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sales funnel

  1. Robert Squires

    How to create a sales funnel on WordPress

    This is a video that I made to help everyone create there own sales funnel without using anything but their WordPress site and plugins
  2. Lomash Kumar

    How To Create a SIX FIGURE Sales Funnel In Less Than 15 Minutes! For Affiliate Marketing

    Create a SIX FIGURE Sales Funnel In Less Than 15 Minutes! For Affiliate Marketing
  3. S

    How To Structure Your Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel The Right Way

    I've seen videos where they say your funnel only needs to be 2 steps, which is absolutely insane! There is so much more to a sales funnel than just sending traffic to an optin page, and then to a thank you page. In short your sales funnel is going to have to generate traffic, and send that...
  4. seangugerty

    Open Source Mautic (Forms, Landing Pages, Analytics) much more

    This is the beginning of a multi part spoon series I have for setting this amazing piece of Marketing goodness. So if you're looking to avoid paying for Click Funnels/Leadpages and dodge Mail Chimp Mautic is your friend! The only thing you really run into problems with is the default php email...
  5. Nongmaithem Archna

    What is the best sales funnel?

    Dear Friends, I am pleased to e-meet you all here. Please let me know if you have any suggestion about sales funnel. Which is the best tool according to price. "The cheaper, the better". Thank you.
  6. Krishan Kumar

    How to Convince Someone to Pay Who's Looking for Free Stuff

    It may look funny to some people, but I really want to know this thing. Lets say.. I'm running a Scholarship & Grant offer(i) for a specific Country and getting some conversions. Now I'm seeing another (high payout) Scholarship & Grant offer(ii) which is not free and taking $10 for monthly...