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help a newbie

  1. B

    Seeking Help can i get a advice

    Hi guys, im broke asf haha. how can i get free traffic pls cuz im tired of searching . thanks for everybody
  2. Delidragon

    Meta networks?

    Hi im very new to the whole subject affilate marketing and I need to figure out for my online publishing techsite why meta networks like sovrn might be better than getting my affilate links from sites like awin. Except of easier usability, is there a reason for using meta networks (if your goal...
  3. Topsocia

    Hi I am new Here

    Hello I am new here. I am really enjoying the information being discussed in the threads. I run SMM platform called TOPSOCIA that helps users boost their social media accounts. I am having trouble getting users on the platform and I am wondering if there are any tips you can share with me? It...
  4. elegantprompt

    Seeking Help Need help for promoting my AI sevices.

    Dear members of the AffiliateFix community, I hope this message finds you well. Today, I come before you with a unique proposition that holds the promise of mutual success and growth. As an AI specialist with a strong programming background and a deep passion for innovation, I have dedicated...
  5. P

    Review my site

    Hello all. I'm 50yrs old. I am probably much older than most on here. I was a web designer 20-30yrs ago (back when we hand coded html pages), but moved to IT operations management as my career path. I an am American, but currently live in the Philippines. Long story short, but I got robbed of...
  6. J

    Seeking Help I am looking for a program to create affiliate links for an app

    I have launched an app on the Google Play Store and App Store, and I am looking for a way to create affiliate links that track how many app installs there were through that link to start a campaign with content creators. Does anyone know what tool I can use for this? I would be very grateful for...
  7. Mohaelyt

    Seeking Help Starting Dropshipping

    Hello friends , I hope your are doing fine in your personal life and that your business are going well I would like to ask you if you can recommend to me any book/ courses/ websites etc to learn and start dropshipping ? I ve searched for a long time about online business and found that...
  8. B

    Need help starting my own affiliate marketing business.

    Hello there, I have just recently stumbled upon the affiliate marketing niche and a lot of things aren't so clear to me. I have heard that a lot of knowledgeable people are on here, therefore, I'm asking for your advice. At the moment, I go to high school and have never had an online business...
  9. Z

    Which aspects matter the most when you choose the offer?

    When you guys choose to take the offer from some products or companies, which aspects you think are the most important? Such as the popularity of their products, the scale of their company or the commission fee you might get from them? Thank you so much!
  10. Honeybadger

    PHP8! Oh wait, PHP8.1???

    Wait so PHP8 only just launched now we have PHP8.1 I am definitely lost ... @Graybeard help me !!!
  11. Musa33173

    Seeking expert advice about RichAds

    My budget is very low so I want to ask the experts what is the traffic quality of "RichAds" Is it ok to run a campaign on "RichAds" as new? With their traffic quality, they say that "RichAds traffic quality is verified by Adscore. We block any bot or other fraudulent traffic." How reasonable...
  12. Lachezar

    Hello, World!

    Hi, I just registered to this forum mostly to find affiliates Please help me write a post in the proper way and in the proper place Thanks in advance! Best, L.
  13. Crystal_303

    Hello, Fellow Affiliates!

    My name is Crystal and I am a Colorado Native who, prior to CO-VID19, had been working in the Cannabis industry for the past 8 years, but I have been unemployed for about a year now and am trying to expand my skills by stepping into affiliate marketing! I am a total and complete newbie at this...
  14. B

    How to view and check CPA affiliate offers ?

    Hi everyone... Please tell us " how to view USA affiliate offers from other countries ? " I'm asking this question because. I don't want to promote a particular CPA offer just blindly. with out knowing that offer is genuine or not... And in this case I tried VPN also to check the offer but it...
  15. Richard Mwangi

    Help me understand what am doing wrong

    Hi am Richard from Africa Kenya, I joined affiliate marketing back 2014 I have never even a penny from this but I am still pushing I have a website called and the picture represents my traffic for the last two weeks and not losing hope anytime soon kindly help me out.
  16. harsha vardhan

    Please help me out getting into good affiliate networks

    Hi Friends, Hope everyone staying safe... i have recently started the affiliate marketing. Till now i have signed up more then 10 + networks. Out of which 6 i got into where Clickbank, CJ, Jvzoo doesn't need approval so i am into those networks. Apart from that i am also part of other three...
  17. abrahman

    Can anyone help me to earn?

    I'm new cpa marketing. I want to earn. I'm trying much but i can't get atleast one lead. I'm really hopeless now. What can I do now?? Can anyone help me to earn some $? Please
  18. A

    Push traffic to MaxBounty, 0 conversions, HELP

    Hey AF members! I've tried running some push traffic from Datspush to 2 separate offers on MaxBounty. Followed the suggestions of both offers wrt geos, type of traffic etc. The offers I ran were InboxDollars and SafeBreath Pro Mask. With InboxDollars, I got some epic CTR as well - 40%, but did...
  19. Ma'at Hetep

    Getting Started With Native Ads

    Hello, I will appreciate anyone who can help me with Native Ads. All I have been reading so far on them is good. I have looked online for some of these networks but still don't know how to go about it. Any networks or recommendations will be helpful and appreciated.Thanks for your time...
  20. Andy Jonatan

    Cannot get conversions on my offers.

    Affiliate sites using: Maxbounty, Lemonads, Yepads. Traffic: Using now:PlugRush, Clickadu, Advertizer. Have used: Propellerads, Admaven, Adcash, Pushground. Traffic Types: Native, Pop, Push, Banner. CPM, CPC, SmartCPM. Direct linking, Landing Pages. Offer types: Nutra, Sweeps...