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Ask Me Anything Campaign Giveaway - Mobile PIN [Antivirus PIN] - Offer + Lander Reveal


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Hello People of AffiliateFix.

I'm here to help the ones of you currently struggling with making mobile pops/banners work. I've been doing mobile pops myself for well over 2 years now. I've done exclusively PIN submit offers and app installs (antivirus/browser/launcher apps).

I'm going to give you a small and working campaign in a lucrative geo with small competition. Because I know how it felt when I started out, I couldn't get anything profitable. Read on, I'll get to the actual campaign reveal in a sec. And don't forget you can ask my anything in the comments.

Alright. Let's begin.

I got this offer on a weekly top offers list from my AM over at Pinox (mobile affiliate network), got a tutorial on how to get accepted to them here

I started the offer I found as well as some offers from clickdealer and adsimilis.
I also tested some landers and rather quickly saw some results.

These are the stats from my first day of testing, as you can see, I paused all other offers but the Pinox one rather quickly as it was outperforming the others rather much.

Keep in mind that the offer has a payout of only $0.18, which is actually perfect for newer affiliates with smaller budgets, as the conversion rate is sick...(During certain hours the CR was over 10%..)

As mentioned, I also tested a few landers. After 2 days of running (you get a lot of data quickly with these low payout offers) I had tested nearly 10 different landing pages, and one kept outperforming the others (the landing page in question is available for download at my blog here (in the bottom of the blog).

The sources I tested on that were profitable almost from the get go:
  • Propellerads
  • Popads
  • Popcash
  • Exoclick
I wouldn't recommend you run exoclick if you don't know how to cloak them well (they're very good at catching people running blackhat..) And when running Propellerads (which btw was the biggest revenue stream, I recommend running SmartCPA campaign until you've gathered enough data to run a CPM campaign with whitelisted placements).

Check out my blog post for the complete coverage of this campaign here.

And don't forget to post any questions you have, I'd be glad to help.

P.S, offer I'm talking about is:

Thanks for reading, keep grindinig.


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Facebook is the better option for the emerging geos ;)
They are already prepared for the rise in the years to come - Mark Zuckerberg is not yet fed up... :D
For most people yeah. I do like to go against the current once in a while, kinda helps with avoiding any bubble bursts in a vertical/geo/source..