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What offers work well with mobile traffic?


Hi guys I'm interested in dipping my feet into mobile marketing. I noticed a lot of mobile traffic networks don't have a detailed interest targeting option like Facebook does. For instance, if I wanted to target people with Lady Gaga as an interest, it's not really possible with mobile traffic. What offers do well with push/popunder traffic? Broad demographic offers like CPA email submits? Or poker offers? casino offers?



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You really cannot target that specifically IMHO but:

I ran a popup campaign last week of 100K pops and had Google-Analytics tuned to capture referral interest information based on the website traffic I used.
From the categories used I was able to segment in the advertising using the 'website type' selection dialog.

This is what I got after a week and $100 of traffic. Pretty general but it does give some hints as to the general interest flow.

What was more specific, (and proprietary), was the information gleaned from my cickout logs from the landing pages --each page has 3 different offers in the same (or related) genres and each link assigned a parameter name and the number of clicks for each weighted --both interest and page position.

So, if you did a creative with various artists in similar genres, pop stars, as an example; it might be possible to tune your ads and the site types and site ID's used (on a whitelist basis).

I am not sure how G-A does this exactly but I will assume it is from that site metrics and the user data that Google has access to. Obviously it it anatomized to comply with the data privacy policies in force and the users countries data privacy laws. But this aggregation does seems helpful.




you should aim to the lowest common ground of users so dating, utilities , games, shopping etc should work.
AdMaven has for example 65% man, 35% women by the way according to google analytics i ran there. nice traffic by the way.


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I was targeting more mainstream than adult and focused on sportsbook, casino, and some crypto
90% popcash 10% ad-maden pops maybe last week