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  1. buckets209

    Questions about tracking.

    Hello, it's buckets again. I have 2 questions before I start setting up everything I need to start my first campaign. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Question #1: How important are postback links or URLs to your tracking? Do you not get any data from your tracking software without it...
  2. Honeybadger

    Seeking Help Will Google Ever Index search?q=

    Lost with this question if you search Google for 'nasa toys' you might get its a category page then if your on NASA website you might search 'toys' & get question is could Google ever index --> the internal search result? meaning is it...
  3. benjaminthebank

    Would you be interested about a referral program with sign-up bonus and $1000 prices?

    Hey fellow affiliate marketers. We are building our startup Benjamin which is a new kind of digital banking platform startup for SMBs, consumers, influencers, and publishers who want to save and make more money. We are about to launch our early access list and I would hope to get some...
  4. skyhelper

    My little story.

    Hi, I'm not particularly new to affiliate. My little story. I was 17 years old when I first got acquainted with the concept of traffic, etc. I started to advertise the commodity business, then I got acquainted with DigStore (I lost 100 dollars there). I am 19 years old, I conduct motivated...
  5. Anoice

    Question about Clickbank

    Hello , i'm trying to add my Facebook pixel to clickbank to promote products as an affiliate but there are some fields that I dont know how to fill, can someone help me out ? I searched for it and this two fields marked with a red arrow were not there before, so i'm unsure about what I should...
  6. Honeybadger

    SEO is VERY hard (all #1 sites are cheating)

    SEO is very easy SEO comes down 2 things Question (customer asks) Answer (you provide) If you give best answer (wins), you get located near question (A) number of people ask (B) question (C) number of times per (D) time period Doesn't matter if its Fashion Porn Software Hardware Self...
  7. Mcgabby

    How do I earn on affiliate fix

    As a newbie here, I want to know if there are direct or direct ways of earning money here just like other forums like beermoney
  8. Honeybadger

    Question about Google ??

    How do Google have their own domain name ending -->
  9. A

    Using Clickbank

    Hello All, I have been thinking of joining Clickbank does anyone think this a good place to practice affiliate marketing. Also, does anyone have experience with it what are some pros and cons? Thanks!
  10. blitz skygazer

    Campaign Length

    Hi Everyone, One question around CPA Campaigns is this: how long does a typical campaign last? is it based on the offer? what is a typical campaign length? or is that dependent on the person running it? is 30 days too long or 7 days to short to make a campaign profitable once you have done...
  11. BKP

    Using Freelancers (Fiverr...etc)

    Hi everyone, Have a question which has been bugging me for a while, but kept forgetting to ask here. There are a lot of freelancing websites now, like Fiverr where people offer SEO optimization, striking content and review writing, posting backlinks and some can create custom video...
  12. Nick Turchiano

    Adult Friend Finder question

    Which program is the better way to go? 1) Percentage Program 2) Per Order + Rev-share Payout 3) Per Order Payout by Country 4) Cost Per Lead Program Is one better than the others? Thank you, Nick
  13. A

    Landing page vs Websites

    Hi everyone! the first English it is not my language and sorry for mistakes advance I'm a newbie as a Marketing affiliate, they are two options to start and I need a help: 1-Marketing with a landing page. 2-Marketing with websites. I don't have a website right now and my strategy is to start...
  14. logicalnerds

    I Need Your Help

    I am planning to create an online course on "Passive Income". It will be based on earning from online by creating niche websites. So, my questions: Tell me what is stopping you from being Financially Independent? Do you have any idea how much you can earn online? Do you have any idea...
  15. Rob32

    Is it Real to meet a Girlfriend while you are working online?

    Hey Guys! I have a question. Do you think that it's real to meet someone (if you are single) when you work online everyday? I mean Really work online: you wake up, and work via desktop from home from morning till evening? So, you may have lots of virtual friends... but How about not-virtual? :D
  16. Jorge Garza

    Any offer you recommend to promote with the traffic of TONIC?

    I am relatively new at this (I am a programmer learning about this world), I just funded my account and I want to know what kind of offers you recommend with this platform. Thanks in advance.
  17. Rahal Nejraoui

    Minimum budget

    Hey guys quick question what is the minimum budget to start a campaign, I'm just 18 years old and I don't have money, So I'm willing to save some.
  18. Avazu

    [Ask for help]Working at network,wanna start with affiliate at home

    Hello guys :) I'm an AM in the network,but now I wanna be an affiliate as my part time job. Having the basic of the industry. Want to know how to start as a affiliate: What should I do before start run a campaign(should I build something?) Thanks in advance;)
  19. TravelingAffiliate

    Which Hosting I should Choose?

    Hey! I want to build few Landing Pages - or at least start with one. I want to use WordPress buy a template and start with promoting with Facebook ads So I will be happy to get help with few things I'm wondering about: 1) Which hosting I should choose? I know that HostGator are pretty good...
  20. moniking25

    Some Questions about sitescout

    Hi Everyone Hi have some Questions about sitescout rtb (real time bidding) platform I know they require minimum $500 to start with but the main question is how i can use this platform for cpi or cpa offers i know i know landing page is the most important thing to consider but can i test...