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  1. K

    5 Tips To Get More Clicks And Conversions

    5 Tips To Make People Click On Your Affiliate Links Making people click on your affiliate links is another step toward conversion. Most people won't click on links unless there is something in there for them. When they see links, they think: “what's in for me.” Below are some tips to get more...
  2. Honeybadger

    What are your affiliate web design pain points?

    The purpose of this thread --> list all the things wrong with affiliate websites be fun if you add a GIF to your gripe Please share anything that annoys you regarding affiliate website design and performance idea is to fix our own affiliate sites happy customers = happy click thru rates
  3. Honeybadger

    Top 20 Tools for Affiliate Marketing [2021]

    20 most important tools I'm using for affiliate marketing in 2021 Using the dictionary definition of 'tools' What are yours? Google Search Google Drive Google Analytics Google Search Console Google Calendar Google Trends Bing Webmaster Tools Affiliate Fix :affiliatefix: Ubersuggest Amazon...
  4. Honeybadger

    Best Image Tips from Amazon

    Images can make big difference if you get clicks or not I found this Amazon channel with best tips for images 100s of short video & quick fixes --> White background No shadow Consistent format (example --> face left, 40 degree angle) Crop tightly...
  5. Lilian


    HOW TO OPTIMIZE a) The most important thing is to ensure that traffic you are buying is not junk traffic b) Then we have to look at the different components of the campaign and begin to drop all the dead weight (Unnecessary and unprofitable components) c) Look at the landers, and...
  6. L


    Hello Everyone, I am Lilian, I am kinda new to affiliate marketing. I hope to learn a lot from this forum, and any pointers will be apprecited
  7. Lucas Anguita

    How did you start your affiliate program?

    Im starting in the field of affiliate marketing and i can't stop ask to myself, why someone who have important traffic in their blog/web site would be part of an affiliate program? I mean, push to buy your audience (affiliate method) is harder than do PPV. Give me serious reason to help your...
  8. shawn_murphy

    An intermediate looking for expert tips

    Hello Everyone, I am a new member of this forum, but I am an affiliate from last 1 year. I am in deep trouble right now because I have invested in different methods in this 1 year and now my budget is very low and earning is very limited. What I do as an Affiliate - I have taken affiliate...