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I need help starting off (overload of inforamtion)


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I need help! i have read and read and read, my heads going to explode.

I am relatively new to all this and need a mentor.

I have the funds and and time to put into affiliate marketing to make it work.

Their are so many different approaches to enter as a newbie:

What market place do you use?
What type of affiliate marketing do you do?
What tracking software do you use?
what Traffic methods do you use?

i would really appreciate some help!

i know this is a huge question but for those who do make a living off affiliate marketing, how did you do it? how did you start?
  1. Go slow and budget funds that you can afford to lose testing things and learning things.
  2. First of all, you need a thing (or things) that people will buy into --build on small successes.
  3. You are not going to make diddly-squat trying to force someone to buy into YOUR idea --people make their own buying decisions --help them to make the *right one* :)
Read this to get some background What is Affiliate Marketing? (START HERE)
This is not easy I know all too well. Lots of small loses and a big win now and then ...


i know this is a huge question but for those who do make a living off affiliate marketing, how did you do it? how did you start?
I was in business many years and had a lot of credit and some available cash.
Years of experience in sales, finance and business management gave me a background to start with.
I struggled to learn how to use the Internet in 1999 ... Saw there would be money to be made.

I literally had made 1000's of face to face sales before I started my 'Internet Career Phase (for lack of a better term)', negotiating contracts and making deals with real people, for real money.
So I understood the concepts. Internet selling is not that much different just 'digitized'. Same shit, new day really.
the questions you ask are casual for newbabies but they are still confusing. it is difficult to help you with as it is up to you where will you start.

i can say "buy push traffic from PropellerAds, MegaPush or Zeropark - they are good guys". or "if you need native go to Mgid, but take into consideration that they don't work with adult". but it won't be useful as your questions aren't specified.

there are no tricks and super-newbaby-friendly nishes. you just have to choose your starting point and work.

the only universal advice: you need really good tools in order to work efficiently. as for trackers our mediabuyingteam uses binom. previously we worked with voluum. you also need to choose spy tools. adplexityis the classic chose but always remember that it is like "false mirror". manual spying is better in some cases.

as @Graybeard said there will be a long journey.

welcome aboard!