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AffKit is the essential affiliate marketing tool kit that every performance marketer needs to make more money.

Why should I get a membership?
As an member of affkit you’ll get all of our new releases, updates and latest tools. You’ll also receive unlimited expert support for any issue you may have using the tools.

How can I benefit from using AffKit?
AffKit is a collection of tools built by experienced affiliate marketers in order to improve their landing page and website conversions therefore resulting in more profit.

Do you have a trial?
Sorry, we don’t currently have a trial as we believe in our tools and thousands agree with us, however if they’re not for you, you can request a refund within 24 hours.

What happens if I cancel?
Every tool at AffKit is 100% general public license so you can cancel your membership at any time and carry on using the tools on as many pages for as long as you like.

Do you have a limited site license?
No, you can use affkit tools on as many sites and pages as you like. We’re 100|% global public license so you can even customise and share our work.

Can I buy a single tool?
No. We are dedicated to providing the complete solution for our members by giving them the whole arsenal of tools you need to build high converting campaigns.
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best affiliate marketing tool kit online
Affkit is awesome tools for different style html and save time! i like that
The best affiliate marketing tool kit online
Not only are the tools worth every single penny, and will save you thousands of dollars in development costs and weeks of time to create, but the support has been amazing and I have received an instant response to my support needs. Definitely the only product worth buying, in my opinion.
Affkit is a great deal, just got this earlier and am so far loving the interface and tools so thank you to K and all of the affiliatefix team. The videos instructions for each of the tools are a great help - making them all very userfriendly.
Affkit is a great deal, doesn`t matter If you are a newbie or an experienced marketer! User interface is completely userfriendly with video instructions next to each tools. About tools, most of the tools I am using on regular basis, especially "back button redirect" and "exit intent pop up".
picked this up earlier so far loving the interface and tools so thank you K and affiliatefix team
If you're lost of how to further increase your ROI on your campaign, affkit is designed for this! Don't drop every possible cent, use affkit today. :D
Any time an Affiliate or friend has come to me looking for additional solutions to enhance their campaigns, I always give a recommendation for Affkit. These set of tools have been around for a while now, building up a solid reputation in our industry and always improving. Give it a try.