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help needed

  1. elegantprompt

    Seeking Help Need help for promoting my AI sevices.

    Dear members of the AffiliateFix community, I hope this message finds you well. Today, I come before you with a unique proposition that holds the promise of mutual success and growth. As an AI specialist with a strong programming background and a deep passion for innovation, I have dedicated...
  2. P

    Review my site

    Hello all. I'm 50yrs old. I am probably much older than most on here. I was a web designer 20-30yrs ago (back when we hand coded html pages), but moved to IT operations management as my career path. I an am American, but currently live in the Philippines. Long story short, but I got robbed of...
  3. Harshit_770

    Seeking Help Promoting CPA offers using Giveaways.

    Hii everyone, 1. How am I supposed to promote giveaway offers on Instagram? I have a way to expose my giveaway to 1 million giveaway/sweepstake interested USA people... But how can I utilitse that?? I need approval before posting and they might not approve my simple " Free paypal giftcard...
  4. Harshit_770

    Seeking Help Help for CPA + incentive traffic

    So there is offer that I found which allows incent traffic and gives you $10.7 per lead other network offers $16 for same offer ( not confident that I will be approved ) Geos :- 3 countries There is a 1-2 days task to be completed. I don't have money rn can anybody tell me where can I buy...
  5. Lior PPR

    Looking for an expert with Voluum to help out with debugging

    We're sending traffic through Voluum and have some concerns about the implementation and campaign configuration. Currently looking for an expert in the platform to do some debugging and Q&A.
  6. Richard Mwangi

    Help me understand what am doing wrong

    Hi am Richard from Africa Kenya, I joined affiliate marketing back 2014 I have never even a penny from this but I am still pushing I have a website called and the picture represents my traffic for the last two weeks and not losing hope anytime soon kindly help me out.
  7. harsha vardhan

    Please help me out getting into good affiliate networks

    Hi Friends, Hope everyone staying safe... i have recently started the affiliate marketing. Till now i have signed up more then 10 + networks. Out of which 6 i got into where Clickbank, CJ, Jvzoo doesn't need approval so i am into those networks. Apart from that i am also part of other three...
  8. Henkey

    Trying a new idea

    Hey fellow affiliates and tracking experts, I am trying this idea which is new to me. I want to iframe an offer while adding my own content above the iframe. However, conversion tracking conversions is a bit tricky. If I load the TRACKING link inside the iframe I can track conversions but not...
  9. B

    I need help starting off (overload of inforamtion)

    I need help! i have read and read and read, my heads going to explode. I am relatively new to all this and need a mentor. I have the funds and and time to put into affiliate marketing to make it work. Their are so many different approaches to enter as a newbie: What market place do you use...
  10. DailyAffiliate

    Nutra Ads with Taboola (HELP ME OUT)

    Hello, I have been trying to get my Nutra campaign live on Taboola but they are rejecting it saying "Prohibited Content". The same type of campaigns are running for over 6 months with the same landing pages, how are they making it work? This campaign will be run in India only. I would love...
  11. Z

    How Can Recover My Loss!!

    Hello AffiliateFixer, I am a Learner of CPA, struggle hard to achieve CPA goal learn from paid courses and also from youtube Google Search, see a lot of courses. Last Month I run Native ads with Revcontent Clickbank back pain offer. Total Investment: 100$ Sale: 0 I Run Bing Ads with weight loss...
  12. P

    [HELP] With Native ads and cpa offers

    Hi I joined in cpa network and selected some offer like nutrition bottle. I wanted to do native ads with this offer but I am a newbie I don't know where to start. I am stuck. I fontd even know which native ad network is best to work with and dont know whether i should start native because i am...
  13. 6077

    Going serious. CPA revenue for budget go start ppc.

    Hello, ive Bern around cpa ppd for years and really need to start focus and get myself Up and working for atlest a $2000/month more wouldnt hyrt as i got really much free time. Currently doing cpa for a while. Pretty much automatic revenue. But its fading. Should i maybe Invest and scale. Open...
  14. AjobKisim

    Need To Help To Start CAP/Affiliate Marketing Work.

    Hey I am Mr. Milon From Bangladesh I have 3 years online experience in Data Entry, Online Research, Data Collection, Virtual Assistant, Amazon-Product Ranking, Product Reviews, Seller Center Handling, SEO- Back-link, Off page/On Page And Many Other Work. Also I have a Team Where we are 8...
  15. S

    Best Open Source Theme WordPress

    Currently I am busy creating a WordPress website for my mother who likes to begin her own local ironing business but I need a good minimalist WordPress theme hope anyone can help. Features needed Content driven static homepage minimalist design full-with or boxed SEO coded correctly in...
  16. S

    (Help) SMS Payment Portal For WordPress

    Dear fellow marketers! Looking for more information and if possible your thoughts on a good free or paid SMS payment portal plugin for WordPress. Why needed My mother want's to launch a WordPress website where people can come for help or when they want to talk to someone when they are having...
  17. M


    need some help
  18. MozartMarketer

    Mozart Marketer Checking In ... Lets Help Each Other Succeed!

    Hi, Mozart Marketer here. I am an experienced UK Based marketer with over 30 years experience (Copywriting, Software, Branding, Direct Reponse Ads, ecommerce and much more) but I am fairly new to the affiliate marketing, CPA and traffic networks etc. I am looking for some help and advice from...
  19. R4IN

    Newbie here: I dont know how this works

    hey guys im hammad and i am new here.....i have no idea where to start and what to start....i hope i'll learn good stuff from people here...I need all the support from you guys. Thanks :)
  20. Micheal

    I Need Help to Get My First $ From cpa Marketing

    Hello Everybody , I’m newbie in CPA Marketing I learn a lot about this domain but still don’t making any profit  So I need your help to get some $$ for giving me the energy to continu .. Yesterday , I run an campaign but no conversion  This is the campaign details : Affiliate network : peerfly...