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  1. K

    FB ads + Clickbank = ZERO conversions

    I tested 3 products on Clickbank through Facebook ads and here is what happened Tested lookalike audiences from vendors ad > LP >Offer VSL all metrics on FB were good CTR was above 10% CPC was around $0.30 LP CTR was around 60% Product 1 Hops: 219 Order form impressions: 2 Sales: 0 Product...
  2. P

    Seeking Help want to learn clickbank affiliate with fb ads i need full guidence

    Hello friends I'm new here as affiliator can you please help me. My queries are - 1 - I know how to make landing page but i dont know what kind of content I can put in landing page for Example - if I promote a Product like Exipure can I use Exipure name in my landing page or information that...
  3. I

    Seeking Help Can I use Pinterest conversion ads to promote ClickBank products?

    Hey there, I hope everyone is doing okay. I want to try to promote ClickBank products with Pinterest ads. I have a couple of questions that I can't find definite answer to anywhere. First, am I allowed to link the ads directly to my hoplink? People say yes, but they also say that redirects...
  4. CPV Lab Pro

    Guide on how to setup and track ClickBank with CPV Lab Pro

    I know many of you are using ClickBank for your campaigns, that is why we have a new video guide ready to help you out. The guide offers details on how to setup ClickBank (as you know, it needs some special settings) and how to create the campaign in CPV Lab by using ClickBank offers. The...
  5. C

    I am absolutely desperate! PLEASE HELP!

    I am doing the "Affiliate Millionaire" course and it has been great so far. I got all the way up to the point where I post my ad but I can't because my Facebook pixel is not firing on the clickbank checkout/confirmation page. I did everything to a T, I put in the "access token" and the pixel...
  6. Habibul


    My clickbank account is disable after 10 months. I have lost $140. How can I get back my account?
  7. Rial4s

    How can I check if a Clickbank vendor plays fair?

    Recently, my conversion rate goes up-and-down dramatically. A few days ago, an Order Form Sale Conversion (ratio between sales/clicks on the order page) was 15%, the next day it was 3%, then 14%, 12%, 3%, and yesterday 3%. The traffic source is the same - organic articles -> Vendor's Landing...
  8. I

    Follow along - Facebook ads with clickbank

    Hi guys! This is my first month as an affiliator, didn't make any money yet but I'm not giving up and improving every day. So, I currently have 2 campaigns running, one in astrology niche with $5/day budget and the other in woodworking niche with a $12/day budget. Both are running under the...
  9. D

    Hello everyone in this awesome forum ...

    I am Darko and I am very happy to be here
  10. prakashbk

    Clickbank disabled my account just after signup

    Hi Affiliaters, Today i have signed-up for Clickbank, after filling all the information and completing profile page, i got a message from clickbank saying "Account Disabled". I'm confused why clickbank automatically disabled my account just after signup & it my first time, i have never signup...
  11. M


    Hello Recently I have started Google ads and I have got few clicks but no sales does this really workes I have presented my ad like giving DISCOUNT on an product Does this really works help me
  12. techable

    Clickbank and Bing ads direct linking success

    *** Updated: Testimonials I received recently Hi guys! I've recently been trying out new methods of promoting CB products. I've had success with finding low competition products that are selling pretty well and doing direct linking campaigns through Bing. I recorded the setup of one...
  13. I

    Does Clickbank still works with PPC ?

    Hi Guys, Just want your opinion, Does Clickbank Affiliate still works with PPC such as Google Ads or Bing in this year? I've seen many affiliates running ads on mentioned platforms, even though cost per click is so high or even product owners disallow to advertise using prohibited keywords...
  14. Y

    Clickbank Vendor Related Question

    Hey everyone, how are you guys? This is a Clickbank vendor-related question. I have submitted my product for approval. But my product gets disapproved and the reason they told me is - Thank you for your interest in ClickBank. We're sorry, but due to a variety of security precautions we're...
  15. Steve @ Voluum

    No tokens, no postbacks needed: Voluum and ClickBank now fully integrated

    We all know ClickBank. They offer digital lifestyle products and are a popular choice among both newbies and marketing gurus. With the spread of coronavirus, even affiliates who didn’t promote ClickBank before, have decided to test their offers: "Also testing some random Clickbank offers...
  16. bruce bates

    Ask Me Anything What do you know about cooperative marketing?

    Cooperative marketing is "my thing" and in my opinion is it one of the most underutilized forms of marketing and advertising on the internet. Cooperative based marketing is a form of marketing where everyone comes together to help everyone else. Imagine joining a group of affiliate marketers...
  17. Ofert Mobiles

    Facebook Ads+Clickbank Question

    Hello!! The most important thing to success with affiliate marketing is tracking, and I have a problem with that. Im doing fb ads right now but I don't know how to track conversions. As Im doing a traffic campaign and not a conversion campaign I don't know which adset is generating me...
  18. S

    How to track clickbank sales use Pinterest ads ?

    i use Pinterest ads promote clickbank offer , i use landing page . But i have a problem , Pinterest ads can not tracking the right conversation from the sales . I can not put the pinterest pixel on vendor checkout page . How to track the sales ? What i should do ?
  19. velaryon

    Help understanding framework of affiliate marketing.

    As a newbie, I think the biggest think holding people back is not understanding the overall "structure" of how AM works. So i appreciate any help regarding that. My questions are: 1. Does AM (as an affiliate) involve mostly posting links (such as on your blog or on Facebook groups), paying for...
  20. Jackjackie111

    Please Answer My ClickBank Question

    Hi Guys, I'm new to Clickbank i just want to know if it's allowed to use incentive traffic to promote their offers. Thanks