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On a journey to create a positive roi% with popunder ads

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by Flaxy, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. Flaxy

    Flaxy Affiliate affiliate

    Hey guys,

    This is my first journey here on affiliatefix and with this thread I wanted to create a journal for myself to document everything. Hopefully this will be of use for others as well in the form of motivation or knowledge.

    CPA Network: Peerfly, OGads, Adcombo, CPAlead, Mobidea (my current accepted networks)

    Day 1:

    What I did today:

    • Read some case studies, journeys and other guides
    • Registered a Vultr vps and connected a general domain that I have
    • Registered for my traffic network (can't disclose this one)
    • Learned how to create a campaign in Bemob (campaign, landing page, offer etc.)
    Took me longer than expected to do this all. Feeling excited and focused! The plan for tomorrow is:
    • Find vertical, GEO and offers that I want to promote
    • Create my landing pages/ads for my offers probably 3-5 ads/3 landing pages per offer
    • Setup my traffic campaign and start collecting data
    Some questions that I had and hopefully some of you could help me with:
    1. Do popunder ads work better for desktop or mobile? I was leaning towards working with mobile offers because landing pages seem more simple to create. I plan to use purelander for this. Is this solid or should I change something here?
    2. What are the budget requirements for 3 offers if I targeted tier 1 GEO? What about tier 2 and 3 respectively?
    3. For example: mobidea has a regulation rule so that you have to use their creatives, how do you add your own lander if you use their banners with popunders? Is this possible at all?
    4. How important is ssl for your landing page/domain? Will users get a warning if I don't have one?
    Well.. that is about it for this start. Did I miss anything important that could really screw this up? I would appreciate feedback in that case.

    Let's get stacking and don't be too shy to say hello!
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  2. Voluum
  3. ppvbeginner

    ppvbeginner Affiliate affiliate

    Hey there! Good luck on your journey.

    1. I have very little experience with it but as a far as i know , it mainly depends on your offer. I would suggest you to go mobile as well. And yes , purelander seems to be having pretty good reviews.

    2. If you are targetting tier 1 , the budget will be more obviously as traffic will be more expensive and competition as well. If you are just starting out , maybe try out a good converting offer [talk with AM] for tier 2 or tier 3 , as your cost will be lesser and you can also gather more data as the traffic may be more for those geos.

    4. It's very important.
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  4. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    • How many things have you bought for over $10 (or equivalent) from a mobile device?
    • How many things have you bought for over $10 (or equivalent) from a desktop computer?
    Things may be changing but mobile has so far yielded smaller and less frequent sales, subject to;
    1. GEO
    2. Demographic
    3. Product trust and availability
    Just because mobile ads are more common and less expensive does not necessarily mean they are more productive.

    Obviously, if you are marketing a product (offer) that is for a mobile device mobile ads would be the right choice.

    If you are going to use a prelander as a filter before your offer -- the languages you are most proficient (fluent) at *(or the translations you will buy) would determine the GEO area you would operate in (Tier 1,2,3)

    Your traffic cost related to the payout value and the conversion rate is what matters. Probably a few hundred (dollars|euros|other equivalent) in ads before you are done but initial deposits for traffic purchases can allow you to do some testing at a lower cost?
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  5. Flaxy

    Flaxy Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the responses guys! I have decided to go with 2 mobile and 1 desktop offer to see how things go. The mobile ones will be a soi offer and an app install. The desktop one I'm still searching for.

    I have also decided to run traffic in my native language first and then branch out when that works out.

    There was a problem setting up a peerfly offer. I have setup everything but when I test the conversion with their test page it gave me an error that said: "A click could not be found; userXXXXXX"

    Some additional details. I have setup everything but when I test the conversion with their test page it gave me an error that said: "A click could not be found; userXXXXXX"

    I have changed the identifying parts of the links to XXXXX for privacy reasons.

    This my postback url on peerfly: XXXXX.bemobtrk.com/postback?cid=%subid1%&payout=%commission%

    This should be configured alright using the bemob guide afaik.

    My Campaign url: https:/XXXXX.bemobtrk.com/go/XXXXXX-40d9-4b34-a068-b99936861fe2?bid=[BID]&impressionid=[IMPRESSIONID]&websiteid=[WEBSITEID]&quality=[QUALITY]&categoryid=[CATEGORYID]&country=[COUNTRY]&formfactorname=[FORMFACTORNAME]&campaignid=[CAMPAIGNID]&campaignname=[CAMPAIGNNAME]&screenresolution=[SCREENRESOLUTION]

    The link above is used to test conversion as well.

    The campaign url from bemob points to the landing page which has a simple yes or no button that points to the bemob click url:XXXXX[dot]bemobtrk[dot]com/click

    This should bring them to the offer that has the following link: trkur[dot]com/XXXXX/XXXX?s1={clickId} with clickId as the clickId parameter.

    Does anyone know what causes the problem: "A click could not be found; userXXXXXX" and how to fix this?

    Does anyone know what causes this and how to fix it? I have been struggling with it all day already but couldn't find anything. I have also emailed my affiliate manager so I might have to wait for his response.
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  6. Flaxy

    Flaxy Affiliate affiliate

    So I have decided to run a campaign on my traffic network even though the click could not be found in the conversion tester I wanted to see if it would work anyway with a small budget.

    Day 2

    I have been receiving traffic and this is reflected on my affiliate network as well. So it seems like it works okay. day 2 stats.png

    There is a difference between the traffic network and bemob though in statistics.

    Campaign 1
    Visits: 2391
    Clicks: 109
    CTR: 4.07%
    Spend: $5.37
    Revenue: $0
    Roi: -100%

    I think that the conversion tester not working should be "ok". Though I am not sure about it. Maybe it is the reason I'm not getting any conversions? I do see a list of 108 strings of random letters and numbers.

    Plan for tomorrow: I probably will create 2 more landers to test tomorrow together with possibly a new campaign from another network to see how tracking that goes.
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  7. Edack

    Edack Affiliate affiliate

    Updates on your journey?
  8. Flaxy

    Flaxy Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for your interest, I was busy on both native ads and popunders at the same time and struck gold there first(a whopping 402% ROI).

    So now I'm following the data and focusing on that mostly. You can find the post by clicking here.

    PS. If a mod sees this one, it can be closed as I won't be updating it anymore.
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