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  1. J

    Affiliate network - amazon integration

    Hi I need third-party network such as Levanta. io that will support integration with Amazon Germany. We're not interested in the Amazon Affiliate Program! Any suggestions?
  2. Premeier_ak

    What is the best way to promote e-commerce?

    To me, the two most popular ways are Amazon and Shopify. They are the most popular but there are also other ways. But for Amazon and Shopify you need somewhere to get traffic (buyers). Such traffic can be extracted and free from YouTube, tik tok, Instagram, but it can take a long time. But you...
  3. A

    Amazon associates program

    Hi, chat, have you generated any income on Amazon associates program?
  4. tallfreak

    Does anyone use ShareASale?

    I'm using ShareASale as my affiliate marketing program right now and earning some extra income, however, the 'sub tracking' always shows up blank for all of my sales. So I don't know where people are accessing my links. I'm very interested in learning the analytics of my marketing but the...
  5. Honeybadger

    What is appears to direct to multiple countries nothing related to island kingdom of Tonga confused o_O
  6. Honeybadger

    Seeking Help Will Google Ever Index search?q=

    Lost with this question if you search Google for 'nasa toys' you might get its a category page then if your on NASA website you might search 'toys' & get question is could Google ever index --> the internal search result? meaning is it...
  7. AndersLarsson

    Flipping products on Amazon to Ebay

    So I just released a video about flipping products on Amazon and selling them on eBay. Then use SwagBucks to recover a fraction of the cost. The first question is about eBay listings. Is there a limit to the number of eBay listings that you can have? If so, how do you deal with the...
  8. Honeybadger

    Has Anybody Used Helium10?

    I get served alot of YouTube ads about Helium10 not surprising as I watch alot of videos about Amazon and Helium10 is an Amazon FBA research tool --> I think !!! but while Helium10 looks like a useful tool really I have not a clue where to begin and how to use it as an Amazon Associates...
  9. Honeybadger

    Ask Me Anything $560 Commission Today

    I just like to share this especially with my homeboy @GriD and my homegirl @PureLander today got home from work checked into my affiliate networks saw a product sale for $2,164 had to blink several times commission $216.40 Am like -- wait -- what happened ??? came from a product advertisement...
  10. Honeybadger

    Amazon Affiliate Marketing Course 2021

    2 videos Many, many hours Worth it though Video 1 Video 2
  11. K


    Hi, This is Kclepius. Glad to join on board for Affiliate Marketing. Any help and suggestion is appreciated.
  12. C

    Thoughts on Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program?

    I'm doing my research on this affiliate program by browsing through blogs, forums, communities & watching videos - but if any of you have some insights/tips, I'm all ears! :)
  13. Honeybadger

    Adult Sex Toys --> Do You Show ID?

    I promote fashion items to customers Target is English-speaking countries Next year I'll be moving into the adult niche (probably) So adult-related questions are catching my attention more and more When Amazon delivers age-restricted products to customers in Great Britain they must show ID (I've...
  14. OurDailyMuse

    Truth about earning from being an Affiliate

    I've signed up with Amazon Associates Central (one-Link for multiple countries), CJ Affiliate, JV Zoo, Admitad, Partnerize, PartnerStack, ArabClicks, Ascend (pepperjam), Cuelinks, Viglinks, + few individual advertisers such as fiverr. My concerns: 1. The bigger names have a strict deadline...
  15. D

    Going to try affiliate market for the first time

    Hi ! Me and my team are selling on Amazon since 2017. Over the span of 4 years we have learned a lot and recently we have developed a platform which empowers new sellers to crush numbers on Amazon. Our main business is of wholesale. We buy goods from the distributors or brands and then sell...
  16. Honeybadger

    Best Image Tips from Amazon

    Images can make big difference if you get clicks or not I found this Amazon channel with best tips for images 100s of short video & quick fixes --> White background No shadow Consistent format (example --> face left, 40 degree angle) Crop tightly...
  17. pimsinstitute

    What is the best alternative to Amazon affiliate?

    Hey! I want to know the best alternative to amazon affiliate, in every aspect.
  18. Honeybadger

    When is Amazon Prime Day 2020?

    Amazon Prime Day 2020 is a 2-days event Tuesday, October 13 Wednesday, October 14 Read Amazon Prime Day 2020 press release Last 3 days my Amazon commission went up 350% It's not a magic trick just read and apply affiliate advice Sign up to Amazon Associates (and then email list*) Learn at...
  19. Honeybadger

    How can you automate Amazon reports?

    Amazon Associates lets you download performance data in 3 file types SLXS CSV XML Anyone know how to automate delivery?
  20. Honeybadger

    New Video: Amazon Product Advertising API 5.0

    Amazon Associates YT channel wasn't updated for a year But I just noticed they posted this 2 weeks ago