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AffKit Ninja
I promote fashion items to customers
Target is English-speaking countries
Next year I'll be moving into the adult niche (probably)
So adult-related questions are catching my attention more and more
When Amazon delivers age-restricted products to customers in Great Britain they must show ID
(I've been told, it's not from personal experience !!)
This definitely applies to knives --> but does it apply to adult sex toys as well?
I'm asking mainly about customers in the US but also GB
If you order a vibrating dildo, slave cage or kinky leather whip
Do you need to show ID to the mailperson?
Amazon GB lists ID requirements
But not the list of age-restricted products
More info here


Hello @Honeybadger

Legal requirements... Different from country to country... For some items even state to state...
This is a question the seller has to ask himself before shipping an item out to a customer...
When I dropshipped items on eBay US I sometimes deliberately omitted selling in some states because of legal requirements...
(and indeed kitchen knives were among those items)

Legal compliance is the responsibility of the seller...
I suspect you are not going to dropship/sell the items yourself?
So just ask the seller and they should tell you...

Let's say if you promote a knife sold on Amazon, the Amazon seller for sure will have to be aware and comply...
Eventually not even shipping out to some countries/states!

Read the shipping restrictions for the item and ask the seller!


I have never had to show my ID when I got a package delivered at my home. They don't know what's in it, right?
You are absolutely right @Demii
But @Honeybadger is concerned about the legal requirements...

Even if the mailman is not aware he is delivering me a gun or another illegal item, he doesn't "know what is in it"
It does not change the fact I am not allowed to ship it to my customer...

I might be allowed to sell an item in a shop...
That does not imply I am legally allowed to ship it...


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In the USA:
  1. USPS (Post Office) Will not accept parcels with hazardous items or with firearms or ammunition.
  2. Fed-ex will only deliver firearms to licensed FFL dealers
    Any shipment that is in violation of (2) is confiscated by the government (when found) with thesender prosecuted when possible.
  3. UPS will deliver some hazardous materials and ammunition to businesses and homes.
    a.) in some cases personal delivery to an adult is specified by the sender
    b.) in some cases signature required
    c.) more for proof of delivery reasons
  4. 'sex toys' are normal parcel post Post Office smaller items. Larger items UPS or FexEx --no signature unless sender specified.
  5. There is a mail regulation that letters containing pornography unsolicited advertisement sent through the US Mails ave a warning. That's pretty much legacy today. The Internet is for porn :D


AffKit Ninja
I'm moving towards testing before promoting
(that doesn't apply to vibrating dildos)
Just wanted to know what to write in product description
More information the customers has
More informed choices
Leads to more sales

But in 2021 I'll start buying things before promoting
Good way to know full cycle
Gives you a head-start over the copy and paste brigade


Most have a charger and not batteries. If they do, they don't come with them at least here in the Netherlands ;)
If they have a charger the rechargeable batteries are incorporated inside the item...
Hence no-go for some postal services..
At least in theory...
As you were right earlier when you mentioned 'who knows what's in the package' ;)


AffKit Ninja
Genuinely asking
Some internal search intel for the uninitiated
Aside from product and category queries
Google Analytics shows most of my customers ask delivery questions
Looking deeper into Google's black hole of data
The majority of delivery questions are typed on product landing pages
Now I know what's missing
--> That's causing basket abortion, abandonment, whatever
They leave without clicking the f@ckin buy button
Makes sense to provide delivery info
For porn toys I'd imagine delivery info is critical
It seems the enlightened among us have answered
Now I can tell my customers
Your dildo does not require the presentation of ID
Heavens, my adult site isn't even live yet !!
Back to work on fashion now..