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Sep 30, 2016
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Mar 3, 1984 (Age: 37)

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Affiliate, Male, 37

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    Mar 3, 1984 (Age: 37)


    I wrote my whole story here before, but it was pretty long, so instead I decided to keep just key facts and my small successes and things that accomplished in past, things related to internet marketing or internet overall :)

    - I sold number of premium .co domains and still have some of them in my portfolio: parcels.co, generation.co, barristers.co, interiors.co, mowers.co, alcantara.co, extras.co, euphoria.co, stylists.co, maybach.co, clickbank.tv and more;

    - my very first product: “Generation Plugin”, has sold in over 700 copies and generated over $23k in 2 months (almost all of it was pure profit). It became “Product of the day” on Jvzoo and “Top 10 products of the week” on Wsoscout, and on that day I made close to $4000! And that’s without any pre-release buzz, affiliates or jv list or promoting the product everywhere. The only thing I’ve done back then was ‘Bump’ a forum post daily on Warriorforum, that’s it! It was just an amazing product. Later few ‘small’ affiliates jumped in and helped me sell extra 100-150 copies.

    - a year later I released another product that was basically the first product converted into PLR version, which became “Deal of the day” on “WarriorPlus” and sold another 300 copies. Then I finally sold whole thing to Gavin from Canada on Flippa.

    - my third product was “IM toolbox” based on monthly subscriptions. I’ve created it, but never had time and money to complete and release it. I’ve also made huge mistake: I didn’t do proper research and I developed few serious Facebook tools just before Facebook deprecated one of their mighty APIs and those tools became useless right after that.

    MY PLANS FOR 2017

    This year I decided to start my journey with affiliate marketing and learn about mobile cpa marketing.
    I thought about learning some traffic methods before, but never had time and money to actually do it. I bought dozens of ‘get rich quick’ courses before, but never earned a penny.
    Also, I want to change something in my life and put myself together as last year, 2016, life kicked my ass really hard: my dearest friend was diagnosed with serious illness and I dedicated myself to help her, without much results, I’ve had depression for basically all year long because of that. I also have enough of my current work as a programmer, I've been working over 1 project for years now and it makes me sick. I currently make about $2500/£2000 per month and I want to replace my income with money from affiliate marketing and at least double it this year (make $5000 pure monthly profit) :)

    On 16th of February 2017 I started follow along that I update weekly, please read it HERE.