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  • Thanks , we find your suggestion is great as also we got many requested from Affiliates members ask for Recruiting . but after your advise , we had change our terms today so from now We Offer 25% Recruiting Commissions For Every Referral , you can visit GOOBLX and see the change , thanks for your advise we respect your words .
    Hi TJ

    Noticed you in a post @ the website, regarding the nutra vertical on facebook

    Can you help me with some insights as to how to safely run nutra vertical ads on facebook ? (weight loss, muscle gain, etc)

    mainly do's and dont's
    Hi T J,
    To start my CPA journey, I have decided to promote mobile offers and I know mobile offers comes with lots of traffic. I would promote offers via Facebook PPC and I intend to choose Dreamhost VPS hosting because its affordable @15/mo. It comes with 1GB ram, 30GB SSD and unlimited bandwidth. Is that a good start?your suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thanks
    T J Tutor
    T J Tutor
    Hi Michael,
    This is a good start. Just make sure you study FB policies, ad policies, and page policies carefully.

    Also, be sure to research the demographics for the offers so you can properly target.
    How do i add my icon/logo to my affiliate program.. currently it has cogs.. gears.. where do i link my image to this upload field?
    Hi TJ, very nice to meet you! How do I get the approval process going? Please let me know what I need to do.

    I own a marketing co. and call on small biz owners to bring them on as customers/buyers. I’m not creating the campaigns, but work with an established pay-per-call network and its Publishers. I’m getting objections like “I’m already doing this. I use Pay Per Click and Yelp ads” or “I’ve wasted $$$ so why will this work better?”

    What recommendations do you have to overcome these objections?
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