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  1. sondvb

    Seeking Help Adgem Payment delay 3 month

    Close This issue has been solved. Thank you
  2. Mohamed_99

    Ogads banned my account with balance 517$

    Hello, I started working on paid advertising with Ogads and i started making money and in second week when i woke up my account is banned. trying to reach them but no one is replying. no reason gave and account just get banned. i have about $517 i made in two days with them. I'm so much...
  3. M

    OGADS banned my account with 5k$ without any explanation

    hello everyone, and sorry if this is the wrong place but i didn't know where to go, so 25 days now since ogads banned my account for no reason, nor explanation, i tried to reach every manager but they didn't respond to my emails or messages and calls on skype. i believe it was by mistake but...
  4. hangod

    OGAds Banned

    Hey! Like the title says, i got banned at @ogads today with out any email or massage from them. i started working on OGAds weeks ago after my friend recommendation. I'm not fresh to the business (start almost 1 years ago) and worked ( and still working ) to other networks like...
  5. L

    OGAds banned my account

    Hi, my account banned with 416$ . And after i contact my account manager on Skype for 2 weeks (18-01-2022 to 01-02-2022) he said that multiple of my leads charged back. the last week they pay me only 176. 8$ from 416$ . Most of my leads are pin submit(80%) , after i ask him why my leads charged...
  6. C

    OGads quiries

    Hi i am chinmay and i am here for a solution for getting rejected in Ogads repeatedly.But i am pretty sure i know how to work and make profitable conversions...
  7. Flaxy

    On a journey to create a positive roi% with popunder ads

    Hey guys, This is my first journey here on affiliatefix and with this thread I wanted to create a journal for myself to document everything. Hopefully this will be of use for others as well in the form of motivation or knowledge. CPA Network: Peerfly, OGads, Adcombo, CPAlead, Mobidea (my...
  8. Sohaib3594

    My Successful Journey

    Hello Guys, I started cpa marketing + ig in nov 2015, i am a old member of this forum but never posted anything, i always used to observe other people posts to gain knowledge and information. I am sure it will motivate you and i will also get some motivation from you guys, after all hardwork is...
  9. M

    new to the community. want to work with ogads

    Hi guys, I am mirka. I am an internet marketeer for last 1 year and i am extremely happy to join this affiliate marketing network. I wish to work with ogads . if someone could guide me on how to make it big on ogads I would e extremeeellly thankful.
  10. pradep

    Ogads or Cpagrip Which once is better?

    Hi everyone in recent Cpalead was cheated with me so i am thinking to to start with other network. Now i have account in Ogads and CPAgrip. Give me suggestion which one i should select for content locking.. if anyone used please share your experience as well. thank you.
  11. Aditya Saha

    Payout from Ogads

    Hi guys, It's has been a long time since I last posted in this forum. This is my last earnings from OgAds. Hope I can earn even more by working hard.
  12. Azt3c

    How to use CONTENT LOCKER+Landing Page[OGADS]Help!

    I am confused ..I am trying to promote 'get free iphone and xbox' offers on instagram. I have read a lot of posts and yes I have read @game333 's post too. Can someone tell me what to do step by step? I already have made a content locker on OGads. And I've seen videos on YT where the guy tells...
  13. 2

    Need some help

    Hey, I am attempting the IG+OG ads (CPI) method, this is my first ever campaign. I see many saturated Niches like " Free IG followers " " Free Musically Followers" they all have landing pages what redirect you to a page with a content locker or something like that. I want to run two niches a...
  14. Azt3c

    OGads approval?Taken back to SIGN UP page

    Note:- After the last step during signing up with OGads i.e after I clicked 'Finish' button ,it just took me BACK to the sign up page. Does this mean I have made a mistake during the sign up process?Should I retry? Also when I try to sign IN ,I get a message the info doesn't match. Hey! After...
  15. kaybee1

    How to use FollowLiker with Ogads

    Hello to all, am very new in cpa content locking. I have read so many trends here talking about IG and Ogads. Please I will like to know the BEST way to use FollowLiker with ogads, including the types of offers to use from ogads with Followliker.
  16. kaybee1


    Hello everyone, please can someone help me with this small problem. I just got accepted into ogads and after I setting up a link locker, I try to test the link on my phone and laptop, am ok with the offer displace on laptop but on mobile what I realise was that after clicking the link to...
  17. Rein Jo

    My Very First CPA Journey Using OGAds + Social Media [Facebook Ads And Other Paid Traffic Soon]

    Hello everyone! My name is Rein and I'm new in CPA and affiliate marketing. I have a gaming blog which is monetized thru adsense. You can learn more about me in my introduction thread here: My First Step For Being A Successful Affiliate Marketer | Affiliate Marketing Forum | AffiliateFix I want...
  18. shivendra

    Confused in Affiliate link,LP,Direct link.How to use them ?

    I am really confused in some basic things.Please try to explain me.I am not able to figure it out :( How to use them? Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet here is CPAlead account in pic there my personal aff link.So how can i use it. is it like I need to create a LP and...
  19. naathanz

    Journey From Zero To 10$/Day And Then To Hero! [Instagram/Youtube]

    Introduction: Hey guys, my name is Robert. I'm studying IT and also working part-time job in IT company. I'm qualified as junior web developer. I have been lurking this forum for some months and now decided to start the IM. I think I have enough of information in my mind. By combining them...
  20. miximo

    How I Can Use OGADS

    hello everyone, am create account in OGADS last week and i don't now how i can use it , how i can choose offers , and how i find link to use it in landing page to promote in instagram