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  1. M

    Low quality push traffic

    Hello can anyone explain to me how the different bidding works in push ads? what's the different in quality beetwen 0.008$ cpc and lets say 0.02$ cpc and how to correctly test traffic and segment him? Im working with push ads on ezmob right now and I see that literally 0% of people clicking...
  2. M

    ezmob campaign dont work

    Hello guys, couple hours ago I launched push ad campaign on ezmob and she doesn't spent single penny. didn't even get any view, what can be wrong? anyone has some idea? I was contacting support to set optimal bid, and they recommended 0.006$ but now they are not responding
  3. O

    Ecommerce vs CPA lead gen?

    Hi all, I want to start a poll to get your opinion. If someone has $100 to invest, should they run ads to get ecommerce sales? Or should they run ads to generate CPA leads? What's easier with a small budget?
  4. M

    Are my ads shit?

    To be honest, are my ads shit?
  5. Gala

    Guide iGaming Ads: Introducing a Powerful Marketing Strategy for the New Season

    iGaming ads have become extremely popular and claimed a special place in digital marketing in the past decade. Of course, Adsterra couldn’t stay away from this. That's why we have prepared a detailed and motivating guide for you, from one of our brightest sports encouragers and analysts, Mikhail...
  6. M

    Network Wanted EzMob

    Hello, Is anyone working with EzMob advertising network and can share their experience with them? Thanks in advance
  7. M

    How to increase CTR push ads

    Hello, how to increase CTR in push ads Im in the dating industry. focusing on tier 2, 3 countries and I get 0.3% CTR working with CPC targeting high activity users and 0.2% working with CPM model targeting activity and working users Ads are like messages from women I want to reduce CPC ...
  8. M

    Seeking Help Offer domains virus allerts

    Hello I'm running couple campaigns on RedTrack and they are getting rejected on ad network, propeller ads because of virus allerts of domain How can i fix that? Anyone had this problem?
  9. Gala

    Guide Navigating iGaming Marketing Pitfalls: Top Strategies to Avoid Common Mistakes

    Avoiding mistakes and improving your iGaming campaigns are important steps towards success and maximizing profits. So we've created a guide featuring an impactful checklist of common iGaming marketing mistakes. Whether venturing into a new market or seeking to attract fresh players from...
  10. M

    Good hosting server

    Hello, can any of you recommend any server hosting that will handle hundreds or even thousands of clicks a day without any problem? I work with push traffic so this is very important to me. Does anyone use hosting from for example bluehost, hostgator, Ionos etc?
  11. M

    Where create Landing pages.

    Hello, where are you creating your landing page? Is it Wordpress or another site like get replies etc.? Does anyone build on Shopify? I don't want my site to be crashed by the number of visits
  12. M

    What I am doing wrong?

    I work with one of LosPollos offers, casual dating, with my own pre landing pages, my ad manager richads that I work with, with push ads ordered for me 6 creations looking like messages from women, the user gets to the landing page where there is the same woman as on the creation and after...
  13. M

    BeMob, visits aren't tracked

    Hello, I got 3over 3800 campaign clicks, but only 320 visits are registered in BeMob, what can be wrong?
  14. M

    Bemob tracker issues

    If anyone Had that problem with bemob? I Got 3k clicks on richads push notifications campaign but only 300 registered in bemob? What's going on? Even my richads manager dont know. I use Wordpress to Landing pages if anyone will Ask, Thanks in advance for answer
  15. MyBid

    Numbers in Affiliate Marketing: Analyzing the Main Metrics and Their Relationship

    When affiliate marketers open an advertising account, they are presented with many performance indicators for their campaigns: conversions, CR, EPC, and more. As they connect trackers, even more metrics become available, making it increasingly challenging to distinguish between important and...
  16. M

    Real SOI offers

    Hello do you maybe know some offers or affiliate networks that has real SOI offers? Not something like SOI but they must answer 10 questions, because i want to test SOI but i saw a lot of offers like this
  17. M

    Offer dont convert

    Hello, I run campaigns on propellerads promoting casual dating offers from Los Pollos, I spend $200 on testing different geos and in return I get $55. The format refers to the consumption of the push page, the average CTR is 3.5-5%. I have a lot of clicks and the CTR is good but the number is...
  18. Z

    Seeking Help How can I grow my Twitter Nsfw account?

    I opened an NSFW account on Twitter, I'm trying to grow it to do cpa, but I can't get any followers or views. I have a bot that does everything automatically, I use it, but it still doesn't work, I look at other accounts, they reach thousands of followers instantly, is there anyone who can help...
  19. ADEPTI

    Official Adepti Ads - Conquering The Affiliate Marketing Industry

    Dear Affiliate Marketers, We ventured into affiliate marketing in the Dating vertical, exploring every facet—being affiliates, collaborating with big and small companies, navigating various traffic sources, and working with direct advertisers and networks. Through this diverse journey, we...
  20. dacleary

    Will Drcash pay me even if the person doesn't pay?

    So i'm looking at the drcash network which i'm liking so far but i'm wondering what the person i market the product to has to do in order for me to get the payment. Is it just the pin submit, the successful call or does the person have to buy the product? My manager hasn't responded so i'm...