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$100 a day with Adult CPM, am I crazy?

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by webDOMinator, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. webDOMinator

    webDOMinator Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    That's what I'm trying to figure out.

    So first off, it must be known that this should be tons more difficult with CPM than with CPA. Since I'm getting paid per visitor to a site however, it will be easier to calculate how much traffic I need to generate in order to reach this goal.

    With my strategy (website with embedded videos), I will be embedding pornhub videos and giving people easy access to watch the video on pornhub (thus my affiliate link). So my landing "site" is actually the key to generating traffic for pornhub, because CPM is much easier to do as a webmaster rather than just use automation.

    Pornhub, for high quality traffic pays $3.50 per thousand. They also pay less for countries which mean lower payouts for them, so in reality, per thousand I'm getting something around $2.74.

    So to get to $100 / day I need to be sending around 35,000 to 37,000 visitors per day.

    To some of you this might seem impossible, and to some of you it may seem well within the realm of possibility. Most likely if you're in the latter group, you are already generating this type of traffic and have your own affiliates, etc.

    For those of you in the "that's impossible" group, here are some stats on porn viewed on pornhub in 2016...

    With the above in mind, I'm only proposing to give them %0.05 of their daily traffic in this case, which means I'd be in the top 200 people sending them traffic at least. They say in their affiliate hub that some people generate $20,000 per month with them.

    Obviously, to be on that list, I'd have to have these things in my favor at least...
    1. A brilliant idea for the site
    2. A well designed site that makes it easy to go to pornhub from
    3. A membership which is encouraged to help viral expansion of my site
    4. A highly indexed site with SEO in mind (taking advantage of long-tail keywords)
    5. Some sort of interim automation while that long-tail SEO comes into play (using webDOM 4)
    At this point, if you're still reading, you are probably wondering what my brilliant idea is. I'm not so sure @K if I can really post up any images on it because it's pretty NSFW, and may be too much for this forum. Instead here's a link to the intro video I made.

    So yes, Adult Entertainment and AI finally come together to make a sexy state-of-the art app. The idea is solid, and so far with a little bit of automation I've been able to see people's reactions.

    Notice the high bounce rate and the slightly low session duration... under a minute. Also, there are 139 returning visitors in all of this time, which amounts to 7.1%

    As you can see, in the first week, I've made $1.01 from these automation efforts.


    I have not yet finished one important feature which will help the SEO of the site as well as the re-usability. The ability to save your session will give you an option to publish your session as a channel which you and others can come back to and get to videos from. So in the end, this becomes a part of SEO because the users themselves are curating new videos to add to their channel page constantly. I suppose if I wasn't writing this, I'd be working on that. As you can see I managed to get quite a rise, and then a lower rise (after a couple of bans from different forums/social nets), but I was able to see that there is in fact some acceptance of this app even though it's not been done like this before.

    I'm very sure that the system works, because I use it myself to find better porn now instead of using pornhub itself, lol. However, the real challenge I think is to get people truly interested in it.

    What I'm asking is that as you follow along, if you're in the group of people who "believe that 37k referrals per day is possible" please chime in and let me know what I can be doing better. I could most definitely use some help in SEO. You can take a look at the google "site" search for my site and see what I've already gotten indexed.

    I know that on the social networking side of things, it's slim pickings for adults. So far what I've done in automation is mainly tests: a couple of manual forum posts, reddit, tumblr, and just set up on tagged with a "hot girl" profile to see if I could get any guys who'd rather just get the job done now. So far the most reaction I've seen is from the forums, so I'm going to research more into that. I'd like to really start generating some social traffic however, so I could for sure use some pointers on the best ways to get social traffic to an adult site.

    Also, I think I will further monetize the site later on by adding some CPA links intermittent. I'm just not sure yet if I'm really on to something, or if my goal will take years to accomplish. Once I start generating more traffic, say 1k per day consistent to my site, I will start to look into those options.

    Stay tuned, and I'll keep this thread updated with news on progress and some of my methods ;)

    PS: try out the app and let me know if you find any bugs, etc... or if you just like it or not, say so and I'll appreciate it either way.
  2. Voluum
  3. Bloody Tourist

    Bloody Tourist Well-Known Member affiliate

    Awesome idea bro, I see a lot of pussabilities!

    Maybe test some in-app advertising as well with banners and pops from adult networks?
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  4. webDOMinator

    webDOMinator Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Thanks, I will definitely try that
  5. game333

    game333 Moderator moderator affiliate

    That seems like a tough game, you gotta prepare some heavy loads of bullet.
    The ROI will not be positive for awhile.
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  6. appsmarket

    appsmarket Affiliate affiliate

    if it's an app - upload it to 3rd party app stores.

    Adult is an easy niche in mobile. I do very well with it via apps ...37k visits a day isn't unrealistic at all.
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  7. webDOMinator

    webDOMinator Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    So I'm checking out MiKandi. That seems to be pretty legit. Does anyone have apps up on that?
  8. ClickWD

    ClickWD Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

  9. happy-kitty

    happy-kitty Affiliate affiliate

    You are not crazy, great idea!
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  10. IrisVonEverec

    IrisVonEverec Affiliate affiliate

    Anyway i wish you success
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  11. webDOMinator

    webDOMinator Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    April Update

    It's been a great and revealing month! I've learned quite a bit about how to generate traffic to this thing and I'm still learning. I didn't get approved for MiKandi, and I think I know why: the mobile embedded pornhub video system doesn't include a seek/play function, it just takes you directly to pornhub. Though, I did find some sites that I'm now getting the bulk of my traffic from.

    I also did quite a bit of work on the site itself...
    • Added the "Top" (NSFW) page to show off videos / pornstars / terms that rose to the top of the system
    • Added "Video" (NSFW) pages for each of the 711k videos that are in the QF database, and included pornstar / tag information on each page (for some originality points w/ Google)
    • Included Tumblr Social links on video pages
    • Almost finished the "Save" feature so that uses can get their own anon user accounts for the site
    • Interconnected all "Start Point" pages, "Video" pages and "Top" pages so that spiders can have a blast!
    I wrestled a bit with these top and video pages so as to not piss the big G off: providing quality content and fast loading time.

    Month 1 Stats

    From the QuickFap Database

    Total User Sessions: 18,365
    Total Video Votes: 11,436
    Total Voted Tag Network Size: 93,076
    Total In-Site Clicks: 3,797
    In-site clicks are when the user clicks the timer, menu, or menu items
    Total Unique User clicks Out to Pornhub: 4,394

    From Google

    Total Pages Indexed for quickfap.co: 3,120
    Final end-of-month placement for search "quickfap": 29
    Total Sessions: 5,528 (91% new sessions)
    Avg. Session Duration: 00:35 (bounce rate 81%)
    Search Traffic: 58 sessions (avg. sess duration 03:21 [bounce 51.27%])

    and here's a nice graph for you data porn lovers...

    Notice the slump in the middle. There was a bit of a learning curve. That first hump, I overdid posting links on the forum which provide most of my traffic and got banned. Then I under-did it, and by the end of the month I found the proper rhythm at ~ 20 link drops every two days. On another forum (second highest referrer), I couldn't post links, but thanks to my "start" page scheme, I used one niche on the forum (cosplay) and just provided straight text URL to my start pages. Surprisingly the forum which did not allow links, still was a pretty big contender, and I only had to keep one thread alive in one category over the month... Orange are from the Forum with NO links and just one thread, and Blue are from the forum which allows links and I'm commenting on existing threads once every two days.

    Another quick note on this is that the "/" being starting at the home page, is the second highest piece of content. This comes from people either saving my site as a bookmark, or typing in the URL directly into their browser.

    From HubTraffic

    Total Clicks registered (in): 1,137 (note the difference between my "out" stat and their "in" stat)
    Total Earnings: $2.84 at final CPM rate of $2.481
    Best day: 04/28 - 118 clicks ($0.30 earnings)


    Social Networking / Forums / Chats - Approach and Findings

    Approach for Social Networks

    I got somewhere around 700 GIFs that are adult oriented and cover a wide range of niches (including funny), and I did a big batch job on photoshop to overlay "quickfap.co" watermark on the top left. The idea is to slowly leak these out on the social nets over the year (1 or 2 per day) and use proper tagging, etc in order to get people to view them.

    I might delve into the whole "ring" idea, where there are multiple accounts which sort of mutually share each-others content or content coming from source profiles to boost perceived value of the content. So far though, I've got no proxies and I'm trying to make this project 100% self-sustaining, so it hasn't made enough money to try this approach just yet.

    Approach for Forums

    No forums like spam, but almost all of them allow you to put unobtrusive links either in your signature or on your profile page. Some of them even allow you to put links in your replies. The adult forums are a little different and I'd put them in a couple of categories: media posting or standard. The standard forums are more like threads with a topic and replies. Media posting forums are usually just threads with tons of images in the OP and all replies. Some of the threads are restricted so that the OP is the only one who can reply, usually to add more media to the thread overall.

    My approach is such that on standard type forums which allow links, post up links to niche start points on quickfap like /start/bdsm/domme (NSFW) and /start/feet/young (NSFW) or /start/latina (NSFW). Usually these links go into replies, and sometimes I start a thread about some niche if the forum allows (like you see in the stats from Google highlighted in orange)

    Twitter - QuickFap AI (@QuickFapAI) | Twitter (NSFW)

    They have changed! It seems that if you have a fairly new account, the amount of follows you can do per day is extremely limited. They will lock your account for somewhere over 40 follows I'm pretty sure. The new way to get followers is to give them content, and interlink it with the rest of their content (remember, twitter is playing the Google indexing game too). As you can see, I found this out the hard way, lol, trying to get my account verified yet again, unfortunately it is a friend's phone who is not around and doesn't speak english, lol.

    Tumblr - Porn, Data Porn, AI (NSFW)

    They are still awesome even though their NSFW stuff is behind a firewall. I did some minimal following and got back only a few followers (< 10% follow-back). I'm still working on finding the best way to approach my niche (halfway between data science nerds and perverts on the prowl for content), and I'm sure that it's through adult content.

    Facebook - QuickFap (SFW)

    I started the page so far, haven't really started putting any work into it as far as promotion, but linked it to the also SFW wordpress blog. As long as no actual nudity / porn is up on this page, and it sticks strictly to the joy of data, FB has no reason to take it down (or do they?).

    Wordpress - QuickFap (SFW)

    Made my first blog post and even got one follower. I'm taking this on the SFW side and simply using it as a place to approach the data science nerds and appeal to their lust for data and statistics.

    Next Month

    My goal next month is to scale it up 30x. I've got some accounts registered on multiple tube / dating / adult niche sites and have found that the passive approach works quite well on these sites. For instance, just make a profile with a hot girl with one photo, then stay logged in. The site itself will generate male traffic for your profile without you even having to touch a thing. All I have to do to get some of those guys to come to my site is to place a link to the site on my profile page (if place provided, or if not, as a wall/comment post on my own profile). Attention comes in the form of friend requests + messages so I am keeping it to the very minimal on automation, (accepting friend requests, and maybe a thanks for adding me message). I'm doing this over at least 50 sites this month and maybe 50 - 100 accounts which all are just sitting there open for all to see, so this should hopefully generate some extra traffic.

    I'm also going to start adding in some CPA offers to the workflow of the game itself. My goal is to have these offers be text ads which only pop up contextually, are non-obtrusive to the users of my site and don't disrupt the flow of the game.


    This reply is getting a bit long, so I'm going to cut it off here and go have some lunch ;) The visits are flowing, the index is growing, and I am happy with the results so far after the first month.
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  12. webDOMinator

    webDOMinator Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Update from last 10 Days

    So I have been able to get more pages indexed, and I have been continuing to post on forums. The extra little push I got this week was that my Reddit account had finally reached 1 month!


    I almost hit 1,000 visible sessions (not including private browsing) a couple of days ago!


    That being said, I had another day yesterday that was close to $0.50 on HubTraffic. I know this doesn't seem like a lot, but I'm now consistently doing 10x what I was doing in April and using minimal automation effort.


    All in all, in the first 9 days of this month, I've almost been able to generate the same amount of traffic that I did for all of April to HubTraffic, so I've upped the final visits by 3x so far.

    Some of my extra traffic (minuscule) also comes from dating networks. I found I get a decent drip of new users per dating account that I have each day. This is actually using the no-automation technique!


    Granted that automation is awesome, on dating networks, taking too much action like replying or sending messages is considered spam to them. While this generally does work to get hits, it means a lot of extra work for your automatic processes. The idea being that you have to create new accounts every day or couple of days due to account deletion. This may not be a problem personally for you because account creation can just as easily be built into the automation for that network.

    However, there is another way, which is slower yet still provides hits. This is the no-automation approach. Just leave your account open! Open a new account on a dating network, fill in your profile, then add a link to your own profile's comment section and be sure to fill in the "website" option if they allow you one. That's it! Work done. All you have to do is leave the browser open with your profile logged in. The website itself will do the rest.

    How does no-automation work? Each dating website has it in their best interest to show their active users so that other users may find them and contact them. That being said, they constantly update the "Online Users" list under their Browse feature (names may vary depending on site). So as long as you're logged in, you're somewhere near the top of that list for all users "in your area". This generates attention, a visit to your profile, and a possible click on your link. I kept my link to just (...playing the quickfap.co game!). Without fail, this generates 5 - 10 visitors per day from that one profile. Now imagine if I were doing the same thing across 100 profiles which are never deleted! I of course, do some simple stuff like accept friend requests, and maybe send a simple "thanks for following" message, but even this is not necessary. I will continue to play with this zen-like concept and post results here.

    I'll keep you posted!
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  13. TheNotoriousBIG

    TheNotoriousBIG Affiliate affiliate

    Wow looks great. Did you code the website yourself or how did you go about creating it?
  14. seangugerty

    seangugerty Affiliate affiliate

    I attempted a very similar campaign a few months back and actually got a TK freebie domain to about 200 keywords in SEMRush, and ws pulling about 270 unique visitors daily. The monetization I was using was Exoclick.

    But screw that dude, I started using an affiliate that has some fat payouts, 3 bucks an email signup where the customer doesn't even have to make a buy! so your little dating website catfish idea I think will work rather splendor for that on my new couple of domains, thanks for that!
  15. Patrick3333

    Patrick3333 Affiliate affiliate

    thanks for this!!
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  16. seangugerty

    seangugerty Affiliate affiliate

    I advise looking into Crak Revenue, Some of their offers are email captures, meaning no actual purchase made by the customer and you still get $3.50 for the capture. WAY better than the fractions of a penny the plugrush and exoclick give you. You will just have to make a more sophisticated sales funnel is all.
  17. ClickWD

    ClickWD Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    How is the journey going?
  18. MarketKing

    MarketKing Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

  19. faceoffsuccess07

    faceoffsuccess07 Affiliate affiliate

    I would also like an update on this
  20. Ice

    Ice Affiliate affiliate

    As you may have notice by now, the amount of visitors that you get will not be the amount that pornhub counts. According to your SD you got 1800 uv but phub only counted 400 referrals. This might be attributable to bouncing. So to get 40k referrals per day your need a shit load of traffic.