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  1. Omulu Chisom

    What is the Best CPA Promoting network

    Guys, I have got some cash to invest in CPA marketing $15, what's the ad network to invest it on to get the best traffic conversion. I'm planning on using Peerfly or Cpagrip or Adcombo. Where do I get the best paid traffic?????
  2. Flaxy

    On a journey to create a positive roi% with popunder ads

    Hey guys, This is my first journey here on affiliatefix and with this thread I wanted to create a journal for myself to document everything. Hopefully this will be of use for others as well in the form of motivation or knowledge. CPA Network: Peerfly, OGads, Adcombo, CPAlead, Mobidea (my...
  3. P

    Promoting dating offers on facebook ads

    Hey guys i want to know is there a way i can promote dating offers on fb ads without getting my ad account suspended? if not what ad networks would you recommend for promoting dating offers?
  4. Michael Ikechukwu

    Post back URL with Facebook traffic

    I work as a publisher in PeerFly. I run Facebook ads and cpa offers. I have a problem, as any other affiliate i need to track my conversions and since I am using facebook ads i need to track conversion with facebook conversion pixel, not only does it track conversions, it also optimizes my ad...
  5. S

    Step by Step Guide for Beginner (reddit method)

    This little guide is for newbies who want to make some quick start-up money. You can make about 10 - 15$ per day with this method. My English is not perfect, becaue my first language is not english. OK, here we go: Requirements: Reddit account older than 1 month, if you don't have one, you...
  6. V

    My intro!

    Hello, I am very new to affiliate marketing. I joined the forum to get more knowledge on various forms of traffic and methods. I was recently accepted to peerfly. I am currently using paid traffic through Bing ads to promote their offers. So far I get clicks but no conversions. I hope to...
  7. shorabshanto

    Can't Log in My Peerfly Account

    Hello, Last Night i was change my Peerfly Account email because of facing some problem with previous email. but now i can't log in my account. it's shows me "Unable to login using those credentials". On the Other hand, I talked with Luke Kling (@LukePeerFly) before change my email. After he...
  8. Azhar Saleem

    I need help to approve Maxbounty & Peerfly account

    Hi everybody I need help to approve Maxbounty and Peerfly accounts. Some days ago I apply on both networks but my application was denied. Please help me to get Approval. Thanks
  9. MithunRoy

    Banner Ads

    I'm a new CPA marketer, I want to promote email submit offer from maxbounty through banner ads. so how I target my website for input banner. what is the full process? please help me I have only $20/30 budget.
  10. leadinfo1980

    How to use Youtube Ads and Peerfly Offers ?

    Hi Folks, Any one Guide me how i can use Youtube Ads and peerfly offers ? Thanks
  11. leadinfo1980

    Need Help on 7Search and Peerfly CPA offers

    Hello Folks, I am new in 7search and want to know how its working with peerfly direct offerlink ? Any one help me Thanks
  12. leadinfo1980

    How Search7 and peerfly Offers work ?

    Hello Folks, I am new in search7 and want to know how its working with peerfly direct offerlink ? Any one help me Thanks
  13. Cece Nisa

    Is there one of the PeerFly Affiliate Manager that's a robot?

    I just used Peerfly 10 days ago and I have AM with Sadie Gee's Name, I did not get Skype contact her, I am confused should contact her how this is not petrified me I sent her an email but there was never any reply, is it really like this PeerFly? Can you advise me? Thank you
  14. Aglowliks

    Im New Here and I Need Help Getting Into Peerfly or maxbounty

    Hello all im new here and i need help getting approved with either maxbounty or peerfly. Im new into CPA and non of this networks wants to approve me due to my experience level. Is it a crime to be a beginner here? Everyone must start somewhere i think. Thanks and ill appreciate your suggestions.
  15. F

    GTM and Peerfly

    How to implement GTM to Peerfly offers with pixel tracking? or How to use pixel Tracking in Peerfly and GTM
  16. elarib

    PeerFly #Help

    Hello, I'm beginner in CPA, and but i have a good experience in Facebook ads and my own mobile apps, so PeerFly accept me to promote their offers. My 1 st question is : For example, in this image, what shoud i promote the link 1, or 2 ?? because the link 1 give me the offer but, the link 2...
  17. elarib

    Decided to change my career, and now rejected ?

    Hello everyone :) So let me explain my situation. I'm a software engineer with 4 years experience in Java EE, and PHP. I live in France, and i was making in Freelancing more than my fulltime Work salary, but i have friend that make more than me just with Affiliate Marketing. So, i've been...
  18. Hoogle

    Correct Links

    Hi Tim, would you do me a huge favor and show me how the links should look for Peerfly? I am not used to the "cake" format and the s1 and s2 extensions that use the # sign if I am not mistaken. I have not gotten any help elsewhere and don't want to waste money on a campaign until I know for...
  19. klop

    what wrong with peerfly and maxbounty

    Hello guys i'm working cpa on maxbounty everything everything is fine until i registred on Peerfly and they asked me for traffic reference from another CPA network so i give them Maxbounty and my aff manager information, and they replied to me that they not accept references from MaxBounty ...
  20. CPA.Stdnt

    [Rejected] Peerfly

    Yesterday night, I've signed up for MaxBounty & Peerfly to start my CPA Journey.. But when i wake up and check my email. A rejected mail has been appeared.. The message: Hi [name], Thank you for applying with PeerFly. Unfortunately, in the interest of our advertisers, we will not be able to...