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  1. M

    Good hosting server

    Hello, can any of you recommend any server hosting that will handle hundreds or even thousands of clicks a day without any problem? I work with push traffic so this is very important to me. Does anyone use hosting from for example bluehost, hostgator, Ionos etc?
  2. B

    Seeking Help can i get a advice

    Hi guys, im broke asf haha. how can i get free traffic pls cuz im tired of searching . thanks for everybody
  3. dacleary

    How can I optimise my campaign

    I've spent like $15 in two days running this campaign on propellerads and so far only 1 conversion. The testing period for CPAGoal is finished now and i've been manually excluding zones with low CTR and high views. What else can I do?
  4. B

    Seeking Help Offer in the field of medical services

    I represent the Medical Centre, which specialises in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. The centre has been operating since 1991. We are interested in bourgeois traffic (Arabs, Turks, Germans, Americans, etc.). I am developing an affiliate system for our clinic. For each client we are...
  5. thescreendoor

    HELLO! Nice to Be Here!

    Hey everyone, Nice to be here. Coming from a few other forums and finally decided to get going on this one. I have been in affiliate marketing for 10+ years but I still have SO much to learn. I am excited to be here, share (hopefully something relevant) and get help. One thing I have discovered...
  6. C

    Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

    Hey Everyone! Im looking to promote my affiliate program to the right people as opposed to anyone who wants to make from Celayix. How do I make sure that I attract the right affiliates to my program without being spammy? Is PPC the most effective way? Any help/ advice is appreciated! For...
  7. R


    Friends, I am from Ukraine. I am in a front-line city where rockets constantly arrive. Help voluntarily please any penny. All money goes to the child. Thank you. Glory to Ukraine.
  8. E

    Seeking Help Tracking links

    Pls i need help am a newbie in affiliate marketing and I don't how to extract my affiliate link from this affiliate programme...i don't know what to input in the boxes
  9. B

    Need help starting my own affiliate marketing business.

    Hello there, I have just recently stumbled upon the affiliate marketing niche and a lot of things aren't so clear to me. I have heard that a lot of knowledgeable people are on here, therefore, I'm asking for your advice. At the moment, I go to high school and have never had an online business...
  10. Chicha Rito

    Newbie planning to get rich

    Hello community ! I'm really excited to share with you my planning to change my life in the next 5 years. I create this planning to have a goal in my life because i just passed 5 years like a rabbit jumping throught videos, websites and apps want to make some dollars but it dosn't work for...
  11. N

    Copy a list of URL's and paste them only on certain places

    Hi, I'm trying to achieve something but Im stuck.. I work daily with links that I have to copy and paste and I don't want to do this completely manually anymore because it takes a lot of time. I want to achieve the following: I have a list of hundreds of urls. From here I want to copy 50...
  12. Abdelilah20

    I want to help

    I'm new here and I want help with affiliate marketing, how can I get my first purchase?
  13. A

    How to block people?

    I keep getting unwanted messages from people claiming to be from networks/traffic sources etc. Asking me to promote their service for money.It’s obviously fake considering they always have 0 posts and have joined around 10 mins ago. Always have bullshit names aswell. How do I block/remove them...
  14. C

    Paying for some guidance and setup (Adult Traffic Niche)

    Hey guys, I have been researching and know general knowledge of CPA. I have been accepted to 2 great networks and my biggest impact is in adult niche traffic. So I wanna use adult offers. I need someone to help me setup a landing page and get my offers on the landing page, and explain to me how...
  15. beezersdad

    I've been away a LONG time. Need help.

    Ok, I'm not normally a begger, actually I rarely even ask for help as I can usually do 5 minutes of research to answer 99% of questions. But I've found myself in a predicament. I lost my job in June due to covid. A job I've worked at for over 10 years... and after months of fighting with...
  16. Rakhibul Islam

    Topoffers in Bangladesh

    Hello guys, My name is Rakhib & I'm a Bangladeshi affiliate. we are unable to work with topoffers. Top offers don't allow Bangladeshi affiliate. I know some affiliate of Bangladesh are really worst but not all. What can we do. Are we permanently banned from topoffers?
  17. Richard Mwangi

    Help me understand what am doing wrong

    Hi am Richard from Africa Kenya, I joined affiliate marketing back 2014 I have never even a penny from this but I am still pushing I have a website called and the picture represents my traffic for the last two weeks and not losing hope anytime soon kindly help me out.
  18. newlooksales

    I'm new here

    Hi everyone, I'm new here. I want to learn new things from here. Hopefully everyone will help me for learning new innovative things. Thanks
  19. abrahman

    Can anyone help me to earn?

    I'm new cpa marketing. I want to earn. I'm trying much but i can't get atleast one lead. I'm really hopeless now. What can I do now?? Can anyone help me to earn some $? Please
  20. A

    Push traffic to MaxBounty, 0 conversions, HELP

    Hey AF members! I've tried running some push traffic from Datspush to 2 separate offers on MaxBounty. Followed the suggestions of both offers wrt geos, type of traffic etc. The offers I ran were InboxDollars and SafeBreath Pro Mask. With InboxDollars, I got some epic CTR as well - 40%, but did...