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  1. Lucian SC

    Buying Traffic Hottest Mobile CPA Offers

    BitterStrawberry's Hottest Campaigns this week: Adult PL 3G T-Mobile iD: 163852 (2 click flow @0.65$ PO) Fitness ZA 3G CellC iD: 170267 (2 click flow @1.16$ PO) Hotprime ZA 3G CellC iD: 153031 (2 click flow @1.39$ PO) Adult V1 ZA 3G Vodafone iD: 163917 (1 click flow @1.39$ PO) Games NL 3G...
  2. deniafe

    Hi Everyone

    Hello from Nigeria. Happy new year everyone! I'm really excited to begin this journey here. I'm completely new to CPA and I've decided to go mobile. I know I will learn a lot. I'm going to take time to go through the forum and read on mobile CPA to get some of the golden tips here. Heard of...
  3. adil110

    Can Any Body Guide Mere Here On AFFLOW MONETIZER

    Hello i want help in AFFLOW Monetizer i want following questions answered 1-what traffic sources should i use for afflow 2-what kinds of tracking system is good 3-any more details are welcome thanks
  4. B

    Affiliate networks for mobile CPA offers ?

    Hello Guyes i need some affiliate networks that provide lot of mobile cpa offers in Asia and Africa
  5. PaltiNet

    Ask Me Anything Looking for CPA traffic (mobile only)

    Please share your experience for mobile offers Thanks a head, Skype = aviv.mobligo
  6. K

    I Have Capital for Mobile CPA, Need Partners

    I have over $6,000 to invest. If you're good at Mobile CPA, have been running or still running profitable campaigns, join me and we can share the profits.
  7. Mr.Z

    From ZERO to 5 FIGURES from scratch with mobile cpa

    Hey guys, Click here to read little bit about me in 'information' tab. I’ll try to keep it short and simple. I have some experience in affiliate marketing, but as product creator, not as an affiliate. As an affiliate I start literally from scratch. My plan's below, including how much time and...
  8. Wouter - Traffic Company

    Affiliates Wanted You have mobile traffic?

    Traffic Company is your answer regarding the monetization of mobile traffic! * Weekly pay outs possible * Own and exclusive 1-2 click offers available * Worldwide coverage * Smart link (you just need one link to convert world wide) * Adult and mainstream offers available * Dedicated Account...
  9. Daria_WapEmpire

    Affiliates Wanted MENA mobile offers: KW, EG, AE, OM and more

    Hi fixers! Are there any affiliates here promoting Middle East and North Africa? WapEmpire's got lots of mobile cpa offers, most of them good as hell: great CR, attractive landings and the best payouts, both adult and mainstream. MENA is one of the most underestimated mobile cpa regions...
  10. Daria_WapEmpire

    Affiliates Wanted Last chance to promote 1-wap-click for Switzerland!

    Hey fixers! Some of you must already know that there begins the last week when Swisscom carrier allows 1-wap-click flow. For you to not miss this last chance, we've bumped up the payout to $32.00! CH YourPorns CH YourPorns Play CH PornsHub What those offers or even more of the...
  11. Daria_WapEmpire

    Announcement Exteremely high payouts for Switzerland adult mobile offers!

    WapEmpire is glad to announce that the payouts have been increased exteremely for these Swiss offers: YourPorns Switzerland Payout: $28.00 Conversion flow: 1 wap click Carriers Accepted: All carriers Target devices: all smartphones PornsHub Switzerland Payout: $28.00 Conversion flow...
  12. I

    Looking For Direct PIN-submit/mobile subscription advertiser

    Hey guys, I'm a direct advertiser and I'm looking for direct publishers who can deliver PIN-submit/mobile subscription traffic for the following GEOs: - AU - NL - TH - RS - UK - MY - SG I can give you 30%+ higher payouts than the ones you are getting from the affiliate networks. Please feel...
  13. Maxx

    I'm looking for Ads network with small initial deposit

    Hey guys! I want to start working with mobile offers. I have a limited budget. So I'm looking for an ads network with initial deposit between 25 to 100$. I would appreciate your help.
  14. CashflowChase

    For the lower budget people .

    I am a college student so not all college students are financially stable most probably in debt. I recently wanted to start a $50 dollar Mobile test run. Unfortunately other things take place in our lives were we have to wait. So I'm doing it that hard way. I have one of giftcard app and...
  15. CashflowChase

    Join Me TONIGHT! Eastern time 11:15!pm

    Join me tonight as I start my first mobile campaign If you participate in this discussion I'll be going over demographics,phones,users,target market etc.. so if you like grab a snack and come with me on this 2 hour journey. I am new so this is a beginners journey I will accept any useful...
  16. CashflowChase

    What should I do to get started in Mobile Marketing>

    I want to test out Mobile cpa for a chance its growing right now as far as mobile. I have a website and I've been trying to drive free traffic to it. I only started the website for testing purposes and because I dont know how to get started in mobile. Plus I am an affiliate member of an mobile...
  17. MarinaKimia


    Hey all, Want to attend the ‪Affiliate Summit West‬´16 in ‪Vegas‬ ? Just follow the simple instructions below @ the ‪AWasia‬ (Affiliate World Asia) in BKK ... and WIN A PASS! Get your mobiles ready! See you there! (Remember, market table B-18)
  18. CashflowChase

    My Affiliate Network Set Up.

    I've been following the requirements to start up in affiliate network. I rather start with mobile affiliate networking. 1. Got Accepted into MoreNiche, CheetahMediaLink(Mobile),Paydot 2. Bought a Domain at for dirtcheap might not be the best for getting a domain name. I can register...
  19. CashflowChase

    What to follow for newbies?

    I was wondering if someone could layout the steps for me I have already been accepted in a affiliate and mobile network. I am a member of cheetah media link which offers mobile offerings. Do I build a mobile landing page, and what would my platform be? I have the tools to get an already made...
  20. Steliyan Ivanov

    Mybestlick Mobi is looking for new publishers!

    Hi everyone, I am Steliyan Ivanov from Mybestclick Mobi and I am Account Manager here. I am looking for CPA / CPI mobile traffic sources for our Android and iOS apps. Please let me know if you provide mobile traffic! Skype: steliyan.mybestclick