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Going serious. CPA revenue for budget go start ppc.


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Hello, ive Bern around cpa ppd for years and really need to start focus and get myself Up and working for atlest a $2000/month more wouldnt hyrt as i got really much free time. Currently doing cpa for a while. Pretty much automatic revenue. But its fading.

Should i maybe Invest and scale.

Open for suggestions, please pm me.

I Can get enough for budget go Invest and start with ppc or ads salong w offers. Om really willing to Hard everday!

Any directions or tips?

Currently Got No money but a Long time Loan is possible.
Thank you.

It would be good for you to get some help with your wording. You are not very clear on your intent.

you say you have a few years experience with PayPerDownload? Did you make positive earnings with that type of marketing? Are you still doing it?

If you have no money, how will you pay for a tracker, a VPS, and other expenses. If you have no money, how is it you say that you have a passive income from PPD?

Your statements are not congruent.