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Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by Noordev technologies inc, Dec 12, 2015.

What tracking softwares you prefer?


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  2. voluum

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  1. I would like today to talk about CPVLab Tracking software and DigitalOcean SSD hosting company.

    First lets define CPVLab :

    The Ultimate Tracking Platform. #1 For Tracking & Testing Campaigns Self hosted · Easy to use. CPA marketers are using CPVLab and voluum tracking softwares to tracking what their offers , the different between them: CPVLab is Self hosted Software which you can host in your hosting and you can make your domain name but voluum is already hosted by the company itself but you need to pay monthly ($99 / month).

    We are going to talk about CPVlab because you pay one time then you host it in your own hosting.

    So what is DigitalOcean?

    DigitalOcean is a simple cloud hosting provider built for developers. Easily deploy a blazing fast SSD cloud server in 55 seconds within an easy-to-use control panel. Plans start at $5 per month and include 512MB RAM, 20GB SSD Disk, and 1TB Transfer.

    DigitalOcean has grown to become the second-largest hosting company in the world in terms of web-facing computers, and shows no signs of slowing down.
    When you sign up with the company you get 10$ and you can setup your server at the same time.

    You can sign up here and get 10$ bonus!

    So what are DigitalOcean'features?

    You can start with the first package which I am using in this case study :
    512MB / 1 cpu 20GB SSD Disk1TB Transfer the price is 5/mo.


    Then you have to create Droplets which will hold your server.

    Choose One click apps and LAMP on 14.04


    Choose a size


    Choose a datacenter region
    since I target USA market I will choose Newyork


    thats it you will receive your details to your email.

    Now you have to buy CPVLab and upload it to DigitalOcean the price is $297 one time.

    You can buy it here

    you will receive everything you need to install the software.

    Case Study:

    • Graphs : how CPVLab is using my hosting:



    I am using my landing pages in the same server and I am promoting different offers but the server is stable as you see.

    So you do not what to pay more on other SSD servers I recommande DigitalOcean.

    You can use the IP adresse they give you or link your domain name.

    If you need more help let me know.
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  3. newlxx

    newlxx Well-Known Member affiliate

    What tracking softwares you prefer?
    - Thrive (not in options)
  4. Vuong

    Vuong New Member affiliate

    It is also a suggested tracker from Mr. Charles Ngo & it should be good one.
  5. jims45

    jims45 Member affiliate

    I also use CPVLab and Digital Ocean but in my case additional software needed to be installed so make sure you run this test before uploading the CPVLab files.

    A. Check Server Requirements page (check-server-requirements.php) Upload the “check-server-requirements.php” page to your server before uploading any other files from the install package.
    Then open this page in your browser: http://yourdomain.com/check-server-requirements.php

    I had to install IonCube Loaders 4.4 (google IonCube Loaders, simple to install) and yes CPVLab works great with D.O when you get it set up right. I also went with a Lemp stack not Lamp and have the faster NGINX setup.
  6. Shyne

    Shyne Affiliate affiliate

    Sorry to bump this thread, is the OP and @jims45, still a user of this forum, as I have a question regarding setup, though nothing has changed in the digital ocean end, but is this still viable in 2017 and how does OP set up LP on the same server or SSD hosting?
  7. jims45

    jims45 Member affiliate

    I have to say Voluum is a better option now CPVLab updates and support not great now..at least not in my experience.
  8. Shyne

    Shyne Affiliate affiliate

    There's a simple logic to every tool, I have seen what voluum does, it's good but other individuals I see that uses cpvlab I also said good this, right now it common amongst some pros to stick with raw data do a lot of tinkering with cpvlab, some say while the split testing features might not be as best, but it sure is better than voluum, cos A/b testing is available since you might just want to have one offer multiple landing pages, with b/f and a/f format. But with you can only do one offer to multiple landing pages, you can't do the b/f and a/f, before and after offer landers, I've seen this dude that does some crazy money and he still won't use voluum, he says the flexibility to have his offer work how he wants in terms of set up increases his ability to maximize his profit in every possible click.

    When I thought about it, I understood what he does manually with CPA is what Russell Brunson's Clickfunnels does but only with clickfunnels product or your own products. This same does informed me about a tool in beta coming in the near future cos he uses it, as he was giving access, show a video of one of the function of the tool as says it going to be the tools that others will steal ideas from and add to theirs. The tool tracks, gives split testing, creates landers, a/b testing and also multivariate testing. I heard the later from him first, he showed me how the tool lets him create a test from a campaign, changing little this such as title or text color and adding it into the campaign. He says understanding the math in CPA campaign is what makes peopl money and never be emotionally tied to any, if one offer is making you money, more money after you find the right combination of lander, keyword and traffic source that makes you 6 figures, the moment it goes to a cent loss, then you should start monitoring that shit, when it gets to $10, then you move one even if the offer made you 100k or more.
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  9. GoHikes

    GoHikes Affiliate affiliate

    I like these tools