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  1. Graybeard

    What Popunders Cost Me Today

    I look at the bottom line really --what a customer costs BEFORE they buy --when you haven't proved out a new offer with any sales payout conversions :( If this offer can close(convert) 1:100 --I will have ~$17 in ad cost to get a ~$42 sales pay-out. If he can't close 1:100 he ain't shit and it's...
  2. S

    How To Structure Your Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel The Right Way

    I've seen videos where they say your funnel only needs to be 2 steps, which is absolutely insane! There is so much more to a sales funnel than just sending traffic to an optin page, and then to a thank you page. In short your sales funnel is going to have to generate traffic, and send that...
  3. Alexey Pearce

    Looking For Lead Generation Funnels

    Hello, I represent direct advertiser and I'm looking for direct affiliates who know to do Lead Generation. I have examples of good funnels.