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  1. Honeybadger

    Guide 10 Steps to earn affiliate commission with SEO & amazon

    Checklist information demand google documentation quality content Google results Google impressions Google clicks visitors ad clicks ad conversions affiliate commissions Description 1/ information demand research - month 1 first make sure there is demand for your information use google trends...
  2. Honeybadger

    What is appears to direct to multiple countries nothing related to island kingdom of Tonga confused o_O
  3. Honeybadger

    Has Anybody Used Helium10?

    I get served alot of YouTube ads about Helium10 not surprising as I watch alot of videos about Amazon and Helium10 is an Amazon FBA research tool --> I think !!! but while Helium10 looks like a useful tool really I have not a clue where to begin and how to use it as an Amazon Associates...
  4. Honeybadger

    Ask Me Anything $560 Commission Today

    I just like to share this especially with my homeboy @GriD and my homegirl @PureLander today got home from work checked into my affiliate networks saw a product sale for $2,164 had to blink several times commission $216.40 Am like -- wait -- what happened ??? came from a product advertisement...
  5. Honeybadger

    My 1st Full Year in Affiliate Marketing

    In The Beginning... As we head into 2022 I want to share my 1st full year as an affiliate marketing publisher So let's go back to summer 2020 I was unemployed laid off from work because of Covid-19 broke and generally a mess all my neighbors and friends the same To find an online job I joined...
  6. Honeybadger

    What are your December 2021 affiliate goals?

    My goals for the 10 affiliate business websites this month are --> Websites created with all plugins, pages and theme modifications set up Websites and all their web pages indexed in and search index Each website attracts 50 daily visits from Google search Each website...
  7. Honeybadger

    Affiliate Publisher Journey Thread 2022

    Affiliate Journey Information Affiliate Network Amazon Affiliate Program Amazon Associates Program (EU) Affiliate Niche(s) Luggage; Sports & Fitness; Kitchen & Dining; Car & Motorbike; Stationery & Office; Toys & Games Traffic Source Google Organic Search (Google US, Google UK)...
  8. Honeybadger

    Amazon Affiliate Marketing Course 2021

    2 videos Many, many hours Worth it though Video 1 Video 2
  9. Honeybadger

    Q4 Journey Thread - $400 per day by Christmas

    Target: 40 niche affiliate sites making $10 per day = $400 per day by Christmas Been 13 months since I started Made $13k so far Spent all of it, dumbass, nearly broke Not a problem, life is short Now I'm starting again Launching 40 affiliate websites at once Different niches, target audience...
  10. Honeybadger

    $2,460 a Late Christmas Present !!

    Commission from December 2020 is finalized Received one payment today, others next week Total $2,460 Network 1 -> $534 Network 2 -> $604 (Amazon Associates) Network 3 -> $835 Network 4 -> $487 $2,460 is alot lower than last month ($3,665) But it does pay my monthly bills again Next 2 month's...
  11. Honeybadger

    SEO Click Conversion Rate 25.1% on Fashion

    As everyone is aware that as result of the Covid-19 many people all over the world are shopping for clothing online because a number of things Stores are closed, or People cannot travel to the store, or Changing rooms are closed But demand for fashion clothing is always high, and where its...
  12. Honeybadger

    Best Image Tips from Amazon

    Images can make big difference if you get clicks or not I found this Amazon channel with best tips for images 100s of short video & quick fixes --> White background No shadow Consistent format (example --> face left, 40 degree angle) Crop tightly...
  13. Honeybadger

    Gold Can I make $20k? Affiliate Marketing Fashion Diary

    Affiliate Marketing Diary 2020 (September 22, 2020 - December 31, 2020) This site achieved its $10,000 commission target in 2020. I started updating this site again in June 21 with a new 2021 target --> $20,000 (was $100,000 but unrealistic) I lost my job due to Covid-19 and I have no other...