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  1. MarketCall

    [LIVE WEBINAR] How to make $500,000 on Pay Per Call offers

    Dear affiliates, Join Marketcall team on December 7th at 12pm EST for our special end-of-year Holiday Happy Hour! :D In the live webinar, we will be discussing how we made over $500,000 running a Pay Per Call campaign with Google Ads - in JUST 2 MONTHS! :eek: We will be revealing some of...
  2. MarketCall

    Official Guide: Pay Per Call offers and traffic sources combination

    Hey everyone! Pay Per Call is not an easy niche, but with the right approach, it is one of the most profitable ones. Many new affiliates do not know where to start and usually get lost in the variety of tools. Today we're going to share the combinations you can apply in Pay Per Call and show you...
  3. MarketCall

    Guide: How to run Medicare offers with Facebook traffic

    Hey everyone! Today we're presenting the guide on how to run the US Medicare offer in Marketcall. We're releasing this case study in the middle of fall because from October 15th to December 7th is the season when US citizens can switch insurance companies and renew their insurance packages for...
  4. dark/light

    content locking with cpalead

    hey everyone, i just joined the cpalead network, but I have a question regarding using the content locker. So I made a content locker using their content locker creator, and they gave me a Javascript Code code to insert it inside the <head> tag and a onclick code to insert it inside a button. I...
  5. dark/light

    we have a new member!

    yes, we have (it is me). Hey everyone, I am here to grow and, of course, to help others grow because there is a space for anyone in the internet marketing field. I do CPA, and my niche is: ******* (LOL) Cheers!
  6. Make Money With CPA

    Can i Promote a CPA offer to other CPA networks?

    Hello Everyone? Can i Promote a CPA offer to other CPA networks? as an Advertiser? for example, i choose the offer from MaxBounty and promote my CPA offer to CPAbuild? as an Advertiser? can i do that? is this allow? Thanks
  7. Dolphin_Support

    ✅Dolphin {anti} - now an antidetect browser! Modern browser management.

    You said - we did it! ;) Dolphin Anty - is an antidetect browser from the creators of Dolphin Tool A Powerful tool tor Solving traffic arbitrage tasks | Facebook | Google | Tik-Tok Dolphin {anty} benefits: ✅Manage of browser profiles. Work with hundreds of unique profiles from one device...
  8. MaxBountyJoe

    Trending Vertical at MaxBounty: Rent-to-own offers

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to stop in quickly to provide some insight on a vertical that our affiliates are currently finding more success with than usual, rent-to-own offers. There's a few reasons we think this is happening and we go into more detail on them in a new blog post. We've also...
  9. Galaksion Ad Network

    Review Only ON-PAGE left alive?

    Not so long ago, we told you that push is still on top. However, to get the most out of the offer, you need to test other formats too using different settings and targets. An excellent addition to push campaigns will be On-Page Notification. Initially, On-Page was conceived as insurance...
  10. Ana1988

    New adult affiliate program- Cherrycash

    Hi Guys, My name is Ana, I am Affiliate manager at Cherrycash the affiliate program for a new cam site we launched two weeks ago! We are looking for new partners to send us traffic, CPL, CPA or revshare deals- We are already working with a lot of ad networks but we are looking for...
  11. Galaksion Ad Network

    Ask Me Anything Have you tried popunder traffic by CPA?

    It is now available for Popup (Popunder) in Galaksion As usual, all the great things are simple, but now they are also profitable. How does it work on the Galaksion platform for advertisers? All CPA campaigns firstly start with a test. When creating a campaign you will be asked to define a...

    Announcement DYNU IN MEDIA | CPA affiliate network to monetize your traffic

    Hi all guys, it’s a pleasure for DYNU IN MEDIA to be in Affiliatefix!!! Have you heard about us yet? ;) DYNU IN MEDIA is a super match CPA/CPL/CPS network for earning money online which is based on Vietnam. Despite of the difficulty in geographical distance and reputation on this field, DYNU...
  13. YamiLeads

    Official YamiLeads

    Welcome to the official YamiLeads thread! :cool: About us: YamiLeads is an Affiliate network. Founded in 2020, we had the desire to take our 10 years of experience as affiliates and turn it into something bigger. In this constantly dynamic field, we are inspired by our partners to...
  14. Kaan

    Trying to reach $100day profit

    Sorry for my lousy english Hello, I'm taking my first steps to Affilate Marketing. I created my first test campaigns 2 days ago, after seeing terrible results, I decided to change my strategy. Affilate Network: CrakRevenue - CPL Traffic Source: TrafficStars GEO: Turkey I created a new...
  15. parveenk2013

    Adult CPA journey, switching from banner display to Push ads.

    Hello everyone. I started my affiliate marketing journey this year with adult dating CPA campaigns. I've been running dating ads from January using banners through TrafficFactory, ExoClick, TrafficStars and TrafficJunky. I make banners and run them on top positions in different geos, I have...
  16. alberto mt

    How much payouts are suitable for tier1 country soi offers (dating vertical)?

    i am alberto mt, affiliate manager from affvaly cpa network, we are direct advertiser also. we are looking for some information from you for managing our network best. * Edited by Admin * .
  17. S

    Trying to do CPA marketing

    Hello everyone! I'm a Newbie. Please tell me as a beginner which CPA platform will be best for me?
  18. iMonetizeIt

    *CASE STUDY* |$747 Profit| on iMonetizeIt IVR Dating and Sweepstakes offers from Push

    Hi everyone, today we want to share work of our partner with IVR offers. They’re quaite new at Dating and Sweepstake verticals, so the result was remarkable for him. I took Geo Tier 3-4 and sent traffic from these countries directly to IVR Dating offers, for campaigns I selected 3 locations...
  19. Adverteraff

    Affiliates Wanted New Offer + Global Smartlink

    Hello guys we wnt affiliate for this offers SmartBang - ,,, 0.90$ JoinTheDating - ,,,,, 1.20$ My Cute Girlfriends - ,,,,,, 1.80$ we have many other offers besides that you should have good traffic, Thank you.