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How To Structure Your Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel The Right Way

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by Stevens, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. Stevens

    Stevens Affiliate affiliate

    I've seen videos where they say your funnel only needs to be 2 steps, which is absolutely insane! There is so much more to a sales funnel than just sending traffic to an optin page, and then to a thank you page.

    In short your sales funnel is going to have to generate traffic, and send that traffic to an optin page, then to an upsell/oto page, then to a second upsell page with a high ticket offer for the people who took your first upsell, and lastly a thank you page for each step in case they don’t move on to the next step in your funnel.

    This is kind of hard to really understand and explain in-depth just in a text post, so if you want a better explanation done with visuals, watch this video. That being said i’ll try to do my best to explain each step of the funnel on this post.

    The first step even before your landing page is to generate traffic, because without traffic you could have the best sales funnel in the world but no one would go through it so it doesn’t matter.

    Some methods to generate traffic include facebook ads, youtube ads, bing ads, solo ads, a youtube channel, a facebook group, quora, forums etc. There are a lot of options so try some out and see which ones work the best for you.

    The next step of your funnel is the opt in page. On this page you are going to offer your lead magnet as an incentive for someone to give you their email (i’ll talk more about why you want their email later in this post).

    If they opt-in to your lead magnet, instead of taking them to a thank you page you are going to take them to your oto or upsell page. On this page you are going to offer a low ticket affiliate offer that enhances the lead magnet the person just opted in for.
    The oto is typically going to be less than $27 because this isn’t a huge commitment for your new lead.

    The reason we send them to an oto/upsell page is to recoop some ad spend and just make some money on the front. Plus this also help strengthen your relationship with your new lead.

    If they do get your oto/upsell you are then going to send them to your big affiliate offer, which will typically be over $97. You do this right away after they buy because now they are in “buyers mode” and they are more more likely to continue to spend money. If they aren’t ready to buy this instant for whatever reason that is fine, just give them the option to go to the thank you page where you will let them know that their lead magnet and oto/upsell has been sent to their email.

    Now, along each step of the funnel you are going to have people who drop out of your funnel, or say no to an upsell, and that is where the remarketing part of our funnel comes into play.

    If someone reaches your landing page but doesn’t optin you are going to send them a retargeting ad that give the visitor an incentive to optin in, such as an added bonus.

    If they reach your oto/first upsell but don’t buy you are going to add them to an email autoresponder, and a retargeting campaign that further builds your relationship with your new lead, and after a few days you are going to offer them your upsell again via email or ad.

    If they take you up on your first upsell, but not your second you are going to add them to a seperate email list that is only made up of your oto/first upsell buyers, and you are going to give value via email for a few days and then offer them your big offer again.

    For someone who makes it all the way to the end of the funnel you will send them to a thank you page that delivers all the things they just purchased/opted in for, and then they will go on your email list where you are going to continuously provide value, and then every once and a while you show them a new affiliate offer that you want to promote.

    Hopefully that all makes sense, again it is easier to explain and to understand on video, so if you are still confused you can watch this video for a more clear explanation.
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  3. Anthony Little

    Anthony Little Affiliate affiliate

    Everything make sense to me, thanks for sharing