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  1. Gala

    Official June Jackpot: Up to $1000 Cashback from Adsterra

    As summer rolls around, we’re keeping it hot with a sizzling offer that’s too good to pass up! If you aim to to optimize for max profit and love extra perks, this one’s for you. Make this June the month you get acquainted with our Smart CPM tool and get a hefty 15% cashback on your spend! The...
  2. Gala

    Guide iGaming Ads: Introducing a Powerful Marketing Strategy for the New Season

    iGaming ads have become extremely popular and claimed a special place in digital marketing in the past decade. Of course, Adsterra couldn’t stay away from this. That's why we have prepared a detailed and motivating guide for you, from one of our brightest sports encouragers and analysts, Mikhail...
  3. Gala

    Guide Navigating iGaming Marketing Pitfalls: Top Strategies to Avoid Common Mistakes

    Avoiding mistakes and improving your iGaming campaigns are important steps towards success and maximizing profits. So we've created a guide featuring an impactful checklist of common iGaming marketing mistakes. Whether venturing into a new market or seeking to attract fresh players from...
  4. HilltopAds

    Running the eCommerce offer at HilltopAds: ROI 157,87%

    In the competitive world of eCommerce, strategic advertising is paramount. HilltopAds provides the tools and technology needed to not only stay in the game but to thrive. This guide will walk you through the essential steps for creating and managing a successful eCommerce campaign on the...
  5. MatthewBB

    Seeking Help 0.01$ CPM or low CPC? Looking for network

    Hello, I am looking for popunder/popup ad network where I can buy traffic for as low as 0.01-0.03$/1000 (CPM) I know it's super cheap, but honestly, I don't care about traffic quality at all. It have to be real and that's it - can have even 100% bounce rate. Or in case of CPC - 0.0001-0.0004...
  6. Gala

    Case Study [Case Study] Transforming Sweepstakes Creatives Leads to 135% ROI Increase from -23%

    Typically, affiliate case studies focus on achieving successful ad campaigns. However, it's equally valuable to examine intentional failures and their lessons. Our partner's brave venture, investing $250 to showcase the detrimental impact of subpar creatives on campaigns, highlights the...
  7. MyBid


    Hi, everyone! We are extremely excited to finally meet you! Our network has been working privately for several years, improving processes, developing new products, opening new GEOs. And now we are happy to go public and open registration for everyone who wants to work directly with high-quality...
  8. Franke

    AdStuff - Buy & Sell: Native, Pop, Push and Banner traffic!

    AdStuff is a Next Generation Premium Self-Serve Ad Network and Ad Exchange. If you are looking for an innovative ad network which uses only time-tested technology solutions for ad rotation, with transparent statistics and dedicated support, then you should try AdStuff. Lifetime partnerships and...
  9. Julia

    Meet Up Gambling with ADxAD Ad Network!

    Hey, guys! ADxAD currently in the process of researching the gambling market. I'd like to ask you to participate in that - call our product manager and talk about that. The interview will last about forty minutes. We're not selling anything and we don't need you to tell anything confidential...
  10. Julia

    Ask Me Anything ADxAD Ad Network lokking for advertisers!

    Hey, guys! ADxAD Ad Network looking for new advertisers! ADxAD delivers highly converting traffic with flexible targeting. We offer traffic for several mainstream verticals: Gambling, Gaming, Dating, Nutra, Betting, Crypto and others. Our managers take a personalized approach to all customers...
  11. Sergei | HeartBid

    Official HeartBid. Intelligent advertising for progressive businesses

    Sergei | HeartBid submitted a new resource: HeartBid. Intelligent advertising for progressive businesses - ONLINE SELF-SERVE ADVERTISING PLATFORM Read more about this resource...
  12. VivaClicks

    Ask Me Anything Good traffic for a good CPM

    Hi, I am Alex from which can help you to reach your ROI goals. We have traffic globally in POP, Banner, Native where we can target audience with your ads directly to their mobile or desktop. Our traffic sources are direct and we work on various pricing models like CPM, CPC. We...
  13. VivaClicks

    Adult search traffic for sale by CPM

    Hi there! I'm ready to sell adult search traffic from porn tubes. - banner 300x100 / 300x250 - more than 200M page views per day - Webmoney, PayPal, Capitalist. - Min deposit $100 - Geo: India, USA, Indonesia, Vietnam. Would like to earn with your offers? Please contact with me by...
  14. SuryaJ

    Easy to Pay with EZmob

    Ezmob adding more payment options to make it easier for everybody to choose the most convenient method. Now, you can fund your account with Payoneer Paxum Webmoney Bitcoin. In addition to existing methods PayPal Wire and Credit Card. Choose the right payment method and save on transaction...
  15. SuryaJ

    Ready to launch new campaigns? Ezmob - Best Verticals | Min Deposit | New Features

    Hello fellow members, We are always pleased to announce the latest updates in our platform, Ezmob has recently launched its brand NEW self-serve interface, allowing our advertisers a variety of new features we've added based on our user's experience. What's NEW with us - • Variety of...
  16. EkaterinaGorb

    CPM in Affiliate

    Hello everyone! Please, share your experience with me. My quiestion is - How does CPM work in affiliate marketing?
  17. Jed22

    CPM vs CPC: What are the advantages to choosing either bid type?

    Okay so this might be a bit of a newbie question, but I couldn't find anything on it in the wiki:) I wanted to ask: in what scenario is it better to use CPM? Because I have been doing only CPC campaigns so far and I'm curious as to what the benefit would be to pay per 1000 impressions instead...
  18. Julia

    Official ADxAD

    Darja submitted a new resource: ADxAD - We are Adult Self Managed Platform For Advertisers & Mediabuyers Read more about this resource...
  19. Abraham DiGiAff

    Buying Traffic DSP In-App Traffic needed

    Hello Folks Urgently looking for Quality In-App traffic for our Direct Mobile App offers. User has to must pass IDFA,GAID,APP NAME/SITE ID, PUB ID. We do prepayment, if you prove your traffic quality , Good click-to-install rate above 0.50% & dont do Click Spamming / Click flooding. Could you...