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  1. bbwlusttube

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone. My name is Blair, and I am new to adult affiliate marketing. I have only been at it for about 2 weeks. I am promoting offers on a BBW video site I created where I also offer free BBW porn videos and a blog. I was hoping that those more experienced users in the adult affiliate niche...
  2. funkywithans

    When To Say, "Fk It", and Kill A Dud Campaign?

    Hey community, I was wondering what your guys' take is on this. After how many click and no conversions do you say, "fk it", call it a dud campaign, and kill it all together? I mean, if you get no conversions after a certain amount of money spent? No conversions after a certain amount of...
  3. Honeybadger

    Adult Sex Toys --> Do You Show ID?

    I promote fashion items to customers Target is English-speaking countries Next year I'll be moving into the adult niche (probably) So adult-related questions are catching my attention more and more When Amazon delivers age-restricted products to customers in Great Britain they must show ID (I've...
  4. Mishuk

    what is the best Dating smartlink network?

    Hi, I'm searching a great dating smartlink network. I have all Geo's traffic. Please suggest me.Thanks
  5. Julius Artemiev

    Introducing myself to the community

    Hi Everyone I'm new to the forum and new to affiliate marketing. I'm a full time freelancer looking to start affiliate marketing to help with my dreams of travelling in the future. I was looking at potentially doing a course for marketing but can't find anything in the US to help me understand...
  6. A

    Have anybody worked with Adnium platform?

    Hey guys! I am about to start launching my own campaigns on Adnium platform. Is anybody working with it to share some experience or some cases? Many thanks in advance
  7. Sandy Kong

    Newbie Affiliator

    I recently launched my new app, adult niche. Wanna promote it through affiliate marketing. No idea how to kickstart it yet, anyone can give me some kind advice. Thanks in advance! :)
  8. E

    need an offer merchant

    Hello, I am doing CPA marketing for the last few years. I am a paid marketer. I want a merchant who can provide me spdate offer. is there anyone who can help me up to this matter.
  9. R

    NEED kik adult cpa method.and bot...

    Hello I am old experianced cpa marketer. I worked many Server with CL leads and Adult traffic with adult offers. I have been worked on craiglist . Now I want to try something new So I need expert helps. Please If anyone know about KIK or similer type bot then please ping me.
  10. Affiliateaspirant

    Adult CPA Marketers Reunite

    Hello All Affiliate Marketers working in adult Dating niche. Can we come across altogether here? We can share knowledge and help each other making more money?? May be privately on Skype?

    Ask Me Anything Quality Dating $50 trial iFrame PPT and SOI PPL Offer Live....

    Hey Great News for Dating affiliate We have some Quality Dating iFrame PPT and PPL offer Weekly Payout . Minimum $100 only... We accept All kind of Valid Traffic talk with skype : mmccashapproved
  12. Pranto


    1) Find your favorite mobile PAY PER SELL (PPS) adult offer. It can be either dating or web cams offer. Personally I use as they're my favorite top paying adult affiliate network. Why only PAY PER SELL (PPS)? This method will contain low quality traffic in general so you would get complaints...
  13. webDOMinator

    $100 a day with Adult CPM, am I crazy?

    That's what I'm trying to figure out. So first off, it must be known that this should be tons more difficult with CPM than with CPA. Since I'm getting paid per visitor to a site however, it will be easier to calculate how much traffic I need to generate in order to reach this goal. With my...
  14. Pranto

    Buying Traffic Need Adult CPA traffic source Help from Pro

    Hello, I'm an adult cpa marketer .now I'm using craiglist traffics to my pps iFrame offers.I do email marketing using craiglist w4m leads.But I want to move from this traffics SO, is there any one who can help me for traffics ?like media buy, or make adult blogs ?Just need a proper guide for...
  15. J

    Need help from experts in converting traffic from adult tubes ($$)

    Hey guys My name is Julie and I’m about to start my journey as an affiliate. My intention is to convert traffic from adult tubes. This would be my first try in this field, but I’m excited to tap into its vast potential. Since I’m a newbie, who destined to make a lot of mistakes, please give me...
  16. richnlp

    My Adult Affiliate Success Story

    I started adult affiliate marketing around 12 years ago. It was a slow start because I had no training. PPL, PPC, PPV, you name it, I've tried and/or mastered the method. Thanks to a forum like this though, many newcomers can now get on the fast track to wealth. After much trial and error, I...