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I started working on paid advertising with Ogads and i started making money and in second week when i woke up my account is banned. trying to reach them but no one is replying. no reason gave and account just get banned. i have about $517 i made in two days with them.

I'm so much frustrated on the issue.

this is just crazy thing happens first time a cpa network banned my account for nothing, i have account with almost every network and earning decent account of money with almost every one.


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So, we see many like you over the past 20 years. This is your first post and you post a complaint about being banned. Before I delete this thread, I want you to know that:
  • We have a Disputes & Resolutions Forum, but you cannot use it yet because you need twenty valid posts to use it. The reason is so that people like you that only come here to complain about a company know that we are not here to field complaints by people that have no interest in our community except to complain about a company in our industry.
  • 99.99% of the time people like you have violated the terms of promotion within a company and the result is being banned.
  • Claiming they didn't give you a reason is pure 100
  • % bulls**t. All of the companies always give ban notifications with the reason why the ban occurred.
  • OG Ads is a highly respected and successful company with a zero tolerance for terms of service violations and/or fraudulent activities.
OGAds was a very active member here for many years, but we haven't seen them since November. I have emailed them to see if they will return to address your issue.