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Images can make big difference if you get clicks or not
I found this Amazon channel with best tips for images
100s of short video & quick fixes -->
  • White background
  • No shadow
  • Consistent format (example --> face left, 40 degree angle)
  • Crop tightly (for most users on smart phone)
  • Different angles for additional images (right, front, back, top, bottom)
  • Close up for special features
  • Minimum 5 images (max 7)
  • Use models of different ethnicity & size
  • Don't alter image apart from crop
  • Better image is bigger in Google search
  • Full face or not doesn't matter
  • Use descriptive file names
  • Correct file extension (usu. JPEG)
  • Keep customer focus on product (not model)
  • Detail shots high quality
  • Show logos, patterns, print, buttons, pockets
  • Make image look same as product
  • Don't Photoshop image to look better
  • Avoid the watermarks & borders
  • Only use engaged & natural acting models
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Brilliant stuff eurogreyjoy. Excellent tips. Just a little addition to that especially good for seo is to start using next gen image formats - JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP. They have superior compression and quality characteristics compared to JPEG and PNG file formats.