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  1. S

    Looking for a mentor

    Hey I have just recently started affiliate marketing and was looking for a mentor or wanted to know where I could find one.
  2. A

    Harworking noob looking for a mentor..

    Hello my fellow marketers, I am new in this field and eager to learn. Obviously I have a lot of questions. To shorten the learningcurve and to be profitable ASAP I hope to find a mentor who could help me out. I am planning to use FB as a trafficsourcew and chose sweepstakes as vertical. I am...
  3. G

    Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone, I consider myself a newbie when it comes to affilite marketing even though I have tried promoting cpa offers using 7 search a few years back with no success. Now I am back to give affiliate marketing a serious try. This forum seems promising to me. I have been reading the posts...
  4. M

    looking for a mentor!

    Hello, I'm looking for a mentor who is absolutly CRUSHING IT with Bing Ads! My goal is to learn how to create successful campaigns in short periods of time with CPA offers, Pay Per Lead offers or physical products to sell through bing ads. I want to MASTER whatever strategy your doing for...
  5. S

    Point me to the right direction

    Hi there! Thank you admin for approving my request to be part of this amazing community! How are things going here for you guys? I hope you guys are doing so FINE! I wanted to learn a bit more about CPA Marketing/Affiliate Marketing but I don't know which course should I take and who to...
  6. Mashell Chapeyama

    Mashell Chapeyama

    Thanks for accepting in. I wish to get in touch with people who do coaching. I am a success coach at empowr. I teach people how to be successful at the empowr platform. The training I got there has helped me to be very successful in life. I wish to share my success.
  7. Tucker609

    Looking for good Mentor in ADULT CPA !

    Hello there , I don't know is this the right way of asking help but i thought why don't I give it a try . The thing is i am working as an Affiliate for 1year and right now working on 2 good networks .I earn around 40-50$ perday . But i want to scale up my business to the next level . I am...
  8. Annesoren

    Setup help

    Hi everybody, I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on where I can get some one-on-one help with set up? I need to connect my traffic sources and affiliate networks to my tracking tool, and launch a campaign so I get an understanding of the prossess. My preferred traffic source is not...
  9. 6077

    Going serious. CPA revenue for budget go start ppc.

    Hello, ive Bern around cpa ppd for years and really need to start focus and get myself Up and working for atlest a $2000/month more wouldnt hyrt as i got really much free time. Currently doing cpa for a while. Pretty much automatic revenue. But its fading. Should i maybe Invest and scale. Open...
  10. Ronak Dervaliya

    CPAMarketing Coaching Needed. I will pay coaching fees

    HI every buddies. I want CPA marketing Coaching needed. Any Want to Coach me? skype ronakdervaliya
  11. Nqobile

    I am Conquered

    The second year undergraduate student at the University of Joburg. I love to sing and dance. I am optimistic about life. I am an aspiring online entrepreneur without capital on a mission to quit my job prior to being employed.
  12. christos ioannou

    Completely new to affiliate marketing - Looking for help

    Greetings, My name is Chris, and i am completely new to this. I know the basic but i really dont know where to start. I Would love to make affiliate marketing my main work. At the moment i am working at a crappy job with low salary six days a week, i literally have no life. I know this isn't...
  13. Raheel Javed

    Partnership Looking For Mentor Come Friend

    Hello i am newbie in cpa industry but in online world i am from the last 7 years. By profession i am web designer and developer and have rich experience of working with graphics, landing pages wWordPressand so on.... :entrepreneurfix: Now the reason for writing all this and this post is to find...
  14. bibbler

    Successful Affiliates: Ever considered mentoring beginners in exchange for referrals & half earning?

    Has any successful Affiliates ever considered mentoring beginners in exchange for referrals & half earnings? This idea came to me while browsing through another forum that had successful CPA affiliates willing to mentor beginners in exchange for a referral to their CPA network. Most of whom...