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  1. Nicklanez

    Adult Telegram Traffic

    Hello, Im looking for someone that sell adult promo via Telegram. Please send me a dm for more info!
  2. AfMaster

    who knows something about Rebll network?

    Hello everyone, is there anyone who has an experience with Rebll network? I heared that they have some nice dating brands to nordics. What EPC are they giving?
  3. Lev | Mirelia

    Mirelia Networks - Adult Ad Network

    Building on 8 years of experience in affiliate marketing and advertising, we have built a smart advertising solution to help you reach your targeted audience in the most convenient and effective way. We are offering high-quality member area adult dating traffic from our own websites. - Model...
  4. N

    Adult Content Landing Page Builder

    I was just promoting some dating offer and found out that my landing page was taken offline because they thought there was some nudity where in fact wasn't really, just some female in underwear. Do you know any landing page builders which I can use for more adult kind of dating offers?
  5. funkywithans

    When To Say, "Fk It", and Kill A Dud Campaign?

    Hey community, I was wondering what your guys' take is on this. After how many click and no conversions do you say, "fk it", call it a dud campaign, and kill it all together? I mean, if you get no conversions after a certain amount of money spent? No conversions after a certain amount of...
  6. Julia

    Looking for adult-site publishers.

    Hello there, ADxAD is the leading Ad Network that helps Publishers maximize their online inventory revenue. We are ready to buy your banner spots in all geo directions and can offer the best price. We would like to buy NTV-A and mobile header spots on your website. Also, we are interested in...
  7. Streamsb

    Watch movies online?

    How can I connect with video streaming website owners? For example, a website to watch movies online.
  8. MyLead

    Official What are the most profitable adult campaigns?

    Because of the enormous revenue possibilities, many publishers choose to advertise the adult offers. However, in affiliate marketing, "adult" is a rather broad term. What will be the most /profitable categories? MyLead, an affiliate network that allows 250,000 members from all over the world to...
  9. Cpamatica

    Official Adult Games Cpamatica Exclusives | Working best with Adult traffic

    We can no longer keep this as a secret. The Adult Games niche is growing with incredible force, and we are more and more immersed in this vertical. It is a multi-million dollar industry with massive potential for affiliates. We have prepared a unique offer for you. We ask you to love, favour...
  10. Honeybadger

    Adult Sex Toys --> Do You Show ID?

    I promote fashion items to customers Target is English-speaking countries Next year I'll be moving into the adult niche (probably) So adult-related questions are catching my attention more and more When Amazon delivers age-restricted products to customers in Great Britain they must show ID (I've...
  11. ClickAdilla

    Publishers ClickAdilla

    We’ve been in the business as a publisher for more than 10 years, have more than 40 websites, so we have a crystal-clear understanding of what an effective Ad is. Our experience + your needs = high-demand formats: Inpage — flexible configuration, CTR up to 20%; iOS notification —...
  12. Kaan

    Trying to reach $100day profit

    Sorry for my lousy english Hello, I'm taking my first steps to Affilate Marketing. I created my first test campaigns 2 days ago, after seeing terrible results, I decided to change my strategy. Affilate Network: CrakRevenue - CPL Traffic Source: TrafficStars GEO: Turkey I created a new...
  13. Adverteraff

    Affiliates Wanted We have super offers for you!

    we have new offers as well as smartlink with super offers you can register with us and earn money
  14. ClickAdilla

    Ask Me Anything ClickAdilla for Publishers

    Registration for Publishers We’ve been in the business as a publisher for more than 10 years, have more than 40 websites, so we have a crystal-clear understanding of what an effective Ad is. Our experience + your needs = high-demand formats: Inpage — flexible configuration, CTR up to 20%...
  15. VivaClicks

    Ask Me Anything Good traffic for a good CPM

    Hi, I am Alex from which can help you to reach your ROI goals. We have traffic globally in POP, Banner, Native where we can target audience with your ads directly to their mobile or desktop. Our traffic sources are direct and we work on various pricing models like CPM, CPC. We...
  16. Jolsan Jolsan

    Ask Me Anything most expensive adult site affiliate

    Host high paying affiliate adult sites
  17. Mishuk

    what is the best Dating smartlink network?

    Hi, I'm searching a great dating smartlink network. I have all Geo's traffic. Please suggest me.Thanks
  18. Adverteraff

    Ask Me Anything Adverteraff we need affiliate

    Hello guys we have affiliate network and we need affiliates with good traffic quality, we have offers with different categories like Dating, Adult, Gambling, Mainstream and Cams. Thank you!
  19. Md. Farhad Hossain

    SMS Traffic

    Which CPA or Affiliate Network Allow SMS traffic.
  20. B

    Adult Affiliate

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if anyone can tell me which adult affiliate programs (beside affiliate2day and crakrevenue) are giving good PPL? Thanks in advance