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  1. J

    Sales Attribution

    Hello everyone. Me and my team are very new in Affliate Marketing hence I would like to get help to clarify the following questions: Sales Attribution Situation: We are planning to use CPA model to generate more transaction in our website and in the middle of looking for affiliate network who...
  2. S

    Common Errors in Niche Marketing

    Niche marketing is an effective marketing strategy for a business. However, you need to understand that while implementing the strategy, you can exercise many errors that are commonly found in the niche strategies. Some of the errors that are common and are detrimental for a niche strategy are...
  3. S

    Becoming an Affiliate

    If you can either write articles or have the promotion and marketing knowledge to publicize articles that others write, becoming an affiliate for several companies may be a great way for you to generate a good income right from your own home. You can do this by receiving part of the revenue off...
  4. fraza

    New Affiliate Marketer

    Am professionally an engineer but recently inspired by Affiliate marketing. m working on 02 Niches right now and looking forward a great future in this area.

    How to work with foreign traffic

    If you have experience in affiliate marketing in your country and you plan to increase your income, you should think about starting work with foreign traffic. Benefits of working with foreign traffic 1.Volumes. There are about 160 million native speakers of the Russian language, while there...
  6. wapook

    I'll be Sharing Different Kinds of Affiliate Marketing Courses for 100% FREE

    im a full time Online Marketer Since 2015, There's a lot of GURU's teaching different kinds of way on how to make money but there's only several marketer who are transparent to reveal the right way on how to make a business online. Im giving you an opportunity to have and learn the right...
  7. TORO Advertising

    12 Reasons to work with a tracker

    Tracking tools are the solution to address the needs of any publisher who is willing to improve and optimize their traffic to get to know where a campaign wavers and how to strengthen any flaws with the clear goal of making it profitable! Here a few reasons why you need a tracker: Track all...
  8. GriD

    Follow Along Facebook Marketplace Ads with MarketCall

    Just noticed @MarketCall posted they just launched a Free affiliate education course on Facebook Marketplace ads I have zero knowledge about this traffic source... Seems like the perfect timing to start a follow along... Will update here as soon as the course starts...
  9. Rohan Kamble

    Hello, People!

    I'm Rohan aka ‘Rohan Dreamerz’. I'm a Business Analyst Intern who is also passionate about Data Analytics and Machine Learning. An engineer by Qualification, I'm an intense Guitarist, a Songwriter, and an Occasional Blogger. I love to share my experiences and knowledge with others. At Leisure...
  10. Bridget

    Hello, My name is Bridget Malone

    Hi, My name is Bridget Malone. I live in Memphis,TN. I am affiliate marketer. I have been affiliate marketer since 2008. I create review blog post about affiliate products on my website. If you want to check out one of my blogs.
  11. Nash_Sak

    New Member

    Good morning everyone. This is Nash_Sak an affiliate member and here to learn more on affiliate marketing
  12. A

    Using Clickbank

    Hello All, I have been thinking of joining Clickbank does anyone think this a good place to practice affiliate marketing. Also, does anyone have experience with it what are some pros and cons? Thanks!
  13. James_09

    Do you promote affiliate link through email marketing??

    My name is Albright and I'm a professional Digital marketer & experienced market researcher within 4+ years. I will do Digital marketing, SEO, Social media marketing, Video and Music Promotion, Email Marketing. I provide solutions for companies or individuals interested in getting sales and...
  14. oladejo kolapo

    looking for publishers for our smartlink offers

    AdMediaLeads is Smartlink Affiliate marketing company, working in CPA,CPL,CPS models. Our Available Smartlink Adult Dating, Mainstream Dating, Casual Dating, Cams, Male Enhancement, Gay Dating, Sweepstakes
  15. jenniferlope

    Affiliate Marketing

    Well I am not able to post in affiliate marketing or affiliate program forums. I don't know why? But let's start here I want to know how can I approved skimlinks affiliate program on I have tried alot but they rejecting account without any reason. I really appreciate if anyone help...
  16. YasonNasser

    using prelanders for CPA offers

    Dears, i'm trying to select offers from "" , with "zeropark" traffic any other suggestion that can help me to make a successful campaign ? it's necessary to use landing page to publish my offer or i can use the direct link on the traffic source?
  17. C

    Hello Everyone!

    I am Chris Klow. I joined the affiliate marketing community for the very first time. I am quite happy as I think I can grow my telecom Business with this. I know this is a hard time for all of us and the situation is not as good. I am running an online business and looking for some good...
  18. Everad

    Everad New Contest: win BMW 3 Series, Audi A5 or Range Rover! Or even get them all!

    Be aware! The most ambitious affiliate industry competition has started! Everad isn't going to stop and has prepared something incredible for all the affiliates this year! Don't miss the chance to win one of the three amazing cars! Or even get them all! Welcome the new contest Formula Everad...
  19. M

    Newbie issues

    Hey guys! I’m pretty new to the Affiliate World. Im starting off with in-app CPI offers for iOS and Android through my traffic source. My verticals are gaming, dating, gambling. I’m not using a tracker at the moment but I’m having difficulty getting conversions. Like “0”. At this point I’m not...
  20. S

    The part of my site to be sent to affiliate programs, and the need for SSL

    Hello, I'm just starting with affiliate marketing and am super novice. I bought a domain name and hosting for a year from HostGator. I'd appreciate if you answer the two folowing questions of mine: 1) Do I absolutely need an SSL certificate to start affiliate marketing? I'm taking affiliate...