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An intermediate looking for expert tips

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by shawn_murphy, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. shawn_murphy

    shawn_murphy Affiliate affiliate

    Hello Everyone,

    I am a new member of this forum, but I am an affiliate from last 1 year. I am in deep trouble right now because I have invested in different methods in this 1 year and now my budget is very low and earning is very limited.

    What I do as an Affiliate - I have taken affiliate membership in the beginning of 2015 from 2 different shopping websites based in UK. I built my websites on their product feed and now my websites look just like usual shopping websites. I am getting paid on every sale that I make through the website. In the beginning it was fine as my social accounts were new (max popularity was from Twitter only) and I spent regularly on google, bing and facebook ads. Earnings were sufficient to run both websites and my regular expenses.

    Now, I am standing nowhere in search rankings and the social accounts are loosing their popularity as people are looking at them like selling a channel. And, I believe google is ignoring the sites for ranking because they carry lot of product links going to other websites. The earnings are decreasing day by day, plus my budget is getting shrunk as well. I am still not able to find the right way to run these websites successfully.

    Challenges in Front of Me -

    1. I am not able to create a good blog for any of the website as they are just like normal shopping websites, so finding a particular topic related to them is little hard. Even if I find, I am not able to write as my writing skills are not good. Moreover, it consumes lot of time to make another part of the website popular.

    2. The commission comes when someone purchases. But, I can not use a tracking code for CPC campaigns because there is no way to insert it between that "Buy now" button and destination website. I tried it once, but it conflicts with the tracking and worsens the results.

    3. The websites are targeted for UK only which gives me very little resources to make my website popular. There are limited number of popular websites which people use or visit, which makes my tasks more challenging.

    4. I am clueless about the methods which affiliates like me use to get sales. Because, I am not selling one product, my websites carry different shopping categories. Wherever I go, I find affiliates selling a particular or niche based products, not like mine and hence their methods are totally different.

    Please guys, give me some tips and tricks which give me results in few months. Anyone who is earning well through this type of affiliate website, please give me some help to increase my sales.

    Thanks in advance...
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