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  1. Graybeard

    Ask Me Anything So, it all went downhill ...

    Read this first: OK I didn't spot the AI error AI (ChatGPT) gets confused and makes an error, and me being a "almost trusting human" does not carefully check the code for tiny misunderstandings, assumptive, errors --in this case ',' and not '|' BIG ERROR with just one character ... So, after...
  2. Bulksms

    BulkSMS AI Affiliate Program

    Define Goals and Objectives: Determine what you aim to achieve with the affiliate program. Is it increased sales, brand awareness, lead generation, etc.? Choose Affiliate Platform or Software: Select an affiliate management system or software that suits your needs. Platforms like ShareASale, CJ...
  3. K

    4 Platforms That Got Me Lots Of Traffic And Conversions

    There are a few platforms that make it relatively easy to get lots of traffic. These sorts of platforms could be really helpful if you focus on posting more of helpful content. So, let's dive into it. 1. Medium: Medium is the first platform I use to drive traffic and get some conversions...
  4. K

    One Powerful Action Could Get You Thousands Of Subscribers On Youtube

    One Powerful Action That'll Get You Thousands Of Subscribers On Youtube Your Youtube channel could grow into a well-paid enterprise if you manage it properly. The way to make your channel a clash flow machine by getting tons of views and tons of subscribers as well. The number of your Youtube...
  5. M

    Seeking Help Seeking Advice for Low-Budget Affiliate Campaign - Facebook Ads Case Study

    Hello fellow marketers, As a complete newbie in the world of affiliate marketing, I recently undertook my first-ever Facebook ads campaign to promote a cookbook as an affiliate. Given my limited budget, I approached the campaign with cautious optimism, but unfortunately, I encountered some...
  6. M

    Seeking Help Seeking For Help As A Facebook Intermediate

    Hello fellow Affiliates, I hope you're all doing well. I consider myself an intermediate in Facebook Ads, and I am eager to embark on the journey of affiliate marketing using Facebook paid ads. If any of you have a proven strategy and a comprehensive guide to share, I would greatly appreciate...
  7. K

    I Got 500 Clicks And No Conversions; Here Are 4 Of The Possible Problems.

    I Got 500 Clicks And No Conversions; Here Are 4 Of The Possible Problems. A friend of mine got 600 clicks and 0 conversions, That's disturbing. He got confused at first, he thought it might be a scam on the side of the vendors. But he resolved that thought saying they won't have displayed the...
  8. T J Tutor

    Gold Everyone Has To Start Somewhere

    Everyone has to start somewhere. Be active in this community, ask loads of questions, take action, and be committed. That's how it gets done! Use this forum as a mentor. It's full of members at every level of experience which makes for many balanced perspectives for a Newbie to learn from. Take...
  9. K

    5 Tips To Get More Clicks And Conversions

    5 Tips To Make People Click On Your Affiliate Links Making people click on your affiliate links is another step toward conversion. Most people won't click on links unless there is something in there for them. When they see links, they think: “what's in for me.” Below are some tips to get more...
  10. K

    3 Techniques I Used To Make Affiliate Sales Fast

    1. Write Your Headlines As A News Or Informative Article Many people surfing the internet are looking for news, information, and entertainment. Only sometimes are they searching for products to buy. This indicates that they seldom want to click on an ad, and will not want to spend their time...
  11. iandreas1

    Introduction Post

    Hi, to everyone! I am Andreas Ioannou. This is a bio of me (so everyone get to know me better): I was a technology enthusiast from an early age. I have a special interest in digital marketing, affiliate marketing, e-commerce platforms, and all kinds of startups as well. My digital marketing...
  12. adcash_team

    Official 2022 offer, Insider info & tips to succeed on Adcash + Ask Us Anything

    Hi, affiliates! We are finally here with our 2022 bonus offer to affiliate marketers in the AffiliateFix community! About time, right? Reach your affiliate marketing goals with Adcash! ⭐️ For those of you who haven't heard about us - Adcash is a global self-serve online advertising platform...
  13. Honeybadger

    Stop the Clock!

    Got a new business strategy now working as affiliate its my actual day job now but --> not yet paid my target/required wage so TRACKING my hours of actual work using a stop clock I consider work to be OUTPUT learning & reading & forum & social media & entertaining & browsing & music & news -->...
  14. A

    EV Directory - Advice Pls

    Hi All, After some advice and feedback please. Been involved in affiliate marketing on and off for a number of years, so not a complete noob (had to ensure that didn’t autocorrect :-) Been on both sides of the fence as a publisher and advertiser, so have some experience etc. Anyway, the...
  15. MasterOfHearts

    Creatives Guide

    Creatives are the first thing that your (potential) customers look at. So undoubtedly, it's the first step that you cannot afford to miss. Past few of my Campaigns were disastrous. Now according to @Graybeard it could either be a) Bad traffic (bots) Or b) Bad Creatives. Now since I'm still...
  16. Honeybadger

    Ask Me Anything Keep Making Progress --> Success IS Possible

    "Set your goal and keep moving forward" Georges St-Pierre Wise words from the Canadian MMA legend but it is this kinda simple and powerful advice that I try to follow every single day --> just think what you could achieve in 1 year if you set 3 daily goals x 365 days = 1,095 actions or keep a...
  17. A

    what is the best way to increase online sales?

    I run an E commerce website and and want to drive more sales is there anyone guide me how to increase online sale.
  18. Honeybadger

    Video --> Learn With Soft P@rn

    Sub prime mortgage lending are you already yawning? well so was I until this happened found a YouTube video about it Margot Robbie lounging naked in a bubble bath sipping champagne explaining sub prime mortgage lending --> Oh so you are interested now? Now I wanna be a freaking expert on sub...
  19. Honeybadger

    Wordpress Launches New YouTube Channel

    Its out Tuesday @Graybeard is over the moon Clapping
  20. Honeybadger

    You Have To Take Action

    You dont have to be great to start but you have to start to be great - Zig Ziglar Its time to take action no more lurking in the shadows you need to do something today and be relentless about getting what you want because life sure goes by quick Dreams and plans are both ideas --> but dreams...