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help me

  1. B

    Seeking Help can i get a advice

    Hi guys, im broke asf haha. how can i get free traffic pls cuz im tired of searching . thanks for everybody
  2. ABZIN

    Seeking Help I'm back guys...

    Hello everyone, I'm back and this time I came to vent about some things that happened to me. I feel like I need to do this because I was implementing the teachings of Professor "T J Tutor" in my life, but a lot has happened in my life since the last time I posted on this forum. My life took many...
  3. MsSkeptical

    need help getting started pls

    hi ok so im dumb af when it comes to technical stuff. i tried my hand at affiliate marketing fairly recently and i'm sucking at it big time. i need help im wasting money at ads lmao idk ahhh Okay, composure. Sorry for that mini-rant. Heres the rational perspective of my problem: I've read...
  4. Richard Mwangi

    Help me understand what am doing wrong

    Hi am Richard from Africa Kenya, I joined affiliate marketing back 2014 I have never even a penny from this but I am still pushing I have a website called and the picture represents my traffic for the last two weeks and not losing hope anytime soon kindly help me out.
  5. B

    I need help starting off (overload of inforamtion)

    I need help! i have read and read and read, my heads going to explode. I am relatively new to all this and need a mentor. I have the funds and and time to put into affiliate marketing to make it work. Their are so many different approaches to enter as a newbie: What market place do you use...
  6. Alamin Hosen

    Anyone help me please ? How to registration TopOffers network

    I am tired to sing up TopOffers network but this site automatic called from ProfitSocial but i really want to work TopOffers network help me anyone please
  7. Annesoren

    New to the forum and affiliating

    Hi! I am Anne from Norway. Where to start... I haven't launched a single campaign yet, and I keep getting stuck on obstacles on the way - but getting closer... I guess being desperate isn't the way to get started, but that is kind of what I am. I have all my bets on one horse at this point (the...
  8. 6077

    Going serious. CPA revenue for budget go start ppc.

    Hello, ive Bern around cpa ppd for years and really need to start focus and get myself Up and working for atlest a $2000/month more wouldnt hyrt as i got really much free time. Currently doing cpa for a while. Pretty much automatic revenue. But its fading. Should i maybe Invest and scale. Open...
  9. AjobKisim

    Need To Help To Start CAP/Affiliate Marketing Work.

    Hey I am Mr. Milon From Bangladesh I have 3 years online experience in Data Entry, Online Research, Data Collection, Virtual Assistant, Amazon-Product Ranking, Product Reviews, Seller Center Handling, SEO- Back-link, Off page/On Page And Many Other Work. Also I have a Team Where we are 8...
  10. Lucas Anguita

    How did you start your affiliate program?

    Im starting in the field of affiliate marketing and i can't stop ask to myself, why someone who have important traffic in their blog/web site would be part of an affiliate program? I mean, push to buy your audience (affiliate method) is harder than do PPV. Give me serious reason to help your...
  11. youcef


    Iwant mke million dollr with offer mobile cpa cpi and iwant get example 1 million persone download apps mobile offer
  12. Micheal

    I Need Help to Get My First $ From cpa Marketing

    Hello Everybody , I’m newbie in CPA Marketing I learn a lot about this domain but still don’t making any profit  So I need your help to get some $$ for giving me the energy to continu .. Yesterday , I run an campaign but no conversion  This is the campaign details : Affiliate network : peerfly...
  13. S

    Hello dear members

    hello dear members. My name is Pascal and I am from the Netherlands I started doing affiliate marketing to provide a better income for me and my mother who has lost her husband this year in may 2016. She is now living without a single dime and I have to support her with my small income I have...
  14. bettyro

    Help for spanish rookie!

    Hello! Here the Spanish rookie :) I followed the advice of the forum and have the following ready: 1. Get a VPS. Not yet 2. Select a vertical. Done! 3. Select a tracker. Done! 4. Select a couple of networks and get your approval. Done! 5. Select a traffic source. Done! 6. Create a...
  15. heba

    Im heba

    I welcome all the friends I'm new in the field CPA I hope help me in realizing my dream of achieving professionalism CPA thank you