion - HELP?

    Hi everyone! I'm new to affiliate marketing and want to launch my first campaign this week. I have a very supportive AM and an offer that seems to be "newbie friendly". Info about the campaign: Offer: Simple Lead Gen (user must fill out a form) Traffic source: Facebook, US-Only Landing Page...
  16. A

    Selling AdsBridge Starter account until Sep 2018 - $149

    Hi, I have 9+ months left on my Starter account (100K Visits). This is a kind of exclusive offer, because this subscription for new users is no longer available and is only valid for existing users. Subscription type: Starter Annual Expiration date the beginning of Sep 2018 Visits limit...
  17. O

    How To Setup tracking system to advertise in CpaLead

    Hello Guys, I wanted to advertise some affiliate offers from other networks in CpaLead Cpa campaign, but can't setup the tracking properly, where to put postback click id, cpalead acro etc........ Now I am confused I am using adsbridge tracking (Which will expire soon as it is a trial...
  18. K

    Help me setup Adsbridge tracking link (will give $10)

    This is beyond frustrating, I've read all forums and this s2 pixels, postback url, etc. is all confusing, it's like they're trying to make it hard for people on purpose. Nevertheless, I tried to setup the tracking on Adsbridge and followed their instructions to the word but it still says no...
  19. Kc-Tan

    How To Overcome This? when i click the Lp CTA, I get this message !!

    Hi, I want people to share my landing page URL but.. When someone click on the Landing Page Call To Action, he gets this Message: " Error 400 Visit data was missing when handling click. To redirect a click, you must go through your campaign URL. " How can i deal with that ??
  20. damngoodiam

    How To Make A Campaign In Adsbridge with Fb Ads as Traffic Source?

    I am struggling to make even one campaign in Adsbridge and I want the traffic Source to be FB ads... The Campaign is from Maxbounty and is a Download campaign.. So what should I choose in FB ads? Lead or Conversions? Adsbridge Postbacks make no sense to me,I added one in Maxbounty profie but...