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Learning Opportunities: YouTube has lots of free content about free stuff.
Cost-Effective: You can find tutorials that can help you get free traffic. Free traffic school on YouTube doesn't cost you anything but your time. You'll become someone else's free traffic—see how this works now? Course fees? Nah, just invest your time.
Diverse Content: YouTube is diverse, ensuring you have access to various perspectives, teaching styles, and approaches, all claiming to unlock the secret to unlimited free traffic.
Flexibility: Access YouTube from anywhere, at any time, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of learning how to manipulate algorithms for fun and profit.
Community Engagement: Many YouTube channels boast active communities where you can post your questions or comments, share your dilemmas, and be blissfully ignored by users with time to waste.
Visual Learning: Enjoy the visual feast as creators use dazzling visuals, animations, and demonstrations to explain concepts that may or may not have any basis in reality.
Real-World Examples: YouTube will graciously show you real-world fakery and make-believe case studies, providing profound insights into how concepts are applied to generating basically useless traffic.
Then there is the long term strategy of SEO --Hurry up and wait!

SEO Talking Points for Free Traffic Benefits
Replicating the Known: Utilize proven SEO practices to optimize content and target keywords for generating free traffic.
Generalizing into the Unknown: Adapt SEO strategies to evolving algorithms and changing online landscapes, ensuring relevance in diverse contexts.
Continuous Improvement: Regularly update SEO techniques to stay aligned with emerging trends, user behavior, and algorithmic changes, optimizing for sustained free traffic.
Incorporating New Developments: Stay adaptable to incorporate new tools and technologies that enhance visibility and attract organic traffic.
Fresh Perspectives: Approach free traffic generation creatively, exploring unique content creation and unconventional methods to engage and attract audiences.
There's no such thing as truly free traffic. You pay with money or pay with your time and effort.

Graybeard has laid out some options for you. There are tons of free sites for everything you need but it will take you a while to build traction, along with a great deal of dedicated time and focus.

You can check out our Resources section. I know there are some free trackers in there.

I know you're tired of searching but that kind of comes with trying and testing the 'free' route. What works for one person's goals may not work for another. Totally depends on what you're promoting and where your audience hangs out and what they're looking for, or what problem(s) they're trying to solve.

In the long ago past, I used automatic blog post links being tweeted, free trackers, free blogs and websites, free SEO tools, free keyword engines, free social media trends tracking, etc. All available for free, so it can be done. But it will require more time and effort, starting with figuring out your criteria. Then you'll know what you need and can go from there. After that, make any adjustments you want or need to.

It's really quite simple but it ain't easy.
There is also and
Plenty of videos about those and they are currently still popular.
It does take time on the other hand.