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  1. adgrow

    Case Study Hot TikTok Test - Case Study

    Hi :affiliatefix:, Hope you are all back from winter break and up to speed. Time for soak up new knowledge, try new thing and share the results of your work. This time we wanna share a case study based on the test our R&D team ran not long before NY WHAT WE RAN WITH: Source: TikTok Target...
  2. D

    Funnel with Rotating offers and sending the right follow up messages

    Hi All, Planning a funnel with Aweber as the autoresoponder like so: Landing/subscribe-page --> successful subscription --> Rotator --> will show either one of product A, B or C as the "custom URL". If product A is shown, I would like to trigger email follow-up series A (or campaign A), and...
  3. Robert Squires

    How to create a sales funnel on WordPress

    This is a video that I made to help everyone create there own sales funnel without using anything but their WordPress site and plugins
  4. B

    How can i run Funnel offers.

    I have some funnel offers how can i run with good ROI, Please give me suggestions.
  5. S

    How To Structure Your Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel The Right Way

    I've seen videos where they say your funnel only needs to be 2 steps, which is absolutely insane! There is so much more to a sales funnel than just sending traffic to an optin page, and then to a thank you page. In short your sales funnel is going to have to generate traffic, and send that...
  6. John Dimos

    Best email marketing biz?

    Hey beautiful people! JD here! I'm a newbie to the forum and happy to be here as I look around and see whats going on in here. Can anyone tell me.. if you wanted to seriously build an incredible affiliate email marketing biz and never done it before.. but you're hungry and want to ensure you...
  7. Alex_Chess

    Offer Wanted CPL Crypto\cfd finance offers

    Guys, I look to get the CPL crypto\cfd trading offers. I wanna upload it to our panel, cz we dont run CPL but my publisher are asking! I cant promise you to get a huge volumes asap, but we can work something out with you. Direct offers preferable offcource. Hit me up skype: Asudjan
  8. Alex_Chess

    Affiliates Wanted Crypto cfd exclusive launch

    Hi, guys! Hope you are all doing well :) Look for crypto\cfd traffic, on CPA. We pay weekly. Its an easy money, guys! We don't have any cap for crypto. We connected to all the platforms. And we are cool team to work with ;) Hit me up pm or Skype: asudjan :cool: and have a cool day all !! :ninja:
  9. Will1

    Starting my journey with email marketing and paid traffic (+my funnel diagram)

    Hey, money makers! I’m starting my journey with email marketing and paid traffic. After spending 6-7 years in SEO business, it’s time to change the course of my pirate ship ☠ I decided to start building an email list for “make money online” niche. I will use paid traffic - FB ads and solo ads...
  10. I

    Funnel Flux Data is blank

    I have started a campaign on go2mobi... goi2mobi shows all the data, costs etc. however my funnel flux shows only entrances and nothing else at all. see attached screenshot. anyone have any ideaS?
  11. Kc-Tan

    How to track a funnel (2 landers + 1 offer)

    Hi, How to track this? I have 2 landing pages + 1 offer in my campaign, like this: LP1 >> LP2 >> Offer How can you track the CTR of LP1 (Clicks to LP2) / The CTR of LP2 (Clicks to Offer) ?? With one landing page + offer it's easy, but i don't know how to do it with two landing pages. Thanks...
  12. S

    Offer Wanted BEST converting binary Landing Page

    Hello guys! This is my time to choose best offer. When you don't have an option to loose money, to which etwrok and offer are you guys going? Listened a lot of good reviews on DubaiLifestyle. Anything else on your mind? P.S. Dear networks, please stop bothering with GEOs and payouts. Main...
  13. Alex_Chess

    Affiliates Wanted Make money, bizopp offers. High EPC.

    The biggest network in binary field: BOA Elite | Affiliate Marketing Forum | AffiliateFix GEOs: UK, CA, ZA, NZ, AU, US, DE. We get traffic from all over the world Except- India Bangladesh and Pakistan. Offers: make money, bizopp funnels. This thing converts itself. Monthly\ semimonthly payouts...
  14. davesev

    How to create a funnel

    Hi, I am setting up my landing page, which is will result in leads being pushed to an offer but I'm trying to work out a few things: 1. How will users get to my page? If I advertise the product itself, users will be disappointed as they got to an unrelated free pdf (my free product to get...
  15. Alex_Chess

    Affiliates Wanted Highly Converting Offers, Best EPC

    Hunting on traffic! Highly convertible CPA - offers! All GEO`s Hey guys! Meet Boaelite! Currently, BOA is the biggest affiliate network in the binary options vertical! We are integrated via ONLY API technology to more than 80 different brokers using 7 different binary options platform!! Can u...
  16. contrastweb

    Funnel length correlates to # of conversions? True or false?

    Hey everyone, I've spent the last few weeks going through all the Adwords advertising policies, evaluating do's and don'ts, signing up to a variety of affiliate/cpa networks and explaining what our intentions are, and began building models of potential earnings based on offers in the market...